Traveling together with your child doesn’t have to be problematic anymore with the child airplane travel harness. This is a safety harness which is specifically designed for aviation travel. The harness is extremely easy to carry while its installation it only takes a few minute. With the harness, you are capable of making any airplane seat to be safe for the child. It augments the regular seat belts and also attaches directly at the back of the airplane seats. The Travel Harness takes the hassle out of flying together with your children and also keeps them totally safe just like the car seat. In the market today, you’ll find different types of child airplane travel harnesses for you to choose from. As a result, you have to look for the harness that easily installs and fits the sizes of all airplane seats. In order to help you choose the child airplane travel harness with ease, below are the top 5 child airplane travel harness 2019 reviews:

1. Care Safety Restraint System

Flying with the kids will be better and easier with this Care Safety Restraint System. The travel harness has a compact size which weighs one pound and fits into a 6-inch stuff sack. It’s quite easy to install and you won’t take more than one minute to finish its installation. You’ll also love the fact that the airplane harness can be adjusted easily so as to fit in almost every size of the airplane seats. In addition, it’s designed for the children who are above one year and weigh 22-44 pounds. The airplane travel harness can also accommodate children who are up to 40 inches tall. The child can relate easily to this harness since it’s very similar the car seats have. The Care Safety Restraint System is small, easy and also ensures that your child is retained properly.

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Child Airplane Travel Harness

2. Infant Flight Vest Travel Harness

This FAA-tested child garment will make it completely easy for anyone to fly with their children. You just have to secure the child with it and you’ll have the peace of mind that you dreamt of throughout the journey knowing that he/she will be held safely on your lap. This harness is also made with 100% cotton shell which makes it washable and very durable. It’s reinforced with a patented design matrix of the nylon safety belt webbings. There’s also the safety zone feature which allows for comfortable movements when you want to nurture, feed or even change your child’s clothing. The harness is normally worn by the children like a vest. Furthermore, it’s secured in place using the adjustable straps which are found are on both sides of the child’s under arms.

Infant Flight Vest Travel Harness

3. Baby B’Air Flight Vest Travel Harness

This child airplane travel harness is extremely simple to use. You just have to secure it on the baby so as to hold them steadily on the lap during the flight. It also has enough adjustments that will enable you to get a perfect fit depending on the age or size of your baby. The harness also provides adequate mobility which allows your baby to wiggle and also be comfortable while in the seat. Moreover, you’ll find the harness to be much better when compared to holding onto the baby while traveling. In the event that the plane loses altitude rapidly, the harness will prevent your baby from having to fly away from you. With Baby B’Air Flight Vest Harness, you’ll definitely get value for the money spent on it.

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Baby B’Air Flight Vest Travel Harness

4. Snazzy Baby My Baby’s Deluxe Travel Chair

This is a versatile airplane travel harness which can be used on all types of chairs. It has a non-slip surface which ensures that the base of this seat grips onto firm surfaces. You’ll also not have to worry about the baby sliding or slipping when traveling. The harness attaches to nearly all chairs including the patio furniture. It also comes with a simple roll up feature and attached bag that makes it a very portable harness. You can also carry it in the diaper bag with a lot of ease. The Snazzy Baby My Baby’s Travel Chair also has buckle fasteners that are specifically-designed to provide added safety as well as the ease of use.

Snazzy Baby My Baby’s Deluxe Travel Chair

5. Flyebaby Airplane Baby Comfort System

With this airplane harness, you will not have to worry about the air travels with baby anymore. The harness attaches easily around your waist and also to the seat that’s in front of you. In addition, it will convert any type of chair to a hi-chair; a feature which not only makes it perfect for flights but also for other types of travels. This is exactly what you require in case you don’t find any kind of fun in holding the baby during the duration of the flight. It’s a quality travel harness that you’ll stay with for a long period of time if proper care is observed. It is also compliant with all the FAA regulations.

Flyebaby Airplane Baby Comfort System

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