Top 8 Best Salad Dressing Shakers & Makers Reviews In 2021

Salad dressing shakers are a simple yet essential kitchen tool that most of us are familiar with. But the big question is; do you know how to determine the best when it comes to salad dressing shakers? Well, for a professional chef, this may seem quite an easy task. But for novice cooks, this is really an uphill task that calls for extensive research. However, for the purpose of time, we have compiled everything for you. The list below presents the best salad dressing shakers that have proven to be of great value in the kitchen.

Table of the Best Salad Dressing Shakers

8. OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shakers

Salad Dressing Shakers

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OXO good grips salad dressing shaker is one of the leading brands when it comes to salad shakers. Its glass salad dressing shaker is a favourite in many modern kitchen settings due to its multi-functional design. It can be used to prepare, mix, serve and comfortably store your ingredients. The shaker is made of a tough and transparent BPA-free plastic. It features a 1.5-cup capacity and is calibrated to provide an accurate measurement. The mouth is wide to accommodate the various size of ingredients. It is leak-proof and dishwasher safe.


7. OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shakers

OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker

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This is a smaller version of OXO’s glass salad dressing bottle. Just like the large shaker, it is made of tough and transparent plastic material so that you can easily see the ingredients. It has a 1-cup capacity and features an extra-wide mouth that easily accommodates various types of ingredients. The shaker has a tight closing lid that seals the ingredients to prevent any spills. It is dishwasher safe and calibrated for accurate measurements.

6. Fresh Salad Container Serving Cup Shaker with Dressing Container Fork

Fresh Salad Container Serving Cup Shaker

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Salad dressing bottle makes its entry into the competition with its salad shaker cup. This salad shaker comes with a set of two. The shakers are designed to be used either for fruits or salads. They are made of tough plastic with a see-through design so that you can easily monitor the whole process. Each container has a 2-ounce capacity. A fork is included in the set to enable you to serve directly from the containers.

5. Salad Shaker With Dressing Container Fork

Ramini Brands Fresh Salad To Go Serving Cup

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In case you desire great multi-functionality in a salad dressing mixer, then you should definitely try out the one from Ramini Brands. This is a versatile shaker that accommodates more than just salad. It comes in a set of two containers each including a serving fork. The containers are made of tough, see-through plastic. Each container has a tight sealing lid to prevent any spills or possible contamination. The containers have a 2-ounce capacity each. They are ideal for those on the move.


4. Norpro 809A Salad Dressing Maker

Norpro 809A Salad Dressing Maker

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Norpro, a popular brand in kitchen appliances, comes in with its 809A Salad Dressing Maker. It is made of a tough, scratch resistant glass. The transparent design enables you to easily monitor the whole salad making process. This shaker has an 11-ounce capacity. It incorporates 6 recipes to get you started right away. The shaker is designed to be washed by hand.

3. Eva Solo Dressing Shaker, Drip Free, 0.25 Liter

Eva Solo Dressing Shaker

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Eva Solo brings elegance into play with its stylish dressing shaker. The salad dressing bottle mixer is made of a see-through glass so that you can get a glimpse of the entire salad making process. It has a wide base that makes it more stable. The mouth is fitted with a stopper to prevent any spills or leaks. This shaker features a 0.25-litre capacity. It is easy to clean. All you need to do is just wash it with soap and rinse with clean water.

2. Vibe Salad Dressing Mixer

Vibe Salad Dressing Mixer

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Take your salad dressing bottle mixer experience to the next level with Vibe Salad Dressing Mixer. This mixer is certainly a masterpiece that will not only help you mix your salad but also add to the decor of your kitchen. The mixer comes in a transparent design with 2 recipes to get you started. It has a ring that helps you to easily mix the ingredients. The ring can be detached so that you can use the mixer to store your ingredients.

1. Typhoon Salad Shaker Flask Glass Oil/Vinegar Drizzler

Typhoon Salad Shaker Flask Glass Oil/Vinegar Drizzler with Silicone Stopper

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Just by its looks, anyone can easily tell that this glass salad dressing bottle is definitely one of a kind. It is made of glass and handcrafted to give it a more stylish look. It is an ideal choice for those that desire both elegance and functionality in a salad shaker. The shaker has a large capacity of 11.83 ounces. It is fitted with a stopper that tightly seals in the ingredients. The glass material is tough enough to withstand the high oven temperatures.

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