Top 9 Best Corsets for Women

Top 9 Best Corsets for Women

Top 9 Best Corsets For 2019

Corsets are super-sexy. They push up the breasts, cinch in the waist, and make you look amazing! They also make you look—and feel–gorgeous, confident, and ready for anything! They can also make it look like youve lost a size or two. So, youll be able to fit into that top or jeans again! They also help you tone your abs by pulling in your belly. There are plenty of corsets in a spectrum of price ranges, colors, fabrics, boning, and the like. So, relax while you get you the info on the best of the best!

Buying Guide For Corsets

What is the difference between a bustier and a corset?

A bustier is a girdle for your bust and waist, to tighten whats up there. A corset cinches you in a little more. Most suppliers use the term corset and bustier interchangeably. Get the boning if you want to cinch your waist, and leave it out if youre not trying to cinch in your waist. A corset is better. It trains your waist to go in and your breasts to go up. It helps you look slimmer, and to fit in smaller clothes.


Corsets tend to run smaller than womens normal sizes. Also, the shape of every womans breasts is different. You must measure yourself, and follow the chart given by the manufacturer. If you are between sizes, go up. Remember that corsets generally have ties and you can make them tighter or looser as you so desire. Some corsets push the breasts so far up that if you lean over too far, the breasts fall out. Consider investing in some double-sided tape!


Boning is the strips of metal or plastic that help the corset keep its shape. Good boning will help the buster maintain its shape and look beautiful for years. Spiral steel boning is different from general steel boning. Spiral steel boning is more flexible, durable, and thinner than the spiral steel boning, and is far more comfortable. Steel boning should be on both sides of the grommets holding the laces to stabilize it when lacing the corset. Double boning is used for waist training so you can pull the laces tighter.

There is also plastic boning. Plastic boning is far less durable than steel, and may lose its shape or break over time. Plastic does have more give to it. So, if youre not wearing the corset a lot, like for a costume, a corset with plastic boning is fine. Plastic boning will bend and snap if you are using the boning for waist training and youre trying to pull it tight.

More bones do not make a better corset. The bones should generally be on the sides, two on the back, and two on the front. The boning should support the shape of the pattern. Some come with a steel busk, which is a strip of metal hardware fasteners made of loops and knobs that is sewn inside the center front of the garment.

Overbust or Underbust

The overbust corset covers the breasts. The underbust corset stops right under the breasts. Overbust corsets have two measurements, the waist and the bust. Every womans breasts are different, so measure carefully. Take measurements for both the waist and bust. Know the vertical distance between these measurements for the perfect fit.


Satin is very shiny. Jacquard is a lovely pattern. Brocade is a woven fabric. Lace is good to add beautiful embellishments. You can buy matte or shiny fabrics, and stripes, florals, plaids, and other lovely patterns. Patterns must match on all sides.

Ribbons and Zippers, Snaps and Hooks

You can snap or zip it up, and hook or tie it up. Some come with zippers and some dont. If there is a zipper, make sure it is on the side or back, not the front. Zippers may break if you are using the corset for waist training. Make sure the corset has ribbons (stays) so you can tighten and loosen it as you see fit, or tiny hook and eye closures in lines of two or three to pull it in if you lose weight. Hook and eye closures look beautiful, but they take forever to take on and off. Some come with snaps or hooks in front. If it does, loosen the ribbons first. Snap or hook it. Then, tighten the ribbons. Dont buy corsets without the ribbons or hooks. Corsets run small; ribbons or hooks ensure the corset fits you perfectly. They also look lovely! Some come with a steel busk, which is a strip of metal hardware fasteners made of loops and knobs that is sewn inside the center front of the garment.

Attention to Detail

Look at the pictures of the corset closely before you buy. Be sure the photo shows the front, side, and back. It is preferable to have a photo of a model so you can see how it fits on the body. Be sure the fabric looks sturdy and smooth. You dont want it to rip after wearing it only once! There should be no bumps or wrinkles in the fabric. Make sure the pattern matches side to side, and front to back. Be sure the front closure is in a straight line. Strips should meet at a seam, and plaids should go completely around the body and match at each seam. Make sure stripes are straight, top to bottom. Dont get horizontal stripes; they are hard to match and they make you look wider. Look at the back picture of a corset. Make sure the lacing gap doesnt vary down the corset. A properly laced corset has crossing waist loops at the middle for the best support and control. The corset should look like an hourglass to give you the hourglass shape, not like parentheses. Make sure you can see an actual waistline in the pictures. High end corsets have excellent attention to detail and simply fit better, and have nicer fabric with things like hand detailing. Make sure the corset has a lining that is comfortable against your skin.

Different Corsets For Different Purposes

Think carefully about why you are buying a corset. If you want to pull in the waist and push up the breasts, get a more corset-oriented one with boning, preferably spiral steel to make it hold up for a long time. If you are using it for a costume, go all out with the styling. Get something pretty that perfectly matches the costume. There are corsets that specifically work for pirate or steampunk (which is kind of a retro science fiction) or Renaissance costumes. (There are Renaissance Faires in the summer and fall all over the world!) There are also corsets that are specifically for weddings. Some of these corsets are astonishingly detailed and amazing. Many come with their own shrugs and belts. These special corsets are often nice enough to wear out dancing with a jacket or shrug and a skirt. If the corset is specifically for a costume or wedding and you cant find a specific color you need, get a white one and dye it.

Features to Look For

You want a corset that actually pulls in the waist and pushes up the breasts. Look for boning. Do you want steel, spiral steel, or plastic? Spiral steel lasts the longest and is the most comfortable. What color do you want? Corsets come in an astonishingly array of fabrics and colors, or dye one for a perfect match. Do you want ribbons only, or do you want snaps or zippers or hooks? Carefully measure yourself. Remember that corsets tend to run small! Measure the bust, not just the waist. Every women has differently sized breasts!

Why would I buy a corset?

You may want to train your waist to stay in that gorgeous hourglass shape. You may want to get into those jeans–you know the ones, the ones you can fit into at the beginning of the month and cant fit into two or three weeks later. You may want to look gorgeous and sexy. You may be going to a wedding, costume party, or fashion show. You may want to go out dancing, and turn the heads of everyone in the room. For whatever reason, the point is to look your absolute best!

How do I take care of a corset?

Wash it in cold water and Woolite, or other detergent for hand washables, rarely. Hang it to drip dry so it holds its shape. Unless it says on the label that it is machine washable, dont ever put it in a washing machine. If it does say it is machine washable, wash with Woolite in cold water on a hand wash cycle. Try to find a laundry net bag you can wash it in so the boning wont get damaged. Never, ever put it in a dryer. Hang it up to drip dry.

How do I put on a corset?

First, loosen the stays (the laces or ribbons). Then, pull it on over your head. Then, slide it into place. Carefully line up the corset on each side. Make sure every part of the corset is in the exact right place. Then, tighten it. Some corsets have zippers because some people hate laces. Some have both a zipper and stays you can tighten. Zip before you lace! Tighten the laces from the top to the bottom. Tie off the loose lacing. You can wear a bra under a corset for some more support.

Corsets make you look super-sexy, and make you feel more confident. Get one with boning if you want to cinch in the waist and push up your breasts. You want to show off your curves! Get the fabric pattern and color, and ribbons or hooks you desire, that make you feel fantastic! There are amazing options for those looking for a corset for a costume as well. Get spiral steel boning for the best, most comfortable fit. Take special care of your corset. Most are hand wash; wash it rarely in Woolite and hang it to dry. Those with antique lace or stitching may be dry clean only. Show off those curves so you can look and feel gorgeous!

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