Top 5 Best Toy LightSabers in 2021 Reviews

The Toy lightsabers were the major attraction in one of the most popular show ever, the Starwars. Even the simplest things were a big hit in this hit series. The action heroes fighting the enemies with their light emitting swords used to be mind blowing. These light emitting swords were called as the Lightsabers and every fan of the Starwars wanted to have that sword in their hands.

The toy manufacturers took this as a big opportunity and created the same for the common people. These toy lightsabers become a huge success in the market as almost every single person is a fan of Starwars. The lightsabers come in the various different light emitting colors and different designs. They are also crafted exactly same as shown in the Starwars series so that the fans can buy the exact same lightsaber as their favorite actor holds in the series. But the most important thing before buying is to check whether these toys are safe or not. As they use light and electricity, they are recommended above a certain age only. Before purchasing your favorite lightsaber, you have to confirm that it is made of good quality material and hazard free. Let us check out some of the best-selling best lightsabers which are safe to play and widely appreciated by most of the consumers.

List of Best Toy LightSabers in 2021

5) Star Wars-The Black Series Like Skywalker Force Lightsaber

This is an excellent replica of the weapon used by Jedi Knight in the Black Series. An authentic collectible item, the black series lightsaber will surely increase the value of your Starwars collection. This lightsaber features a built-in accelerometer with realistic light effects and battle-clash sounds. The good quality material used in the production with a metal hilt and display stand, this lightsaber set is a must to buy for every Starwars fan. The black series contains almost all the authentic replicas of the lightsabers used in the series. The moment you hold this lightsaber, the power of Luke Skywalker will run through your body and make you feel like the real star war action hero.

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4) Star Wars- The Force Awakens Rey’s Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Manufactured by Disney company, this Lightsaber has a dulling effect and motion sensor battle clash rumble lights and sounds. The toys manufactured by Disney are no doubt have the best quality and are highly standardized. This lightsaber has very vibrant and bright emitting light and a very sturdy and classic handle. The crisp design and high-quality sound will surely make you feel like a kid once you will hold this lightsaber in your hand. The product is safe and secure to use and there is no defect experienced by the owners.

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3) Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Colour Change Lightsaber Toy

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader

With this Lightsaber you can fight as an Anakin as well as a Darth wader. Just switch the lights by pushing the ignite button from red to blue and you will become an Anakin soldier. The sound effects are controlled by integrated motion sensors with power up and power down sounds. It is also installed with Darth Vader breathing sounds to give more excitement. As the manufacturers have stopped the production of this specific model, hence it has become one of the collectible pieces and you have to hurry if you want to see this model in your arsenal.

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2) Hasbro B2922 Star Wars A New Hope Dart Vader Electronic Lightsaber

Hasbro B2922 Stars Wars A New Hope Darth Vader

This is one of the best replicas of Darth Vader lightsaber you will ever see in real life. It has a realistic movie like appearance and exciting special effects. This lightsaber changes its effects with the movement of wrists and can be a perfect item for the kids for hours of role-playing. This glowing red lightsaber takes you to the Darth Vader’s dark side and gives the chills that you had while watching him on television. This lightsaber is safe and secure for the children above four years of age. As the manufacturers have stopped the production of this specific model, it has turned out to be a real collectible but you have to hurry if you really want to buy it.

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1) Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Deluxe-Best Toy LightSabers

Star Wars The Force Awakens

This is the best Toy Lightsaber that has been appreciated by most of the starwar fans and collectors. The authentic lightsaber looks exactly the same that was used in the movie and also simulates the sound and lights like that. The whole set consists of a lightsaber, light dagger, connector and instruction manual. This model has been the best seller till now and the company said it will be at the number one position for few more months because not a single lightsaber can touch its high-quality light and sound quality.

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