Top 5 Best Glass Coffee Mugs in 2021 Reviews

Coffee is something that some people find hard to live without. Gulping down tens of glasses of coffee in a single day is something they do it as a usual affair. Some people prefer to start their work with a cup of coffee or tea even. Coffee is said to have a lot of benefits, ranging from reduced exposure to heart disease, lower levels of depression and also helps in relieving pain. Just like coffee, having the perfect glass coffee mug is also very important for some people.

We all love to enjoy our coffee in our favorite cup but the question is, have you found that yet? Though you may get fashionable and customized plastic mugs in the market, it is always advisable to have coffee in a glass mug due to the toxin and harmful nature of plastics. Here is a list of the best coffee mugs available in the market. These offer the perfect mixture of class and appeal that all the coffee lovers find a must in a coffee mug. Choose your coffee mug and make your friends jealous by showing them your new buy on their next visit to your house.

Top 5 Best Glass Coffee Mugs in 2021

5. Godinger Dublin Set of 4 Coffee Mugs

Godinger Dublin Set of 4 Coffee Mugs

Godinger’s Dublin coffee sets come with a starburst design along with ornately decorated bases. This is ideal for the ones who do not prefer the regular archaic and dull looking coffee glasses. The sleek, sturdy and affable designs leave no stone unturned in adding a style quotient to your hot served beverages. These coffee mugs come in a set of 4. The lightweight designs makes it suitable to be used by children even. These 10 oz glass mugs are ideal for serving hot or cold beverages to your guests.

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4. Libbey Crystal Warm Beverage Mugs

Libbey Crystal Warm Beverage Mugs

If you are looking for a coffee set for your family, Libbey’s set of 4 Crystal Warm Coffee Mugs is the one that you should buy right away. You can keep this sturdy glassware on the shelves of your dining area The simple and crisp aesthetics of the mugs will make the decor of dining room more elegant and versatile. Libbey has been providing a wide selection of glassware of high-quality designs. The crystal clear glass and finish provides an excellent visibility to the liquid contained in the glass. It can be placed in the microwave to heat your coffee or any other liquid, since it has been made with durable glass quality.

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3. Salty & Sweet Printed Glass Coffee Mug

Salty & Sweet Printed Glass Coffee Mug

If being stylish and fashionable is your thing then you should look no further. This glass coffee mug has “Classy Sassy & a bit Smarty Assy Coffee Mug” printed on both its sides. Salty & Sweet’s coffee mugs are one of the few which offers both style and quality in a single package. The print is durable and long lasting. Whenever you take out this mug to have your coffee in front of your friends, they are surely going to love the quote on the coffee mug. With heavy thick walls, it will keep your coffee warm for a few minutes, just in case you land up with a phone call! Salty & Sweet Printed Glass Coffee Mugs can also be gifted to your near and dear ones.

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2. Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs

Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs

This is the coffee mug that all the coffee lovers would certainly develop a craving for. The classic design and the perfect bell shaped curves make it appealing and trendy. Anchor’s set of 6 coffee mugs come with a thick handle. The handles have got smooth and curved edges that provide comfort while holding the mug in your hands. The best part is that it has got a footed base that helps in preventing from spills. Made from the thick and strong glass you can heat your coffee in the Anchor Coffee Mug inside a microwave.

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1. Bodum BISTRO Coffee Mug

Bodum BISTRO Coffee Mug

These coffee mugs have double- wall insulated glass design that keeps your coffee warmer for a longer duration. Made up of mouth blown, lab quality borosilicate-glass it makes the Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug heat resistant. The glasses have a really high look and are very comfortable while holding in your hands. You can quickly heat your coffee in a microwave and and clean it instantly by placing it in a dishwasher. BISTRO range of glasses are winners of the prestigious European iF Design award. It also comes with a limited warranty of one year.

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