Top 9 Best Women Swimsuits of 2019

Top 9 Best Women Swimsuits of 2019

Top 9 Best Women Swimsuits

Some of us hit the beach, or hit the pool. Some of us have a lake or river to swim in. Wherever we are, we love to swim! It doesnt matter if it is a daily thing or a vacation thing or an all-summer-long thing (or year-round for those of us in warmer climes), we love to swim! But, we also like to look amazing. Dont worry! There is a swimsuit for your body type that will also match your budget! You can go for a two-piece, one-piece, or one that comes with a skirt to cover up those buns.

Buying Guide For Best Womens Swimsuits

Choices, choices, choices.

You have so many choices, it can make you dizzy! There are traditional bikinis, halter tops, bandeau tops, traditional string bottoms, high-waisted bottoms, and tankinis, which are 2 parts that look like a one-piece. Then, there are traditional one-pieces swimsuits, or those with racerbacks. What should you choose? Well, the best way is to choose by body type. You want the suit that makes you look fabulous!

Bikinis By Body Type

Pear Shape

Beyonc and Jennifer Lopez, like thousands of other women, have curvy hips and a smaller top. There are swimsuits that can balance your proportions to give you a great look! You can get skirted bottoms that fall just below the thighs. Do not go for a boy short, or a bottom with a thick band. Get a top or one-piece that draws the eye upward, like a plunging neckline, or a fringed or twisted top, or those with mesh above the breasts leading to the neck.

Small Bust

Triangle tops, bold prints or metallics, and embellishments with ruffles give the illusion of curves. Get a padded top to give extra lift and to create cleavage. Certain halter tops add to this illusion. You are the one that can wear the itty bitty string bikini, halter, and bandeau tops–embrace them! Pick an interesting style like an asymmetrical top or a metallic, or those with multiple strings in interesting geometric shapes. Avoid embroidery or bling; they are too easily damaged by water and washing.

Large Bust

You need lots of support! Dont get anything with ruffles or embellishments to avoid drawing the eye up. You need a top that acts as a bra, so get one with underwire and thick adjustable straps. Molded cups have the best support. Go for suits with bra sizes, especially those over a D. You may want to go for a bikini you can purchase as a separate top and bottom, to get perfectly fitting sizes. You may have to go for a plus size top and regular bottom if your hips dont curve the same as your bust. Be sure to treat your bathing suit very gently when washing; never wash in a machine even if the swimsuit tag says you can. Machine washing will eventually damage the cups.


Youve got the curves to flaunt! You need suits with less coverage to emphasize your assets. Get a small swimsuit bottom to emphasize a curvy derriere. Get a tied top and tie-sided bikini bottom so you can adjust it perfectly. You can wear nearly any style of suit and still look fantastic! Do stay away from fringes and ruffles; they make your curves even bigger–unless thats what youre going for! Dont wear a suit with a skirt. They will make your gorgeous curved bottom look bigger.

Plus Sized

You dont have to skip wearing a bikini if you are plus-sized. You need a bikini with lots of support on top and to conceal your tummy. Shirring or ruching is gathered fabric that hides your middle. Find a retro-inspired high-waisted suit. Asymmetrical suits draw the eye up towards the neckline, emphasizing your collarbones and neck. Colorblocking and retro suits with high waists and boxy halter tops can highlight your shape. You want to show off your curves without feeling uncomfortable or letting it all hang out. Stay away from stripes; polka dots look better.


A tankini is a two-piece suit that looks like a one-piece. Many have built-in underwire or support tops and/or bottoms. They hide problem tummies while still showing off beautiful shoulders. They are also much easier to take on and off! You can also mix and match colors. They are becoming very popular, and come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and styles.

One-Piece Suits

Body Type

All of the above advice holds for body type. Get swimsuits with a hidden control panel if you are plus sized, and a top part that supports the girls. Get cutouts or a plunging neckline if you have an athletic body to show off those curves! Mesh can look sexy but give you the coverage youre looking for. If you have a small bust, get one with padding to plump you up. If you have a large bust, support on top is key! Get ones with underwire or padding. Go ahead and get the traditional one-piece if you like. Just remember a tankini may be more comfortable, and may allow you to mix colors on top and bottom if you so desire. Pear-shaped ladies may desire some sort of built-in skirt.

