Top 9 Best Camera Sliders in 2020 Reviews

For those who love and want to put efforts into making an amazing cinematic video, owning a camera slider would be worth it. To aid your camera slider selection, our team has spent a tremendous amount of time in researching and finally found these 9 best camera sliders in 2020 to help you capture beautiful settings and sceneries, you witness. Read on to learn about these camera sliders’ desirable features.

List of Top 9 Best Camera Sliders in 2020

9. COOCHEER Camera Slider

COOCHEER Camera Slider 32"/80cm

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Coocheer camera slider would be a great start for this list. The slider is 80cm and the track rail is 19mm; these allow you to capture with smooth and stable sliding motion. The slider also has angle-adjustable legs and non-slippery, adjustable rubber feet for added convenience and flexibility. This slider is a versatile gear for a camera that is used as a crane on a tripod once you remove the adjustable feet. Made of aluminum alloy, this durable item is easy to set up within minutes just by placing it on a tripod or any flat surface.

And, the camera slider can hold up to 8kilograms. It is quite lightweight, and it has a large 3x4cm carriage as well as a 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 attachment screw, which accommodates ball head.

8. Ulanzi SL-40 40cm 15in Mini Video Slider

Ulanzi SL-40 40cm 15in Mini Video Slider

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Next, this mini camera slider can be packed easily in a travel bag anywhere you want with the size it came in which is 40cm. The heavy-duty camera slider guarantees a shake-free stability, and its ability to support cameras while shooting provides you a good polished film result. You can slop the slider on a tripod or just simple straight horizontal shots without the tripod. Also, the bearing tension can be customized to your desire.

Ulazi mount could be taken off and attached easily with multiple 1/4″ & 3/8″ screw holes on both ends and in the middle. Two removable legs that could raise the slider 2 inches higher off the ground are included in the package.

7. StudioFX 40″ Pro DSLR Dolly Track Camera Slider

StudioFX 40" Pro DSLR Camera Slider

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Kaezi can mobilize various equipment such as movie camera, video camera, and digital camera. Its length is 40 inches. And, it has the capability of holding up to 15lbs, which means it can accommodate a wide range of DSLRs and camcorders. The package of this includes a carry bag with adjustable strap suitable for most people as well as the adapter for the tripods.

The camera slider comes with a solid and sturdy construction. The bubble on the slider sled and adjustable height on feet add extra satisfaction and stability to the filming process.

6. IMORDEN 40″/100cm Ball-bearing Typed Camera Slider

IMORDEN 40"/100cm Ball-bearing Typed Camera Slider

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This camera slider has four roller bearings as well as a bubble level. So, it provides a smooth glide, making the footage more stable and high quality. The slider comes with a stainless steel shaft prevents rust corrosion. And it is available in a few size options and colors you may want to check it. Imorden camera slider allows you to add a microphone and light through the mounting holes on the top, two end sides, and middle bottom of the track serve as multiple mount options.
Its legs are adjustable and come with non-skid rubber feet. What’s more, it can position one or two tripods at the same time at different points vertical or horizontal. This sure is one of the best budget camera sliders for your money.

5. Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set

Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set - Electronic Slider

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Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set is a perfect two in one combination that comes with an 8-speed electronic slider and motorized panoramic time-lapse head that could be turned full 360 degrees. The slider can be used horizontally or vertically. It can be operated in either electronic or manual mode. Its motor speed varies from 6mm/minute to a 300mm/minute. The remote control that comes with it can be used for both speed and direction controls.

The camera slider’s weight holding capacity is 550g. The bounce back feature makes this set special because as the camera reaches its end, it then moves back in the opposite direction. For longer use, plug into a power bank (10400ma) that could live to 36hours. You’ll love how professional and versatile this Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set is.

4. Neewer 47″/120cm DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider

Neewer 47"/120cm DSLR Camera Track

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Neewer track dolly slider has a double rail system that uses four precision bearings. So, the camera is guaranteed to provide a perfect sliding from side to side. A bubble level is available to indicate your camera’s angle as well as an adjustable bearing tension. The holes on both ends and in the middle of the sliding sled make it easy for you straight horizontal shots, vertically on a tripod.
And, this slider has two removable legs with non-skid rubber feet that can raise the slide up to 2 inches from the surface. Plus, feel free to select from the 4 size options the camera slider is available in.

3. Selens 31″ 80cm Carbon Fiber DSLR Camera Slider

Selens 31" 80cm Carbon Fiber Dslr Camera Slider - Best Camera Sliders in 2020

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Designed with a double lock button to improve stability and to secure the slider in place, this camera slider can be used on uneven ground while the dolly track’s feet have the multiple adjusting systems. As you slide your camera across the slider, a quiet and smooth movement is expected from its six bearing axle design. The slider is 5 pounds; light enough for you to carry it around with you to your project sites.

Selens is made from strong Carbon Fiber that makes it lightweight, yet it can support the huge weight with the maximum load of 22pounds.

2. GVM 48” Motorized DSLR Camera Track Dolly slider

Camera Slider, GVM 48” Motorized DSLR Camera Track Dolly slider

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With a 120 degrees panoramic shooting and time-lapse tracking, you can caption every moment around you on this GVM camera slider. One of the noticeable features available is that you can set the distance of the movement as it goes in an automatic cycle (noted that automatic mode is not supported in vertical). Adjustable foot design ensures the Dolly Track could work on the horizontality and a 45-degree angle.

Plus, the camera slider is compatible with a variety of tripods since the slide rails are equipped with 1/4 “and 3/8” screw ports on both sides and in the middle.

1. Neewer 39″/1m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly Slider Rail System

Neewer 39"/1m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly Slider

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Here, we have reached one of the very best camera sliders on the market. The slider is one millimeter long; available to be used either vertically or horizontally. It also enables 45 degrees shooting by using the threaded holes in the slider. The plate has a ¼ threaded hole to hold most DSLR cameras. The foldable legs design makes it easier to transport and take less time to assemble. In addition, the legs’ height could be adjusted from 10.5 to 13.5 centimeters.

The U shaped ball bearings not only ensure a smooth motion and abrasion but to achieve stability and quietness when the slider is used. To avoid scratches on your camera’s bottom, around rubber pad is attached to the slider sled.


Look no further for a better review because we said it all here. Get your hands on one of these top 9 camera sliders. These guys are ready to give your videos and photos a professional look and feel as soon as you finish your project. Get one soon while stock lasts.

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