Top 9 Best Laundry Stain Removers in 2021 Reviews

Don’t you just love how innovative products today have made our lives so much easier? Take laundry stain removers as an example, now, we never have to throw away clothes since stains, of almost any kind, can be wiped out. Therefore, we think it’s about time to delve into some laundry stain removers that you should invest in.

Whether you want a laundry stain remover in the form of a pen, spray, stick or anything else, we’ve covered them all in this list of the top 9 best laundry stain removers in 2021. Let’s take a look at them below.

List of Top 9 Best Laundry Stain Removers in 2021

9. Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain

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As a stain remover and an odor eliminator all in one product, this is the Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover. Born since 1989, BioKeen is an expert in natural cleaning products! This remover is known to combat all the nasty and tough stains /odor. Whether the stain is caused by pet accidents, wine, diapers, and pails, or laundry, this remover can handle it all. And, in addition to removing stain/odor from clothes, it combats odor in the couch, cabinet, or any furniture, pretty well as well.

It is an all-natural remover of no artificial fragrance or colors. It only contains a distinct blend of live enzyme cultures, botanicals, and plant-based surfactants. To use, there is no any diluting required; just simply use it! The price tag of this stain remover is pretty good, too. A must-have in every house!

8. Clorox Lestoil Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner

Clorox 33916 Lestoil Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Got oil on clothes? This should be your go-to product. In addition to combating oil, this Clorox Lestoil Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner is a stain remover that can blow away grease, tar, food stains, or even perspiration and ink stains. When used for removing stains for clothes, before laundering, there might be a strong smell. But, don’t worry; right after the laundry and drying process, no smell can be found!
This concentrated heavy duty cleaner works well for places that get dirty often such as garage floors, grease traps, basements, etc, too. However, it works best to clean oil-based stains or floor. The formula of this one is safe. So, feel free to use it for countertops, floors, walls, and appliances.

To use, simply pour a capful of this over the stained clothes/items, let it soak, scrub, and wash the item. It is recommended that you use gloves when handling with this cleaner. After all, this cleaner works wonder!

7. Resolve Pre-Treat Stain Stick

Resolve Pre Treat Stain Stick

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What about a stain stick this time? This Resolve Pre-Treat Stain Stick has a compact size (3 oz.), perfect for both uses at homes and travel purposes. You can use this stick by treating stain immediately and then wash the clothes later. Small yet powerful, this stick can break up oily stains, too.

This pre-treat best stain remover stick is a bit hard to find. It may not be available in your local stores, but it is definitely for sale online here.

6. Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, 2-Ounce

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The Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover impresses us for the fact that with just a drop, it can effortlessly remove oil, grease, ink, make-up, grass, blood, etc. Comes in a compact bottle, you can bring this stain remover with you, and treat any stain immediately; insanely effective, isn’t it? And, it works on old stains as well.

The gel-like formula just sits right where you applied it. So, it doesn’t bleed to the affected area’s surroundings. This best stain remover cleans and never damage your clothes – whether the fabric is cotton or silk. We call this Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover a “Stain Ninja”!

5. Tide 0Mini Instant Liquid Stain Remover

Tide 0Mini Instant Liquid Stain Remover

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More compact and mobile than ever, this is the Tide 0Mini Instant Liquid Stain Remover. It even fits in a small purse! This stain remover pen is the recent invention in the instant stain remover line that can effectively remove stains right on the spot. It works on all colors. And, it works best on fresh stains.

Each pen is 0.338 ozs, yet, believe it or not, this stain remover pen can last for a decent period of time. And, you can always get a pack of six if you want to avoid multiple shopping trips! Great price, too. Anyways, have we mentioned that this Tide to Go is from Proctor and Gamble? Now, you have all the credibility you need!

4. Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush

Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush

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We are always excited to introduce to you new things. Here is a magical gel brush that can remove stains very well. The Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush has a thick gel formula, providing the ultimate stain-wiping power. Comes with a brush, treating stains becomes much easier. More dynamic than ever; the formula of this one lets you treat stains now and wash up to a week later!
Made of safe formula, this gel and its gel brush can be used for all colorfast fabrics and in any water temperature. And, if you’re looking for something to remove yellow deodorant stains from a white shirt, this is the perfect solution as well. Plus, the price is very inexpensive, so there is nothing to lose in trying this Shout Gel Stain Remover at all.

3. Spray ‘n Wash Max Laundry Stain Remover

food stains

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Ranked as the top 3rd, this is the Spray ‘n Wash Max Laundry Stain Remover. This spray stain is capable of providing 1st-time stain removal! Similarly to the above-mentioned laundry stain removers, this one can remove nasty stains, too – grease, motor oil, baby food stains, etc. Surprisingly, this one can get rid of mildew on clothes, too.

This spray stain can be used with other laundry additives, and it works in all kinds of temperatures. Feel free to use it on colorfast washables as well. However, 3 fabric of clothing that it does not work on is silk, khaki, and fluorescent clothing. This stain remover works best if you treat the stain and wash the stained item as soon as possible while the stain is still fresh. Now, you can reuse your old stained clothes; just spray it!

2. Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry

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From a cleaning professional since the 1960s, Zout, here is the remover that comes in triple enzymes for a wider variety of fabrics and stains! These enzymes are specialized in breaking down stains, so the stains can be easily removed when you wash the clothing.
This spray stain’s 1st enzyme can definitely remove tough protein stains such as blood, grass, and sweat effortlessly. The second enzyme works on starch stains like tomato & bbq sauces. And, the third enzyme attacks oily stains like salad dressing and margarine. Interestingly, this spray stain works great on leathers, too.

Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase, you can always ask for a refund. This one can fight just about any kind of stain; get yours!

1. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 7.22 Lbs Laundry Stain Removers

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Keeping the best for the last, here is the ultimate laundry stain remover, OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover! Made of the unique formula, when this stain remover is activated by water, it will impressively unleash bubbling oxygen power that guarantees safe and effective cleaning. In addition to its capability to rinse soils away, this stain remover can wipe off almost any kind of spots such as make-up stains, grease, juice stains, wine, blood, ink stains, and more!

On top of that, this homemade stain remover is proven to have over 101 uses. By that, we (and the company) mean that you can use this stain remover to get rid of stains on the hard surface, soft surface, clothes, just about anything in your house! Besides, unlike most stain removers on the market, this stain remover sure works safely on washable fabric, many carpets, most upholstery, grout, bathroom tile, patio furniture, etc.

Best yet, this is not your ordinary stain remover. It also functions as a detergent booster, whitener, and brightener as well. Comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 1 pack to 11 lbs, you can pick the ideal size for your household. Plus, the price tag is indeed affordable, too.


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 9 best laundry stain removers in 2021. All of them come in a variety of forms such as spray, pen, stick, gel, detergent-like, and more. They each have different specialization. They have comparable performance. And, all of them will never fail to impress you. Which one of your most favorite pick?