Top Best Tiny Portable Projectors in 2019 Reviews

Portable projectors come in handy at home, work, and conferences. You can use them to set your picturesque view, or to conduct a business presentation. These projectors are light, pocket-sized and easy to set up. It is possible to get tiny portable projectors with excellent resolution at affordable costs. These gadgets are assembled using a technology that allows you to project and watch your video files with real HD resolutions. You can surprise your hosts or guests with an evening cinema if you just buy one of these sampled top 10 best tiny portable projectors in 2019 reviews.

10. Lumex Technologies LED Projector

Here is one of the most compact mini LED projectors, with a 20000-hour long-lasting LED light source, HDMI, Micro SD, and USB media inputs. It has a dynamic LED engine which offers superb brightness and powerful color contrasts. Besides, this projector has a touch panel and highly versatile speakers. It is compatible with over 1920×1080 full 1080p and has a 60-frame per second output.

Portable Projectors in 2019

Lumex Technologies LED Projector

9. Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

The LED Pocket Pico Video Projector is probably the world’s smallest projector, with a compact dimension of 3.9-inch x 3.0-inch x ½-inch. It enables you to project vivid and big clips as well as photos. It has a simple HDMI connection, easy-to-use plug-and-play operation, bright LED DPL light unit with 25 lumens, 640 x 360 crystal clear resolution, and 1100:1 ratio contrast. Besides, it has an internal audio speaker and a 3.55mm headphone jack for personalized listening. The two batteries are rechargeable and long-lasting. Moreover, you can project from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or any HDMI player.

Portable Projectors in 2019

Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

8. DBPower Portable Mini LED Projector

DBPower Portable Mini LED Projector is lightweight and easy to carry along. It has an authoritative resolution of 800×480, 1000:1 contrast ratio, keystone image correction, and 120 lumens of brightness. It has a 9:16 widescreen, 20-80-inch image display, and trapezoidal distortion adjustment. The Portable Mini LED Projector has an AV, VGA, USB, and HDMI interface for laptops, Blue-ray, DVD players, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes. It is compatible with USB flash drives and plays BMP, GIF, JPE, TIF, WMA, AVI, AV, MP3, RMVB, MP4, as well as AVI.

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Portable Projectors in 2019

7. Taotaole Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

This projector is designed with multi-functional input; thus works with AV/VGA/USB/Micro USB/HDMI/SD. Note that the USB slot is for Hard Disk/U-Disk reading. Moreover, this projector has LED light with 20,000-hour lifespan, 800×400 resolution, 800 lumens, and 800:1 contrast ratio. It is suitable for video gaming, and home theater movie experience. It is portable, easy to carry along, and compatible with laptops, DVD players, and any other PC. It works in low-power mode and provides 30-inch to 120-inch image size with 3.5 to 12.5 feet projection distance.

Portable Projectors in 2019

Taotaole Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

6. iDeaUSA Pico Projector

Get a versatile cinematic performance with iDeaUSA Pico Projector. It is compact, sturdy and lightweight. It is a real wireless projector, true pocket device, and an on-the-move gadget that offers the best of image projection, resolution, and contrast ratio. It serves well as a home, outdoor and professional projector; in fact, it is a fun filled entertainment companion. It is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and laptops. It operates with a life span of over 25,000 hours and uses 5,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with 4-hour time-lapse in use. With built-in audio speakers, DLP multi-color processing technology, and excellent contrast ratio, this projector is all you need.

Portable Projectors in 2019

5. AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector

With up to 50-inch image display, extra-bright 55 lumens, 1080p/720p/1080i resolutions, and vivid color processing technology, AAXA is just the best projector for home, office and conference platforms. It is just 0.3lbs; hence lightweight. It is compatible with HDMI-mini, Composite A/V source connections, USB disk readers, and VGA-mini. It has 1000:1 contrast and 15,000-hour LED light life. It is the best projector for private media sharing with loved ones and friends. It works with Apple, PC, Mac and other PCs.

Portable Projectors in 2019

AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector

4. Sony Pico Mobile Projector

Enjoy focus free view even on a rugged surface with Sony Pico Mobile Projector. You will also enjoy automatic focusing without being limited to a throw distance. It allows you to connect to a laptop, and a gaming source, by using HDMI cable. It is compatible with Apple devices via HDMI and or digital adapter (AV). By using a screen mirroring technology, you can easily connect to your Android via Wi-Fi. In a nutshell, this projector enables you to project images, videos and other data from the preferred devices in a stress-free manner. Moreover, it is a pocket size and highly portable projector.

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Portable Projectors in 2019

3. Ivation Portable Rechargeable Mini Projector

With just a 3.9-inch x 3.9-inch x 0.88-inch dimension, this projector is so compact that it can be carried along with ease. It is lightweight and connects to all Apple devices with optional adapters. It has a built-in 3800mAh rechargeable battery, HDMI slot for a smartphone, laptops, and tablets. You can go anywhere with this projector without the worry of running out of power. It has excellent resolution and perfect contrast ratio.

Portable Projectors in 2019

2. ASUS S1 Pocket Projector

Being just the size of your palm, and compatible with MHL/MDMI, the ASUS S1 Pocket Projector is a state-of-the-art device. It has a built-in, rechargeable, and 3-hour full-time projection mode batteries. You will have a smart audio experience, thanks to the built-in Sonic Master (ASUS) speaker, which spews quality sound. It charges strictly via USB port. Nonetheless, it offers 30,000-hour LED full life span, 200-lumen brightness, and off/on capacity. Besides, this projector serves as a power bank as well.

Portable Projectors in 2019

1. RIF6 Cube Pico Projector

Make the biggest impressions with RIF cube Pico Projector, built with a high-tech LED/optical lens. It is a carry along projector, which is compatible with HDMI, Micro SD, and MHL. It has 854×480 WVGA resolution, 1.99:1 throw ratio, and full HD video display. Its 2-inch x 2-inch x 1.9-inch dimension confirms its compactness. Besides, it provides excellent brightness of 50 lumens. It is lightweight and offers 120” turn for pictures, movies and games. It is a real smartphone compliant projector with incredible cinematic features.

Portable Projectors in 2019

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