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Top 7 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Having a bathroom exhaust fan in your bathroom is extremely important. With the presence of amenities such as steam showers, whirlpool baths and multiple shower heads in the bathrooms of today, the moisture level in that area and the rest of your house is very high. The bathroom exhaust fan is going to make sure that there is proper ventilation in the bathroom and keep your home healthy. It will reduce the incidence of mold and mildew that may be health hazards in your home. Your bathroom is going to look appealing when there is proper ventilation. You are going to have an easy time cleaning it. With so many bathroom exhaust fans in the market, buying the right one for your needs can be a bit of a daunting task. Here are top 7 best bathroom exhaust fan reviews to help you choose with ease.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan


1. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You need to buy this exhaust fan if you want to keep comfortable temperatures in your bathroom. It draws in cool air from outside and exhausts stale air from indoors when it is installed facing outward. It is designed to fit virtually all double hang and slider windows. Besides being great for the bathroom, it is also great for bedroom or living room use because it provides a quiet and efficient operation. It features extender panels that allow for a safe and custom fit. It also comes equipped with a manually reversible feature that allows proper exhaust or airflow intake.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan


2. Universal Bathroom Fan Replacement Electric Motor Kit

If you are looking for a replacement for your bathroom fan, you need to consider buying this one. It is very easy and simple to install and is just the right size for replacement projects. It operates quietly and pulls fresh outdoor air into your bathroom very well. It can replace most motors in Fasco, Nutone, Dayton, Broan and many other units. Apart from using in the bathroom, you can also use it as a replacement for your old ceiling fan, bedroom fan and living area fan. It is very affordable. You will not break your bank account to buy it.

Universal Bathroom Fan Replacement Electric Motor Kit


3. Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

This fan will not bring any disturbing noise in your home. It operates quietly and does not use a lot of energy. It motor has four poles that totally enclose it for continuous operation. The motor also features thermal cut-off fuses that can be easily removed. Its housing is made of a galvanized steel body that is rustproof, meaning that it is going to maintain a beautiful appeal for long. Installing the fan is very easy. You can easily do it on your own. With proper maintenance, you are going to use it for many years thanks to its lubricated motors and high quality components that wear out at a slower pace.

Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan


4. Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

This bathroom exhaust fan is awesome. It is very easy to install and operates very quietly. It features a totally enclosed condenser motor as well as a double tapered dolphin-shaped bladed blower wheel that moves a large amount of air. It is quiet enough that you may not realize that it is on. It will give you continuous and trouble-free operation for many years to come as long as proper care is observed on it. Its motor is designed to operate at lower temperatures, something that increases its life and also the life of the bearings. The fan housing is made from heavy duty galvanized steel to protect it from rust.

Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan


5. Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

With this exhaust fan, you can rest assured that your bathroom will get proper ventilation and avoid the growth of mold and mildew. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you will not miss to find the perfect one for your bathroom. It features a permanent lubricated plug-in motor as well as an efficient polymeric fan impeller that makes it both powerful and reliable. Besides being a ventilation fan, it also serves as a light fixture that has the capacity for a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination


6. Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

This fan will provide powerful heating, light as well as ventilation in your bathroom at the touch of a switch. It features nice white polymeric grilles that will easily complement the décor that you have used in your bathroom or house. The fan and heater can work together or independently from each other. The heater has a 1300 watt capacity for fast and even heat distribution. You are definitely going to get value for your money from this exhaust fan.

Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination


7. Broan 757SN Bathroom Ceiling Fan/Light with Frosted Glass Shade

This unit is going to provide powerful ventilation in your bathroom. It effectively pulls fresh air from outdoors into your bathroom and eliminates excess moisture from those hot, steamy showers. It also functions as a convenient light source that offers general lighting in your bathroom and other rooms in your house. Its contemporary eye catching design will look great in any bathroom. The housing features rugged galvanized steel housing that is corrosion resistant and durable.

Broan 757SN Bathroom Ceiling Fan in Light with Frosted Glass Shade


Including the above-mentioned best bathroom exhaust fan in your bathroom is a sensible measure that may save you costly repairs in future and also provide a cleaner and more pleasant bathroom. They will eliminate foul odors and clear condensations off the mirrors while making sure that excess moisture is eliminated.

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