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Top 7 Best Wire Stripping Machines

Wire stripping machines are important devices that allow you to effectively do away with the rubber or plastic coating from wires with no hassles. These machines are usually come in two categories—manual and/or automatic. As such, you can opt for your favorite machine according to the level of sophistication as well as other factors including but not limited to the tag. Therefore, if you need a reliable and effective machine to use in stripping coating from wires, you will be safe to choose from the following top 7 best wire stripping machines reviews. Read on to discover.

Wire Stripping Machines


1. Manual Copper Best Wire Stripping Machines

One of the best quality wire stripping machines, Manual Copper can be used as a great cable stripper tool for ideal scrap metal recycling purposes. This wonderful machine is able to effectively separate copper and its jacket by pulling the wires through in a single stroke. Moreover, this model can awesomely perform quite fast delivering the finest results where the wire gets perfectly straightened and automatically aligned. As such, this wire stripper is ideal for tangled and kinked wires.

Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine


2. Hardin WS-1270 Manual Cable and Wire Stripper

This is another good quality wire stripper that is made by Hardin and is one of the most affordably models. Among its main features are independently adjustable blade and rollers, a range of wire accommodation from 24 AWG to 7/8 inches and also a capability to greatly trim insulation in all shapes, including triangle, square, romex, and parallel.

Hardin WS-1270 Manual Cable and Wire Stripper


3. The CopperMine Manual Crank

It is a great drill-operated machine that is wonderful for removal of coating from any wires. It features a manual crank that is used for recycling scrapped copper. Moreover, it features an adjustable wire clamp which makes it hard soft or thin wires to escape its blades. Again, it is a lightweight machine, making it convenient to use. You could effortlessly go clamping it to a bench corner or even bolting it and there is an assistant for holding one end, providing great convenience of use.

The CopperMine Manual Crank


4. SDT-WRA15 Bench Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

The STD-WRA15 is an automatic wire stripping machine that is able to clearly strip wires from 12 inches to 1 inch thick. It is perfect in removing rubber and plastic insulation from undamaged scrap wires. Moreover, this machine can strip a wire of 450 inches in a single minute. It is made of very premium quality and durable aluminum material. Moreover, it is a model that is easy to drill for the automatic wire stripping or you can opt to manually do the business. Additionally, it features a built-in romex adapter that allows it to cut even multi-layer wires in just one shot.

SDT-WRA15 Bench Automatic Wire Stripping Machine


5. StripMeister Automatic Best Wire Stripping Machines

This is an automatic wire stripping machine from StripMeister that is constructed using solid aircraft-grade durable aluminum alloy that neither bends nor distorts. This material is very durable. Moreover, this machine comes fitted with 5axis CNC milling technology that allows it to perform precisely and also effectively. Finally, this wire stripping machine also feature a built-in romex adapter for allowing the device perfectly cut multi-layer wires even in a single shot.

StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine


6. Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper

The market has more other manual wire stripping machines today. Mostly, what you just need is adjust the blade, feed the wires, and then pull them through the wire-guiding wheel(s). However, pulling the wires takes a lot of effort and strain. That is why this hand crank copper wire stripping machine is designed is designed to allow you not pull the wires, but just turn the crank arm to do the wire stripping. It is much more easier than the usual pulling method. It is one of the most appreciated models of wire strippers on the market today.

Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper



This is another wonderful wire stripping machine by BLUEROCK. The MWS-83MD tool is one among the very best choices for those who need a quality and effective wire stripper today. It boasts a range of incredibly useful features incorporated in a reasonably package. Most customers from all walks of life who have had to use this product before have returned with positive reviews, a testimony of contentment by its performance. As such, if you need a great model of a wire stripping machine, turn to this awesome product.



Obviously, there are more models of wire stripping machines that you will find when you go to the market. However, in the same market, you will not come across a wire stripper that is better in quality and performance than the options highlighted in the above top 7 best wire stripping machines reviews. To be confident and safe, choose yours from the above models.

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