Top Gifts Your Teenage Boy Will Actually Like

Top Gifts Your Teenage Boy Will Actually Like

Top 9 Best Gifts For Teenage Boys

Finding the best gift for teenage boys can be a tricky task, especially as there are so many new ideas and trends coming out this year. Just like with teenage girls, shopping for the right gifts for teenage boys can be a daunting task for many people. You might think you have purchased the coolest gift that you could find but for your pesky teenager, it might not be just cool enough.

To make things easier for you, we have selected some of the best gifts that you could buy for your teenage boy in 2020 while trying as much as possible not resort to the clichs. Check out our unique selection of some of the best gifts for teenage boys, ranging from cooler skateboards to sleek sneakers among others.

Gifts Buying Guide for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys vary in their emotional development, but in general, their emotional maturity is slightly behind that of girls of the same age (approximately 2 years!). This means that it is quite important to pay attention to each boys stage of maturity when buying a gift for a teenage boy gifts that express the expectations for him to be a man can create unnecessary anxiety! For the most part, fun games that he can play with his friends are a good choice. Games that involve teamwork and conflict resolution (such as multiplayer video games) are great for developing and practicing social skills. Find out what kind of games he likes (whether hes sporty, into logic games like chess or card games, etc) and use this information to choose a great personal gift.

Emotional development in teenage boys is sometimes overlooked, but it is just as crucial as it is in girls! Give your teenage boy ways to express his forming identity with creative gifts such as a journal, art supplies, a camera, or interesting freeform construction games that have no step-by-step guide, and only endless possibilities! Novel and quirky gifts are also great gifts for teenage boys anything new and different will catch their interest and get them engaging with new thoughts and emotions. Once again, steer away from clichs and you will be just fine.

Just like with teenage girls, choosing gifts for teenage boys is not always an easy affair. It requires hard work and insight into the recipients personality and preferences. Here, too, you have to separate the gifts in terms of needs and wants and decide on the right gift type without being excessively sentimental. With teen girls you can afford to be a little mushy but not with the boys. This is also the stage where many are beginning to cultivate a macho personality like their idols on TV or real life. Here, again, dont be overly clich in your choice of gifts for teenage boys. Dont make it too obvious and make sure it means something. In short, be a bit thoughtful about the kind of gift that you will purchase for a teenage boy.

Think about their interests. Here again, you need to look at the kind of activity that they typically engage in after school and indulge this passion , making it more fun and enjoyable with cool gifts that your teen has been dreaming about. Think about the time that you spent together with your teenage boy and what you thought was missing in there. You also need to factor in your budget. Once you have done that, use our gift guide below to help you in narrowing down on that unique and special gift that you feel will be appropriate for your teenager.

Kinds of Gifts to Buy For Teenage Boys

This is a decision every caring adult struggles with every time a birthday or Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays approach. You dont want to be casual about it and at the same time, you dont want to over-think the gift. If you know your teenager, you can easily go with your gut instinct and choose that perfect gift that your teenage boy will love. Also, remember that you dont have to empty your savings box to impress. The perfect gifts are generally quite affordable. Lastly, consider that gifts dont have to be material things. They could also be experiential.

  • Tickets: Tickets fall under the experiential gift types and they are some of the more memorable gifts. We can forget gifts but we rarely forget about experiences. You can get the teen a ticket to a concert, game, a show, an amusement park or to some nice holiday destination. Always advisable to get him to two tickets so as to enable you to tag along with him. You can also get him tickets to a movie which is generally quite cheap. Alternatively, you can get him a DVD set with his favourite movies.
  • Music: You can choose various kind of music gifts based on the teenagers music interests. If he simply loves a certain kind of music, get them an MP3 player or CD of their favourite music, band or artist. If you want to make it particularly special, you can shop online for copies of the CD and DVD that have been signed by the artists themselves. If he is a budding musician, then a favourite musical instrument would suffice.
  • Video Games: There is just something about video games and boys. They are inseparable. When buying a video game effect, always make it a point to go for the latest editions. That makes it extra special as a gift. Another way to gift video games is by paying for their subscription to a favourite video rental store. It is good to be plugged into his gaming routine so that you know the kinds of video games that he currently has as well as the ones that he would wish to have.
  • Clothing: Teenagers are all about the image so clothing is one of the gift items that you should consider. Some of the most popular clothing items for teenagers include hoodies, puff jackets, cool t-shirts and cool button up shirts.
  • Cologne:- Teenage already care a lot about how they smell and they want to smell good. It is time to introduce them to some classy and luxurious cologne with fiery scents that they can wear around their peers and the girls. Once they pick this habit, it is likely to be a lifelong one and it will have a huge impact on their social and professional life. Teach them how to pick those subtle and cool scents.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry is not just for girls. There are lots of cool jewelry pieces that you can buy for teenage boys which are not over the top. These include subtle pieces such as chains, rope bracelets, a titanium necklace or even leather jewelry pieces.
  • Watches: Like cologne or shaving kits, wrist watches are those manly gifts that will make a huge difference in the image and style of your teenage. Teach them how to choose a nice watch by buying nice and stylish watches. Believe us, there are men in their 40s who still do not how to choose a nice watch simply because they were not introduced to these early enough.

