Top 5 Best Plastic Drawer Storage Cabinets in 2021 Reviews

Organizing a Home/Office when the entire area is strewn with papers, toys, etc. becomes a real pain if you don’t choose the right storage equipment. Most people refrain from buying storage furniture to minimize cost. But there are many affordable options available for strong and affordable plastic storage compartments and drawers, especially on Amazon. You can choose between different plastic storage items like drawer cabinets, boxes, etc. These products come in attractive colors and designs, are light-weight and can be purchased in bulk since they’re so inexpensive. Plastic Drawer Storage Cabinets are sturdy with eye-catching patterns and textures. Following are 5 best Plastic Drawer Storage Cabinets in 2021 in order of user ratings received on Amazon:

Here are the Top 5 Best Plastic Drawer Storage Cabinets in 2021

5.IRIS 4-Drawer Storage Cart

IRIS 4-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer

This storage cart by IRIS is movable with 4 drawers of different sizes to organize big and small items. It’s available in anywhere between 3 to 10 drawers and is great for placing in an office. The 4-drawer cart comes with 2 shallow and 2 deep drawers. The drawers are all clear and have divider trays to sort different items. It comes with casters that are removable if you’d like them to stay put without moving too much. The drawers are built in hence there’s no risk of them spilling out their contents if pulled out too hard. Their compact size makes them best suited for small rooms, offices, and closets. They’re available in black, white, and grey colors which are all excellent for blending with the surroundings.

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4 Sterilite Wide 3-Drawer Cart

Sterilite 29308001 Wide 3 Drawer Cart

The Sterilite Wide 3-Drawer Cart is a set of clear drawers with a pure white frame supported by Black Casters. Since the drawers are all-clear, it helps in easy identification of clothes and other foldable. The drawer cart is light and has casters and can be easily moved around and transported. Total weight of this product is 11 pounds and the dimensions are 15.2 x 21.9 x 24 inches. You can store almost any household or office items in this drawer cart. Since it’s portable and easily fits into gaps and crevices, it can also be used as a small bedside or deskside table. This drawer cart will blend in anywhere owing to its pure white frame. The heavy-duty plastic ensures a long life.

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3 Organizer Mini 3-Drawer

Sterilite 3 Drawer Clear Mini Unit 20738006

The Organizer mini drawers are tiny drawer stands available in two colors, expresso, and white. You can buy them as a set of 2, 4, or 6. These are also clear drawers that help easy identification of objects placed inside. Each product weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 5.1×8.8×21 inches. These mini drawers are great for organizing and storing smaller items such as stationery, cosmetics, medicines, that are notorious for making the most clutter. You can use them anywhere at home or at work and easily carry them around if need be. The Expresso color looks great and can be used to match the colors of the room. The drawers slide easily and are made from sturdy plastic making them worth the price. Each drawer is just about 1.5” deep and is best suited for storing small items.

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4 Sorbus 4-Drawer Organizer Rolling Cart

Sorbus 4 Drawer Organizer Rolling Cart

This Rolling Cart by Sorbus has 4 bins instead of drawers and has wheels to move around. The brightly colored bins make it suitable for placing in classrooms, offices, homes, etc. and can fit all kinds of items whether you want to neatly arrange them in the bins or throw them in for later use. Each drawer is approximately 4.50 inches deep and the unique colors can be matched with different room decors. The bins are made of strong plastic and are supported by a steel chrome plated frame. You can store papers, cosmetics, medicines, stationery, etc and use the top surface as a mini table. This organizer rolling cart works great in classrooms since it can be moved around and used as a pen and book stand.

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1 Kole Imports 5-Drawer Desktop Storage Organizer

Kole Imports OL429 5 Drawer Desktop Storage Organizer

The Drawer Storage Organizer by Kole Imports comes with 5 drawers and is a great desktop or home storage organizer with black frame and handles but clear drawers that you can see through and choose items from. This product is great for storing stationery items, craft supplies, etc. Each product weighs 13.6 ounces and measures 7.2x6x10.2 inches each. These are also small drawers best suited for storing small items like stationery, and makeup. This affordable storage organizer will sit neatly on any desktop surface. The half-circle pulls of each drawer enables easy to pull and push-back without risk of them falling off. The drawers are fitted into a durable plastic frame that keeps them strong and prolongs the lifetime of the drawers.

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