Top 7 Best Adjustable Standing Desks in 2021 Reviews

A research finds that sitting for long hours could harm you significantly, and give you negative health effects. Sadly, most kinds of working require us to spend time sitting at the table for hours. And that mostly the doctors advise to get up and take a stroll or do some movement, not to sit still throughout the day.

Recently, standing desks have just been introduced into the market to address the problem. Therefore, you don’t need to worry anymore. Our site will pinpoint 7 best adjustable standing desks in 2021 for you.

List of  Best Adjustable Standing Desks in 2021

7. 40” Mobile Adjustable Stand Up Desk

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The first standing desk of our list is really popular as it makes your needed-long-hour work more convenient. This stand-up desk is designed to be able to adjust its height that best makes you comfy. It comes in 2 colors – black and dark walnut, and 2 sizes – 40” and 48”. It is a stand-up desk with the monitor mount, which allows you use lean and rotated position. It also features a big space for ample that could lessen your back and neck ache as well as strengthen your posture.

The desk also has 2 locking brakes and is pretty easy to move around and from room to room. Its dimension is 39.25” width, 28.5” diameter, and 42.75” height. It also comes with casters and 2 locking brakes for ease of mobility. The product is also up to ANSI and BIFMA standards. And, you can either install it yourself or get the professional installation done at an added cost. Improve your back and pain while getting a better posture with this 40” Mobile Adjustable Stand-Up Desk.

6. The House of Trade Standing Desk

Standing Desk Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk

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If you are looking for standing desks that are comfortable for using 2 monitors on it, this one is an ideal choice for you. This standing desk is really easy to convert from sitting to standing straightforwardly with just a grasp on handles. It comes in a variety of styles, which include colors of black or white, style of an electric riser or a mat combo, etc. With this one, you could adjust your desk position to 5 various heights, from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches, 32”up to your comfort. Therefore, this desk is a desk for taller people, too

The design is also superior and durable as it is made from aluminum with strong joints at any edges. The tray gives added versatility. A sliding keyboard is also included allowing you to use it at any height either for standing up or sitting. The dimensions are 32.5-inch width, 24.5-26.75 inch diameter, and 6.5-16.5 inch high. And, the desk has been tested to support up to 50 lbs of weight. Plus, you can either get it installed by yourself or an expert. Yet, there is no complicated assembly required.

5. Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Desk

sturdy steel

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This standing desk needs can be effortlessly converted from sitting to standing position. This standing desk is also designed to improve your posture by allowing you to put your arm 90-degree angle with the help of the 2-tier design. And, with this adjustable standing desk, your computer screen stays at your eye level when you type, and thus providing more comfort for you. It also comes in 2 sizes – 48” and 60” as well as beautiful color combinations of black, silver, white, dark walnut, and birch.

With 4 casters, you could always move the desk around smoothly from place to place across tiles or carpets smoothly and just lock the 2 wheels, this desk will standstill. These casters provide ease in mobility as well. The materials used to produce this Stand-Up Desk Store Adjustable Desk are also durable and high quality – thanks to the sturdy steel and powder coated finish. Its assembly is very easy. The desk’s price is also reasonable, so you shouldn’t miss out on this one. After years and years, you will never have the need to replace this desk.

4. X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

Standing Desk - X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk

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This height adjustable desk converter provides you ease to convert from sitting to standing desk position in just seconds – thanks to assisted help from the premium pump. The desk comes in beautiful classic black. This desk has a big flat surface that you could place your computer on conveniently. You can place your table on this desk, and work on it productively and comfortably. Plus, there is definitely enough room for a mouse and a keyboard as well. And, with this one, you could adjust your desk height from 7 inches to 16 inches fits your preference and comfort.

This one is fully constructed that what you need to do just order and open the box and use it as you want. The motto of the X-Elite Pro is “Buy an X-Elite PRO today to start enjoying the health benefits of sitting less & standing more!

3. Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk

   Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk

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This one is made with pneumatic adjustable system, allowing an effortless conversion from sitting to standing throughout the day. With this standing desk, any health risk related to long-hour sitting will not be a problem anymore. This standing desk also has high quality and durable as it is made of two intense steel legs. Plus, the desk is also easy to assemble.

Its dimension is 48 inches width, 29.5 inches diameter, and 27.5-44.5 inches height. And, it is available in the size of 56” as well. Now go on and get it, and keep productive throughout your day with this adjustable standing desk. Invest in this Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk, and your money will be well spent.

2. Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

sturdy steel

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The following is an ideal choice if you wish to have a standing desk with uniquely beautiful color choices of charcoal, walnut, black oat, matte, and more. It comes in the charcoal frame and natural walnut top. This adjustable standing desk also gives you a good posture, improve your health state, and increase your productivity. It is easily adjusted from sitting to standing and has a big space to use your laptop or computer.

The product also has high quality as it meets the ANSI/BIFMA standards. And, with a durable construction, this one can guarantee years of life.

1. VARIDESK Adjustable Standing Desk

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk-Adjustable Standing Desks

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This adjustable standing desk has two layers design, providing you a convenience to display your computer on the surface and keyboard and mouse on another layer. With larger surface, you can set up two monitors on the desk. You can also adjust the height of the desk as you want and it remains stable and standstill.

Within 3 seconds, you could convert from sitting to standing position in different 11 height levels. Buying this one, you have no worries about the difficulty of assembling the desk. It is fully assembled, and you could use it right after ripping out of the box.

Sitting for prolonged hours is a negative sign to health. Having an adjustable standing desk could lessen your back and neck ache as well as promote more productivity. So why not have one now? These 7 adjustable standing desks we have reviewed are the best in terms of functions, quality, and designs. They are also obtainable online. So, get yours