What are the gift trends for teenage boys?

There is a great variety when it comes to giving gifts to teenagers. There are the standard material gifts such as games, fashion items, smartphones or tablets, cool sunglasses, nice shoes such as sneakers, a laptop, a nice watch, fitness gear, headphones, a wallet and even a sports gear.

Then, as we have repeatedly emphasized, there are also experiential gifts. Instead of a beautifully wrapped gift in glittering colours, this simply involves giving an experience such as a ticket to a concert, game, an exotic destination or simply a nice eat out.

As many will tell you, an experience is often worth much more than a standard gift. They are more memorable and add to more happiness. However, it is also important to keep in mind that during their teenage years, kids are generally gadget crazy so they are generally looking forward to material gifts more than anything. They need something they can flaunt everyday. While an Instagrammable experience always adds some cool points, it does not last in their eyes of their peers. Something like a cool Polaroid camera, latest iPhone, a drone or some cool watch is a gift to die for in the eyes of many teenagers.

A lot of modern parents, worried about the financial future of their kids or eager to instil some financial discipline in their teenagers will also use the opportunity to give them a money gift or buy them some stock. Giving financial or investment gifts will teach teens about the value of money. They have the cash to make the decisions themselves; to compare prices and make bargains to get what they want within their budget. If teenagers can learn to grapple with these financial decisions early on instead of simply being passive recipients of gifts, it can put them on a path to prudent financial management.

Should you ask your teen about the kind of gifts that they want?

The tradition when it comes to gift-giving is to make it a surprise but what if you really have no idea? Should the teen you are buying gifts for help you in choosing the right gift for them? Should you solicit their opinion? Wont this kill the surprise element? If you are buying gift for another teenager, such as your friends or sisters kids, and you have teenage son or daughter, too, you can solicit their opinion on the best gift suggestions that you can buy. That is acceptable as it still retains the surprise element for the gift recipient. If your kid is their friend, it makes it even easier as you can simply ask Would Jake like an iPhone gift? or What kinds of activities do they enjoy? What about asking the gift recipient himself? We would recommend keeping it a surprise so if you dont have a teen son or daughter that you can consult, simply research a bit or use your gut and go for it! With gifts, it is realty hard to go wrong!

How much money should I spend on gifts for teenage boys?

When it comes to buying gifts for teenage boys, there is no magic number that you need to spend in order for your gift to be considered valuable. Remember the purpose of gifts is to show that you care about somebody so even a well thought out $20 gift will be just as valuable. Simply spend what fits your budget although many parents typically put aside gift money that will be used for their kids special day be it a birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you only have $50 to spare for gifts for your teenage boy, work with that and find something unique that suits that budget.

Another option that many rarely look at is gift cards for teens. If you have worked hard trying to figure out the best gifts for teenage boys and you cant come up with something cool, you can as well get them a gift card that they can use to shop at their favourite store. This does not carry the element of surprise and novelty that an actual wrapped gift would have but it allows your teen to buy that specific gift that they want, not one which you think they might want or like.

When buying gifts for teenage boys, simply look for something cool without worrying about the budget. If you are shopping for a gift and worrying about money at the same time, you are rarely going to get that unique and perfect gift. This is no a ticket to splurge but we can tell you that the coolest and most meaningful gifts dont really cost that much. In many cases, they actually cost less than $100. We have stated, pay a close attention to your teens interests and the things that they like. A good indicator would be what they typically spend their free time on. Never lose sight of the purpose of the gift for a teenager; it is not really to impress even though it is good if the gift is one that will impress. But the real purpose of a gift is to show that you care about someone. That is why the perfect gift is generally that of something that is currently missing in their lives. There are many things that miss in many teenagers lives but if you can plug in one of the holes, it would be deeply appreciated. Unlike teenage girls, teenage boys are also fairly easy to sleep. Just be thoughtful and apply a little bit of your instincts and they will generally love whatever gift you will buy them.

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