Racerback or covered back?

Racerbacks look lovely. They are a great way to look sexy even if you are covered in front. If you have back fat, dont get a racerback. You need a suit that holds you in all over, including the back.

Best Fabric Types

Nylon, spandex, and other stretchy fabrics dominate. Neoprene is great too, but it is thicker. You can also get knitwear in amazing patterns. Be careful of embroidery. It is expensive and may not hold up to salt water and washings. The same is true of bling. One circlet or something like it is fine, such as in between the breasts, or on the sides of a bikini. But, a swimsuit covered in bling is simply a bad idea. It is too easy to knock off the bling in the water.

Color Choices

With a bikini or tankini, you can mix and match colors. Go for it! Basic black looks great on bottom with a wide variety of colors, or mix neon orange and green, red and black, white and royal blue, and the like if you want to stand out. Be very careful with hard-to-match colors like coral; black may be your best bet here, or a matching bottom. There are also amazing prints out there, and color blocking as well. Get the color that best suits your skin tone. Those with darker skin can wear more jewel colors than those with very pale complexions. Metallics are always gorgeous–silver, gold, bronze, and more!

Washing a Swimsuit

Very few swimsuits are machine washable. If so, wash in cold water on low with a cold water detergent like Woolite. Put it in a mesh bag, the same kind you use to wash your nylons. It is preferable to hand wash in Woolite or another cold water hand wash detergent in cold water. A swimsuit may say you can put it in the dryer, but it will lose its shape over time. Hang up to drip dry.

Features to Look For

Choose a suit that matches your body type. You want what is most flattering for you! If you can wear the itty bitty string bikini, go for it! Tankinis look like one-pieces, but are split into two. This is a great choice for those who want a little more coverage but want sex appeal as well! Plus size women CAN wear a bikini with the proper support, and preferably a tummy panel on the bottom to hold in the stomach. Look for a suit with a picture that is on a model, so you can see what it looks like.

What kind of suit should I get?

Choose from a one-piece, tankini, or bikini by body type. If you have small breasts, get ruffles to make you look bigger up top. Women with larger busts need far more support up top. Plus size women can wear bikinis if they have proper support! Get coverage in the top and bottom if you are a round shape, and if you are tall and thin, go for the itty bitty string bikini. If you are athletic, get something that emphasizes your assets! There are wonderful colors to choose from–mix, match, and go wild!

What style should I get?

Enjoy the array of colors, prints, and styles! You can get ones with cutouts, mesh, ruching, fringe, bandeaus and halters and crop tops, bling, shiny metallic-looking or neon colors, prints, and ties on the top or bottom to help you get the perfect fit. Check out the top–plunging necklines are sexy, but you need to be sure the ladies stay put when you swim. Check out the bottoms–do you need full coverage, or a standard low-rider suit? Mix and match colors on the top and bottom for fun. Choose the styles that give the coverage that fits your comfort level.

How should I take care of my swimsuit?

If youre going to spend the money on that perfect suit, then be careful with it! Wash it in cold water with Woolite or another cold-water detergent for delicate fabrics. If it says machine washable, put it in a mesh laundry bag and wash it on low or delicate cycle with Woolite. It may say you can put it in a dryer–but dont. You will destroy the ties, bling, and shape over time. Hang it up to drip dry. Fold the cups onto each other so they retain their shapes, and tie bikini segments together so they wont get separated.

Swimwear comes in an astonishing array of colors and styles that go with a wide variety of body shapes. You want to look sexy and feel comfortable at the same time, so go with a style that gives the support and coverage you need. Mesh and scoop backs allow you to be sexy without sacrificing coverage. Get a beautiful cover-up or pareo (a skirt like cloth that can be twisted around you like a dress or skirt) to look your best! Grab a tote bag, something to read, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and youre all set for a day of fun!

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