Top Video Cameras & DSLR’s For Shooting Professional 4K Footage

Top Video Cameras & DSLR’s For Shooting Professional 4K Footage

Top 9 Rated best 4k cameras
4K Cameras for Amazing Video Quality

Photographer or non-photographer, who doesnt like to shoot clear and crisp images and videos of their memorable times, but if you are a professional photographer, it is the need of the time to go for an upgrade.

With all the other lower resolution cameras being available in the market for so long, its about time that you changed your gear to the latest 4K video resolution cameras.

Today at Top9Rated, we tested the best 4K cameras that could record video & take pictures. While Sony & Canon were good, our top pick will definitely surprise you!

Buying Guide for Top Video 4k Cameras and DSLRs for Recording 4K Footage

Choosing the best camera for yourself depends majorly on your own preferences and your needs. Like if you want a camera for professional use that has the ability to shoot cinema level high-quality videos then you would need to go for higher-end cameras as compared to those who do not want it to use it for such high scale and high budgeted projects.

And if you are just one of those people who like to explore new cameras and all the latest technological advancements it has to offer, then what you need is a simple 4K camcorder/camera or DSLR for normal consumers. These cameras will give you much better results than any regular or conventional DSLRs while not costing you an arm and leg.

However, there is not just a specific thing or feature that ensures greater quality and result but there are a number of things about these cameras that you must chew over before making the final selection. So, lets dig a little deep into it.

Processing Power

Make sure the camera that you are selecting has a good processing power and has at least 2 internal processors. Even though almost all of the 4K resolution cameras use pretty strong processors for extracting the videos and images, yet its a good idea to go for one with multiple processors as you will get a much higher speed in such a camera.

Highest Resolution

In general, every 4K camera offers the max resolution for still shot and the highest video resolution. The measurement of video resolution can be done through counting the horizontal and vertical pixels like 3840 x 2610.

There are many other smaller recording resolutions available such as 450 x 540 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels. So, the resolution is measured as per the horizontal into vertical resolution or the overall megapixels.

Therefore, you can still have the maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456p even if it has a total of 17.0 megapixels. What matters most is the processing speed, so choose the processor wisely.

Camera Lens

Since we are talking about cameras here, one of the most important and considerable parts of these cameras is the lens. These 4K cameras usually do not come with any lens included in the package, so while you choose your lens, ensure that it is compatible with a wide variety of cameras. Ensure you use only the best microfibre cleaning cloths to clean lenses with.


Sensor size also matters a lot. The bigger the size of the sensor, the better will be the outcome of your photos and videos. For those of you who dont know what a sensor size is, it is actually the measurement of the photoreceptor arrays dimensions that results in the creation of pixels for recording and photographing.

The bigger and higher-end professional cameras have bigger sensor sizes as compared to the DSLRs that generally have smaller and feeble sensors. Our advice is to go for the Full frame and micro four-thirds. Other than that, for an even greater quality experience with a much higher resolution, you can go for mirror less cameras.

Mirror less cameras are not only budget friendly but quite the killers at their job. Moreover, they usually come in pretty compact sizes too, so they are easy to carry as well.

Light Sensitivity

Broader light sensitivity results in a better outcome in poor, dark and variable light conditions. You can check the measurement of light sensitivity in the ISP setting of your cameras. Many DSLRS also offer a wide range of ISO settings that can start at as low as 50 and can go all the way up to 400,000. So, the wider the range the greater the result!

Video Formats

Make sure that your chosen camera gives you the option for shooting at the maximum possible resolution at above 60 frames a second. Also, try to pick the camera that offers RAW specs, if you cant find one like this, then other options include the MP4 format, H.264, and ACVHD. A lot of DSLRs wont be able to exceed 30 fps at 4K resolution, so do ensure 60 fps.

Still Shots for Fast Motion

One of the most outstanding and attractive features that majority of the 4K video cameras offer is the ability to take still shots while the object is in fast motion. Not only the high-end 4K cameras offer this benefit but even many of the DSLR cameras and mirror less cameras also have this advantage.

The separate frames from the video offer a resolution of around 8.5 MP which is just perfect for taking out a single still photo. Thats why the ability to take still shots come built-in in many of the high-end professional cameras so that you dont need to depend on the photo shutter speed for clicking the perfect still shots.

Connectivity Modes

Always choose the camera that offers multiple modes of connectivity. There are a number of connectivity modes these cameras may offer that include HDMI input/output, Wi-Fi, and the usual video and audio input/output. Footage is best viewed either on a high def TV or professional home theaterprojector set up, as reviewed here.

All of these specs hold a high importance and must be looked for while picking the right camera for you.

Other Features

Other than the things described above there are a few other modes and features that also hold quite an importance and should be sought after in your camera. Those features include automatic zoom modes, dual viewfinder controls, image stabilization, editing software that are all featured in your camera by default.

What is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution or UHD (Ultra-High Definition) is an all-encompassing technological term containing multiple sizes of resolutions that offer around 4 times more pixels as compared to the normal HD. And due to this higher breakdown of pixels, you get clearer videos and images than any other conventional HD video cameras.

Since4K outperforms its older relative 1080p by a huge margin in offering a resolution that is 4 times bigger than the 1080 HD, thats the reason it is termed 4K or 4K ultra HD.

So far, 4K resolution is the most widely acclaimed type of UHD technology and was introduced in cameras in 2012. 4K resolution results in providing you a more vibrant picture and video quality with genuine colors along with quite higher frame rates.

4Ks horizontal resolution may go beyond 4000 pixels; however, it generally consists of a minimum of 3840×2160 pixels of resolution. Due to that, 4K resolution is considered to be the highest most digital resolution up to date.

How Many Pixels in 4K?

Generally speaking, every 4K camera is capable of shooting at its standard resolution settings but some of these can also shoot up to a resolution of 5K or even 8K when taking still shots. And in rarer cases, it can even cross 8K resolution which is brilliant.

The 4K camera technology uses a standard industry resolution of 4096×2160 at an aspect ratio of 1.9:1. However, these cameras also have the ability to take very detailed photographs and videos at the minimum resolution of 3840×2160.

That is the reason why many of these 4K cameras use multiple processors at a time to render this level of clarity in photos and videos. Furthermore, there are a lot more of other photo and video features (which we mentioned above) offered by these cameras to make the most of this 4K technology for getting as greater resolution as possible.

Which Cameras Have 4K Video?

4K video recording being a popular trend is quite in these days and is offered by a number of cameras in the market. All of the cameras we have covered and reviewed in this article offer 4K video resolution with the best possible results.

There are so many other cameras available in the market that also offer 4K video resolution, but we have mentioned the best ones of them all, so you can easily compare between these and arrive at a decision.


For people with little or no background knowledge regarding 4K cameras and their technology, it can be a really difficult task to choose the one thats best for them. However, if you are well acquainted with cameras and all their basic information, youd still need to ponder over a few things before making a decision which you just read above. However, for more guidance, you can check here.

To sum it up, all we can say is that 4K technology has given us all a whole new perspective for shooting and recording videos and this technology is definitely here to make its mark. And before we know it, these 4K cameras will completely take over and replace the ordinary and conventional HD video cameras and DSLRs.

So, if you want to be among the lucky ones that started using these amazing cameras from their early days then dont wait any longer and get a 4K video camera now. We hope we were of some great assistance to you.

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