Top Ten Best Shoulder and Back Massagers of 2019

Why should you buy a Shoulder and Back Massager?

A hectic day at work can cause aching shoulder and back pain. Shoulder and back massagers is one of the best known methods of easing pain and soothing muscles. They are available in a variety of forms, each made to cater for personalized needs.

Shoulder and back massagers are portable and you can bring them along on trips. As opposed to appointments to a massage therapist, you can turn on a massager and use it when the need arises.

What to Look out for

Different design elements available in different brands offer specific forms of relief. The most important features to look out for in a massager include:


An effective shoulder and back massager should have a percussive force so as to penetrate deep into the muscles. You should never consider massagers that vibrate or kneed on the surface as they don’t penetrate deeply.


A self-usage massager should be easy to hold and be balanced when in operation. It should also allow you to reach most parts of your shoulder and back. Look out for a massager that best serves you according to your height and body size.


Most muscular problems are deep and a powerful massager will do more good. Power comparison should not be a problem at all but unfortunately many manufacturers are making it to be a little tricky.  Most manufactures add the power used by infra-red lights and motor. A high motor power rating is good for your muscles.


For a self-usage massager, the weight should be manageable. It should be light enough to maneuver easily and heavy enough to apply the required pressure on the muscles. If you are going to do massage for longer periods, you should go for a lighter massager.


The best shoulder and back massager should not break your bank but it should the right quality that will serve the intended purpose. A mid-priced massager should do the trick for most people. If you have enough money to spend on a massager then you may consider premium models.

Having considered the following factors, we narrowed down the massagers from our initial list of 100 massagers. The massagers that managed to get a spot in our list of Top Ten Best Shoulder and Back Massagers of 2019are:


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10. Body Back Company Massage Roller Ball

The massage Roller Ball is a simple and economic massager. Its strengths are its portability, due to it being travel size. This Roller Ball is great for any light shoulder and back pain. However, the Massage Roller Ball is mostly useful for quick and light massages, and is not going to be for someone who is searching for a deep massage.

Pros: Simple, Portable, Economical

Cons: Does not provide a deep massage

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

9. The Original Palmassager by the Pressure Positive Company

The Palmassager is great for the same reasons the Massage Roller Ball is great; it is portable, simple and economic. Furthermore, the Palmassager exceeds the Massage Roller Ball due to its ability to provide deep tissue massages to any shoulder and back areas that need a good massage. The only issue consumers may see is that the Palmassager is made of plastic, and thus may stick to skin.

Pros: Simple, Portable, Economical, Provides Deep Tissue

Cons: May stick to skin

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

8. The Happy Company Happy Massager

The Happy Massager is nearly identical to the Palmassager, with the only difference being that the Happy Massager is made of wood rather than plastic. The Happy Massager is just as simple, portable, economical and also has the ability to provide deep tissue massages. Furthermore, the Happy Massager will easily glide over skin, and thus will not stick. The Happy Massager is great for anyone looking for a simple massage for shoulder and back pain. The only downside to the Happy Massager is that some people may be looking for an automatic massager that does the work for them.

Pros: Simple, Portable, Economical, Provides Deep Tissue, glides across skin

Cons: Is not automatic

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

7. Fetoo

Fetoo is very similar to the Palmassager and the Happy Massager, except it is a USB powered massager. It is still a simple, portable and economical massager that is automatic. Because it is made of plastic, it may stick to the skin, but since the user will not be sweating while using it, they shouldn’t experience too much sticking issues.

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Pros Simple, Portable, Economical, Automatic

Cons: May stick to skin

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

6. Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Full Body Massager

The Pure-Wave is a step ahead of the hand massagers and is able to provide a deeper tissue massage, as well as having more reach, and is automatic. Thus, you are going to get a deeper tissue massage in the back and shoulder area while putting in less work. Furthermore, the Pure-Wave is very versatile and can be used for other areas of the body. This massager is definitely the Swiss army knife of all massagers. The only drawback is the price. Being $124.95, you will definitely be paying for a high quality massager.

Pros: Versatility, Deep Tissue Massage, Automatic

Cons: Price is high

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

5. Deluxe Deep Tissue Ergonomic Hammer Massager

This Hammer Massager isn’t as versatile as the Pure-Wave CM7, however it offers a deeper massage at ¼ of the cost. It is also automatic and so the deeper massage will be just as effortless. The power that the hammer puts into massage shoulders and back does come with one draw back, and that is the noise that the hammer makes. Although the noise is an indicator of how much power is going into the shoulder and back massage.

Pros: Deep Tissue Massage, Automatic, Cheaper than Pure-Wave CM7

Cons: May be too noisy for some

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

4. Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Brookstone is always ahead of the curve, and with their Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Their massager is very convenient for giving yourself a massage. You simply put on the massager and relax, there is not trying to reach the hard places, only a plug and play type of massager. The only downside is that the Shiatsu does need to be plugged in and thus, isn’t portable.

Pros: Easily Provides a Deep Tissue Massage With No Effort

Cons: Non-Portable

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

3. Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Did I mention that Brookstone is always ahead of the curve? Recognizing that portability is a big deal for some consumers, Brookstone always provides a Shiatsu that is cordless and thus has all of the benefits of the original Shiatsu, while adding portability. However, the portability does come at a pricing, costing nearly $40 more than the corded Shiatsu.

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Pros: Easily Provides a Deep Tissue Massage With No Effort, Portability

Cons: Price

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

2. Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Listed Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Brookstone knows what they’re doing when it comes to massagers. They recognize that sometimes people just want to lay down and enjoy a nice massage. Therefore, they created a pillow that a user can simply lay down on top of, and enjoy a nice massage. Furthermore, this pillow also allows someone to drift off to sleep as they enjoy a massage. A Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is wearable whereas the Zyllion is not, however a Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager isn’t going to allow the consumer to sleep on top of it.

Pros: Easily Provides a Deep Tissue Massage With No Effort, Portability, is a pillow

Cons: Non-Wearable

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers

1. Foam Roller

Yes, a foam roller is designed for weight lifters, and there is a reason for that. When people are pushing their back and shoulder muscles to their limits, their muscles need a deep tissue massage. Thus, the foam roller is king for many reasons. It is versatile and can massage all areas, it offers a deep tissue massage and is designed for sore, tight and tired muscles. Furthermore, the foam roller comes in many shapes and sizes, and thus can meet any needs. The only problem with foam rollers is that they can be quite technical for the average user.

Pros: Deep Massage, Versatility, Specifically designed for sore, tired and tight muscles

Cons: May be quite technical

Best Shoulder and Back Massagers


The purpose of this list is to help consumers to get an idea of what back and shoulder massager is right for you. Whether you are looking for a light massage that you can perform on the go, or need a deep tissue massage using special techniques to reach those sore, tired and tight muscles, our Top 10 Best Shoulder and Back Massagers in 2019 review will help you decide which massager is best for you.

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