Top 5 Best Toy Trucks in 2021 Reviews

Toys are considered to be the first thing with which the kids do friendship. They play with them, learn different things from them and love them like anything. As a child, whatever real thing the kids see, they want to see them as a toy. That’s why whenever they look at trucks, trains or airplanes they ask to get them from parents. Many kids prefer to play with big and masculine themed toy trucks, especially boys. The toy manufacturers have to take special care while crafting the designs and colors because they have to create these trucks for different segments and different age groups. They also have to take care of the material used in making the body parts as they have to be hazard free and safe for the kids.

Many famous toy companies are in a rat race to provide best products which can attract kids and more importantly their parents because ultimately it’s the parents who take a decision whether the particular toy is good for their child or not. So, let us check out some of the best quality toy trucks which have made their place in most of the kids’ cabinets; being appreciated and recommended by most of the parents.

List of Best Toy Trucks in 2021

5) Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck

Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck-Best Toy Trucks

The famous toy brand “Shopkins” has manufactured this beautiful ice cream truck as an addition to the Shopkins food fair collection. The whole set consists of ice cream truck, umbrella stand, two exclusive shop kids and two shopping bags. The colorful truck is a real gem to the eyes and kids will be ready to eat all types of vegetables they don’t like to get this toy in their collection. Recommended for the age four and above, this truck is made of high-quality material which is non-hazardous for the children.

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4) Paw Patrol – Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Paw Patrol-Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Yes, you heard it right, it’s Rocky again with his paw patrol recycling truck. The truck features a forklift used for heavy lifting along with storage area at the rear end of the truck. You can additionally get all the paw patrol action figures and surprise your kid. This set contains a beautifully designed paw patrol vehicle and one action figure. Now teach your kids the problem solving skills and teamwork with all the Paw Patrol famous action figures of Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye. This is one of the best entertaining vehicles that you can gift to your child with an age three and above.

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3) Green Toys Fire Truck-Best Toy Trucks

Green Toys Fire Truck

If you are really eco-friendly and want to teach your children the benefits of the same, then you must buy this environment-friendly toy for your child. Made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers without any metal axles; the product is completely phthalates and BPA free. The toy is also very entertaining as it contains two removable side ladders, one roof ladder which raises and pivots at 360 degrees. The truck is given a simple yet very classical look and it seems like the old fire wagons of the 19th century. The toy is packaged in recycled corrugated boxes which are 100 percent recyclable.

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2) V Tech Drop and Go Dump Truck

V Tech Drop and Go Dump Truck

The manufacturers have specially designed this toy truck so that the parent can teach their kids simple numbers and counting. In this set, the kid drops a colorful rock into the top and watch it tumble into the bucket. This way he can learn how to count numbers while playing. This helps in developing motor skills by lifting the hinged bucket to unload the rock and start again. The truck also includes three buttons which play melodies, phrases, teach tools and colors. The truck is appropriate for toddlers with age between 6 months to 3 years.

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1) Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys Dump Truck

The Green Toys company is well known for their go green initiative as all their products are eco-friendly and completely nonhazardous for the kids. That’s why these toys are recommended by most of the parents and even the kids love them too. This Dump truck is uniquely designed and attracts even the elders to keep it as a decorative material in their houses. The beautifully crafted body along with vibrant colors are appreciating and surprises everyone that how the recycled milk containers can be converted into such beautiful and amazing toys.

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