Why Do Women Want to Get Married so badly?

Marriage is an old tradition that has been in existence for thousands of years. Social trends have taken their toll on this institution throughout recent years, but there is still a strong drive to achieve this goal, particularly for women. Why do women want to get married so badly? There are several reasons why, and some of them have to do with social pressures, some with natural and inborn instincts and finally, because they find a partner that they feel they cannot live without.

Meeting social expectations, securing a home, starting a family, finding love and avoiding loneliness are all reasons why women in general have a strong desire to get married. While there are some exceptions with women who remain single because they have no interest in marriage, or place pursuit of a carreer ahead of marriage, most women around the globe seek marriage as a major life goal.

Why do people get married?

In general, people who fall in love get married because they have a strong physical and emotional attraction to one another. Nature has something to do with this. People send out pheromones which are chemicals that stimulate attraction and sexual desire. This is where the term “chemistry” comes from in developing relationships. The attraction becomes so strong that couples may feel miserable when they are apart and euphoric when they are together. The natural solution is to marry and start a new life together as a family.

Some people get married because it makes sense from a financial perspective. Setting aside the costs of a wedding, the general rule that two can live cheaper than one is usually true. Of those who do not marry for love alone, pooling resources to make it financially is a major reason for marriage. It provides greater security for women who are struggling to survive, particularly if they are single mothers. The same can be said for single dads.

Loneliness is another reason why some people get married. There is a natural longing for human companionship. It’s nice to be able to tell someone about your day and hear about theirs. When you see a remarkable sunrise or sunset and there is nobody around to share it with, it can be a lonely experience that would be greatly improved with someone by your side.

What is the purpose of marriage?

Marriage unites two people together from a few different perspectives. First of all, it is a legally binding contract that gives each partner important rights and responsibilities. It helps to ensure that the two can build a life together with joint rights to finances, property and other assets, and any children that come along. It is helpful for securing family health insurance, claiming dependents on tax filing and for giving a partner legal power of attorney if the other becomes seriously ill or disabled and needs someone to make critical decisions about their well being. Marriage is important for building a family unit and providing a sense of structure for the well being of the children and both partners.

Marriage from instinctual female perspective

Nature drives men with strong desire for reproduction. Evolution has caused some tempering of these instincts, but they are inborn and natural. Marriage within social constructs helps to provide a woman with the security that she has her man, the father of her children, and provider for their livelihood, for the rest of their lives. While some may disagree with this perspective, and it doesn’t apply to everyone certainly, it is one of the most compelling reasons for marriage at a base and instinctual level. Marriage helps to weed out the competition of other women at a level that is not at the front of awareness. This has to do with the instinct to survive and perpetuate our family lines.

Getting down to true love

Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Although there are many different reasons for getting married, the most popular and romanticised is because a woman is in love with the man that she wants to marry. The same is true for men who desire to be with one particular woman simply because he loves her. Distinguishing between love an infatuation can be difficult for most of us. Deep infatuation is generally the first stage in a romantic relationship. The chemistry is there, the attraction is there, but do you really know that person well enough to love them? As time goes on relationships tend to change and to mature. The initial high of infatuation begins to mellow to more practical everyday experiences of life. Love is attraction, caring about the well being of your partner and being committed to them regardless of disagreements or differences in perspective. It can take a little while to develop and this is why infatuation is so important. It keeps couples together while the real treasure is developing.

How to have a succussful and happy marriage?

As years go by in a marriage, passion might begin to fade. One of the most important aspects of the relationship will be compatibility. It is important for couples to have some common interests and to keep the lines of communication flowing freely. People who are opposite in some of their views can still have a wonderful and happy marriage so long as they agree to disagree on certain points, then leave it there. Mutual respect, open communication and staying connected with each other can help to build a strong and lasting marriage. Understand that there will be ups and downs, but the bad times won’t last forever and you’ll come through them together with stronger ties if you work together.

Some women do have an incredibly strong drive to get married. Don’t blame them if you don’t feel the same way. It’s a natural desire that they are born with. If you’re a woman and you feel driven to get married, you’re following your instincts and doing your part to keep the species going. Love is a wonderful thing. Giving it and sharing it with a person that’s on your mind most of the time is a great thing and to be celebrated! Yes, there are lots of different reasons why people get married. There’s no need to pass any kind of moral judgment on a person whether they are marrying for love or out of practicality, just be happy for them if it improves their lives.

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