Website Social Engagement and it’s Growing Role in SEO

It is now clear that driving more engagement with increased social interaction will lead to increases in your social SEO signals. This, will then help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

However, there are still some website owners who have failed to see the search engine optimization value offered by social engagement and the potential it holds.

Consider this scenario: You see a friend each day and every time you speak with them all they want to discuss is their latest project. They don’t bother to listen to a word you have to say and if you attempt to interact with them, you are met with silence or another comment directing the conversation back to the project he is working on. This is a pretty superficial and one-sided friendship.

The way that quite a few brands interact with their accidence on the various social sites is not much different. They kill it with self-promotion, but fail to get the ‘social’ part of social engagement. Even if they have the best content in the world, if all the do is talk about themselves and what they have to offer, chances are no one is going to stick around very long.

Helpful Tip: The point of social media is to be ‘social.’ You have to use these platforms to build trust, grow relationships and give your company a voice and a face.

Before you can begin to engage your audience on social media, they have to know you’re there. As part of your WordPress web design, you should begin by providing an invitation on your website – this can be a banner at the top of the website or the social media widgets somewhere on your web pages. The key is to ‘get it out there’ that you are on social media.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to place the social media icons in a location where they are sure to be noticed. Also, include them with all new blog posts to make sharing simple.

Engagement and Fans

You gain fans on social sites because they want to read the content you produce that offers value, that they can relate to and that they can (and want) to share with others. Essentially, following you on social media helps them to take part in the brand experience. They are basically telling you to let them know when new products are released or when a sale is going on. However, they also want to feel like they matter and that the brand values their patronage.

In addition to creating and posting content that is relevant to your brand, post other information that your target audience will appreciate. For example, if you sell shampoo, you can ask your fans about how they get pool water out of their hair during the summer. This type of engagement allows you to get your fans talking, but also encourages them to share with their own social network.

Driving Engagement with Social Media

While social media is ideal for getting fans involved in order to achieve this, you must first find a way to engage them. Engagement on social media is not as difficult as you may think. Some ways to stir up the conversation include:

  • Post about a controversial issue
  • Offer value – this means you don’t post directly about your brand
  • Create a conversation – “How was your day?” get fans talking
  • Be yourself – create a voice and face for the brand
  • Be timely – choose topics that are trending NOW
  • Use podcast booking services to leverage audio podcasts
  • Choose topics that are entertaining

Social media is not a passing trend. The power of these networks is growing and will only continue to do so. No longer can you post ads and hope for the best, you have to provide some type of value to customers that will make them want to follow your business or brand. This is how you will see an increase in SEO due to social sharing and other social cues.