Top 5 Best Plastic Knives in 2020 Reviews

Whoever has worked in the kitchen must have experienced once a sharp instant cut with their knife while cutting vegetables or fruits. Getting wounded with a knife while working in the kitchen is very common and happens with even the most experienced and professional cooks, therefore, being attentive and taking precautions are the only criteria to safeguard yourself. Most of the times it has been observed that people get wounded with the knives while cutting vegetables as compared to meats. This is because the vegetables are very soft and squashy, therefore, with time your velocity of striking increases and once you lost attention, your finger comes in contact with the blade of the knife.

As a precautionary measure, the plastic knives have been introduced in the markets which not only protect your beautiful hands from cuts but also ensures germ-free cutting of vegetables. These knives are dirt resistant and give perfect cuts to your vegetables and fruits. The blades of these knives are made of a hard plastic material which has the power to cut through soft vegetables easily without putting in any extra amount of pressure.

List of 5 Best Plastic Knives in 2020:

Let us check out some of the best selling plastic knives that have been appreciated by most of the users.

5) Norpro 572 Lettuce Knife

Norpro 572 Lettuce Knife

A 12.75 inches long plastic knife which is non-slippery and consists of very soft grip for handling. The sturdy plastic blade ensures accurate cutting of lettuce without browning and tomatoes for the salads. After usage, it can be easily washed with running water and wiped out dry. The main feature of the knife is its compact design and safe handling. The knife is very robust and can be at your kitchen service for several years without fail.

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4) Trigger Knife Kit

Trigger Knife Kit by Klecker Knives - Great for training kids on proper knife handling

The Klecker Knives have introduced this plastic knife kit to ensure that the parents can introduce their kids with the knives and their usage in the kitchen safely and hygienically. The kit gained worldwide popularity after its launch because it has all the features of the real knife despite being made of PVC. The kit comprises of a multicolor blade and handles that can be assembled in different ways. The kit can also be used to teach the knife safety and responsible knife ownership skill among children. The kit has good quality PVC knife parts, therefore you don’t need to worry about the safety of your young ones.

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3) ZYLISS Lettuce Knife

ZYLISS Lettuce Knife

Zyliss introduced this knife as a lettuce but it has the potential to work far more than that. The knife is made of a very hard plastic material which is safe and non-hazardous. The serrated blade prevents your greens from turning brown. It can be used in slicing bakery items like cakes, breads and brownies without leaving any trail of crumbs. It can even be used on coated cookware without any dilemma. The blade of this knife is very durable and sturdy while cutting vegetables that require perfect cut shapes. After usage, it can be simply washed in the dishwasher or manually under a running water.

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2) Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set

Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set

This knife kit was introduced keeping in mind the young ones who are newly introduced to cooking. The set consists of one small, one medium and one large knife which have serrated edge blades, blunt tips, ergonomic handles and soft touch button grips. The knives in this set have all the culinary abilities to cut the vegetables and fruits with perfect handling. The set got very popular and slowly it became an essential part of the kitchen in every family. Not only children, even the adults have started using the knives of Curious Chef as they are very simple, safe and easy to use yet provides the same results as a stainless steel knife.

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1) StarPack Nylon Kitchen Knife Set

StarPack Nylon Kitchen Knife Set - Best Plastic Knives

The Starpack Home has everything in their mind while creating this magnificent culinary tool. While other plastic knives were still fighting their way to get the trust of buyers, this knife set already made its place in their kitchen. The parts of the knives are made of high-quality material which makes them very robust and easy to handle. The set includes a small, medium and a large knife having serrated edges and non-slip handle grip. The Starpack is a well known in kitchen utensil company and they have kept their promise intact of providing the best product from their arsenal.

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