Top 5 Best Floating Speakers in 2019

People who love to listen to music know the importance of having a great speaker. When you can tune your favorite songs around yourself the joy of doing any core doubles. Isn’t it? Gone are the days when people have to stop their music playing on the speakers because they are going to do some work in the bathroom or kitchen and have the fear that their speaker would get damaged due to water. Thanks to the technological hikes and advancements in today’s date one can listen to music in the speaker while getting inside the pool as well. With the innovation of floating or waterproof speakers, the craze for music has increased manifolds and this is the reason why they have become an utmost important accessory for every music lover.

Whether you are throwing a pool party or planning to enjoy your day at the beach with some fine music, you need a great floating speaker with you. Here we have enlisted the top 5 best floating speakers of the year. Check them out!

List of Best Floating Speakers in 2019

5. COWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

COWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the best floating speakers as it comprises some of the best characteristics. The major features of the product are:

  • The exterior of the speaker is made of rubber which gives it a rugged look and protects it from dust and water.
  • The sound quality is amazingly superb as it has 10 W subwoofer which makes a loud sound with enhanced bass.
  • It comprises advanced Bluetooth technology which can make use of ultra optimized versions as well.
  • The overall look and designing of the product are too stylish making it one of those speakers which make you look cool. The LED display which it encompasses allures people the most.

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4. ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Orb Levitating

This is yet another great floating speaker to ponder upon. Some of the features of this product are so alluring that people who want to own an awesome speaker crave for it. Let’s look at its major features:

  • When your speaker floats above a magnetic base it gives a feeling of excitement and enthrallment and so is the case with ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • This speaker floats in the air with 10 mm ground clearance and thereby look extremely unique and one of its kind.
  • It has superb sound quality and is designed in such a way that the 3D sound effect gets elevated manifold.
  • It can get paired up easily and very quickly with any mobile and tablet or a great music experience.

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3. BassPal Shower Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth

BassPal Shower Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers

If you are a music enthusiast you would be well familiar with the brand BassPal. The floating speaker of this brand is worth taking a chance due to many alluring features it unfolds. These are:

  • Being completely waterproof one can submerge it totally inside the water and it will still give a perfect sound beneath it. Make it a shower speaker, swimming pool speaker, tub speaker or whatsoever your like it will give fantastic result always.
  • It would float in the water due to the presence of suction cup design.
  • Simple to understand and extremely easy to use this floating speaker can get paired with every device easily and bring out the finely tuned music for your enjoyment.

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2. AOMAIS Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers-Floating Speakers

AOMAIS Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The floating speaker from AOMAIS is one of the best anyone could get. With numerous great features, t has become the most preferred choice among the customers. The major features that it comprises are:

  • Being fully waterproof one can make us of it any place either clean and smooth or rugged with water. Even if you are going to take a dive you can out this one with you to get a musical diving experience.
  • Although it looks small in size, the manufacturers didn’t compromise with its sound quality and therefore it has attained a lot of attention of music lovers.
  • Being small it is light weight, portable and comes in a compact design which can get accommodated easily inside the bag or purse.
  • The presence of built in microphone it can get paired easily and come with a rechargeable battery.

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1. AOMAIS Sports II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

AOMAIS Sports II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers-Floating Speakers

This is the best floating speaker in today’s date and people are going crazy behind it. The main features this speaker comprises are:

  • One can submerge it up to 30 minutes inside the water without any wear and tear.
  • Having 20W of a powerful sound system it is shock proof as well.
  • With the use of advanced digital sound technology, it provides amazing sound with the perfect bass.
  • It is durable and comes with a rechargeable battery.

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