Top 7 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2021 Reviews

A battery-operated fan can save you a good chunk of cash. It also comes in very handy due to its compact size and portability. Most gamers and those who work with their laptop a lot throughout the day find battery operated fans very practical. That is partly because it helps reduce the laptop heat and keep your hands from sweating.

List of Top 7 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2021

There are plentiful of battery operated fans on the market. But, some of them come from different brands while having very similar looks and features. To keep things differentiated and sharp, in this article, we are only delving into the top 7 best battery operated fans on the market today.

7. O2COOL 5-Inch Battery Operated Portable Clip Fan

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First and foremost, let us introduce to you the O2COOL Battery Operated Fan. It is a 5-inch fan that is lightweight, compact, and portable. As a battery operated clip on fan, this one allows you to use it almost anywhere and anytime. The clip is actually very strong and sturdy. Indeed, it is large enough to attach to a crib or a stroller. Plus, this fan’s head can also rotate and pivot to any direction you want it.

With 2 powerful speed options, this fan keeps you cool, and it makes no obnoxious sound when operating. Comes in a rugged design, this guy is suitable for taking to outdoors, trips or camping, too. This clip on fan requires 4-AA batteries to get it up and running. Per battery insert, this fan can last 11 hours on high speed and 14 hours on low speed. This fan will be your rescuer during hot days!

6. Gazeled 4.8-Inch Clip On Fan

Clip on Fan, Portable Rechargeable Personal Battery Operated Small Fan

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Next, this is the Gazeled Clip On Fan that comes in 4 dynamic speeds! To ensure that the clamp is strong and tough to clip and stay put even on moving objects, this fan has made it through numerous strength tests. It uses a high-performing electric motor that is not only stable but also rust-free and durable. Thanks to the 9pcs blades, and 4-speed choices – get ready to feel some very strong wind that arrives up to 400rpm from this compact clip on the fan! Plus, with the fan capable of rotating 360° vertically and horizontally, you can relax and unwind with cool wind from any direction you need.

To operate, this clip on fan uses the best quality 2200 mAh battery that is included in the purchase. And, there is no need to spend more on batteries because this included battery is rechargeable! When fully charged for 4 hours, this fan can work from 2 to 8 hours nonstop (depending on the speed setting you are using). What’s more, with the best ABS material used, this sturdy clip on fan has a very thick structure, and it will never break easily.

5. O2COOL 8-Inch Electric or Battery Operated Fan

O2 COOL Fan 8 inch Battery or Electric Operated Indoor/Outdoor Portable Fan

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Another recommendation from us is this O2COOL 8-Inch Electric or Battery Operated Fan. For the optimum comfort and flexibility, this fan features a travel-sized and foldable design, and a robust cooling system. Its head can also be tilted up to 90 °, directing the blast of cool wind to the direction you want most. It is bigger than the earlier-mentioned clip on fans, but this one is still lightweight – easy to transport during those hot summer days. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors uses, at the gym, office, park, camping, now you have a portable cooler to keep you fresh and cool at all time.

As both an electric and battery operated fan, this guy also comes with an AC adapter for mobile charging. For battery operation, you can use 8-D batteries (not included) to get this fan up and running. And, when turned on, this fan makes no disturbing sound at all. Therefore, if you have to receive a phone call, you won’t have the need to turn off this fan.

Another special feature of this fan is its long-lasting work time. When fully charged, this clip on fan offers about 43 hours of continuous airflow at high speed, and 53 hours at low speed. At a great offer, this item is very affordable, too!

4. O2COOL 5-Inch Battery Operated Clip On Fan

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Here, we are looking at another masterpiece from O2COOL. This one has a different design from the previous O2COOL products while having the perfect size of 5-inch blade. The clip on this fan is heavy-duty and sturdy, suitable for using almost anywhere, on any surface, at any time. So, feel free to clip it to your chair, canopy, stroller, kids bunk, and more.

The fan head can rotate and pivot to direct the airflow (360°) where you want it. Plus, in gray color, this fan can goes with any space décor. This fan has a rugged design, ideal for any activities indoors and outdoors (camping, working out, working, studying, etc). And, to simplify things, this fan comes in only 2 practical speeds (low and high). To get it working, you need to use 2-DD batteries. Per 2-DD batteries, this fan can power a long way – at least a few months. Superb fan, awesome price, and great battery life!

3. O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan with Adapter

Battery Operated Fan with Adapter

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Another highly-recommended fan from us is a new product on the market. The good thing about new products is that they are made of advanced innovation. And, if you’re looking for a relatively larger fan, feast your eyes on this battery operated ceiling fan because it has a size of 10-Inch.

Needless to say, this guy has dual power sources – battery and electricity (AC adapter charging). The batteries used are the 6-DD batteries, and the AC adapter is included in the package. Give this O2COOL 10-Inch Fan a try because O2COOL never disappoints!

2. O2COOL 5-Inch Battery Operated Fan

O2cool 5 Inch Battery Operated Fan

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Next, this is the O2COOL 5-Inch Battery Operated Fan. With a compact folding design, this fan is the ultimate fan of easy storage. Its fan has an adjustable tilt for the airflow of flexible directions. The fan blades measure 5 Inches. It is up and running with just 2-DD batteries. The typical alkaline batteries work well, too. And, if you wonder about its runtime, this one has a battery life of 55 hours!

The fan comes only in 2-speed fans, but it is more than enough to keep you cool in different temperature situations. With a compact size and lightweight, you can use the fan almost anywhere you can think of such as at camping, office, home, car, boat, hotel, etc. Plus, the price tag is great. Look tiny, yet it works like a beast!

1. OPOLAR 4.8-Inch Rechargeable Clip On Fan

OPOLAR Rechargeable Clip on Fan

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Lastly, this is the best of all time, and it is ranked #1 among the new release ones in the household fans category. It is the fantastic Opolar Rechargeable Clip on Fan. This fan comes in 2 classic colors, black and white, that complement any house décor. Thanks to Opolar’s innovative technology, this fan is capable of rotating and speeding up to 4000rpm. What’s more, this fan provides a great amount of airflow while keep the noise very low. Plus, this model is equipped with 4 gears for you to adjust all the speed options to satisfy all your preferred levels of wind blow.

This clip on fan, additionally, has made it through several strength tests to ensure that the clamp is sturdy enough to stay put even on moving objects. Included in the purchase, there is a 2200mAh lithium battery, which lasts from 2 to 8 hours per charge. Just to clarify, the battery is rechargeable! For charging, you can do it via USB interface of computers, power banks, USB chargers, and more. How convenient is that! Besides, have we mentioned that all Opolar products come with a one-year guarantee? With this warranty, you can always confidence in purchasing this Opolar Rechargeable Clip On Fan, knowing that your investment will be worth every penny!


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 7 best battery operated fans in 2021. With any of these fans, sweaty days are over! Not only are these battery operated fans high quality, durable and practical, they are offered at a very reasonable price, too. Which one is your most favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!