VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

One of the hardest tasks for a man is to decide if he should keep your facial hairs or not. When his answer is quite affirmative then he should figure out the best way to cut it neatly.

It’s also a fact that some guys out there will rather choose to have their mustache and loose it or just a mix of both mustache and sideburns. For the manly man who likes nothing to have that lovely, sweet kiss from his girlfriend or wife, shaving these hairs off is the best way to go. For that perfect shave without cuts, you need to use a good razor and Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor could be the right choice for you.

stainless steel
Nonetheless of your choice, you would need that shaving tool that can keep your face good-looking. Whilst there are a lot of choices for safety razors available in the market online and offline, you will never go wrong with this product.

About Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor

stainless steel
This product is made using high quality materials from Sweden and guaranteed best quality control. It was not made using cheap, poor quality metals. It is also the unique, patented & sought-after razor from Julian Vue, offering the best results with every use. This razor features innovative butterfly plate for fast five-second blade replacement and also, it has a Microcomb system designed to help avoid accidental cuts.

Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor comes as a complete package as it comes with a bonus suede and leatherette travel case equipped with a mirror for that drifting Vikings + 5 free manly, new, unbranded platinum super blades. This product is also offered with lifetime warranty that makes it the best choice for many customers.

This product comes as a complete set having a package containing one sacred authentic safety razor that has been endorsed and recommended by legendary Vikings, one free leatherette and suede case, coming a mirror attached and five complimentary platinum blades made of stainless steel which are beginner-friendly and semi-aggressive.

stainless steel
stainless steel


Some of the most remarkable features that you will love in this product are the following:

  • This product is extremely comfy to hold. It comes with groves on its handle that offers easy hold when shaving. Its handle is lengthy enough, making it comfortable to grip and guys with short or long hands will truly enjoy shaving with it on a regular basis.
  • It also comes with that impressive finish and material. Do not settle for poorly made, affordable safety razors that would last just for a month or two.
  • Great design metrics. Aside from top quality materials that are used in making this product, it is also made somewhat easy to use and master. Its innovative butterfly design will let you replace the blades in just a few seconds, with simply a slight rotation of the knob in the handle’s bottom part.
  • You don’t need to worry regarding any instances of accidental cuts if you use this razor as it comes with the Microcomb system which means during shaving it will align perfectly with the skin.
  • Warranty. The best of all, this product comes with a lifetime guarantee that will give you peace of mind and assurance that you have made the best decision for choosing this product.

leatherette travel case
stainless steel
With all of these facts, it is definitely a good thing to have this product on your hygiene kit today. Want to know more about this product?

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