Top 15 Most Anticipated Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2016 / 2017

Movie enthusiasts are patiently waiting to watch the upcoming superhero movies of 2016/2017. Such movies have become the people’s favorite. Their unrivaled popularity has made them to be the best selling movies not only in the United States but also in the entire world.

Superhero movies provide the best entertainment that you can ever want to get from movie. When you watch them, you will laugh, smile, shocked, surprised e.t.c depending on how action unfolds. They keep you in suspense, making you want to know what will happen best.

They feature individuals who possess superhuman abilities. They are able to perform things that are beyond the ability of a normal human being. The most impressive part of superhero movies is that their superhero characters mainly protect the public through combined effort. This makes them be very inspiring due to the human interest element in them.

Perhaps you are a lover of such movies and you are finding it difficult to keep track on what are the upcoming superhero movies of 2016/2017. Worry no more because we shall help you know the exact movies, a brief description about each, studio each was produced as well as the name of the director of every film. You definitely want to know this. See here.

1. Deadpool


This much awaited movie had been undergoing development for more than 5 years. It was released on 12th February. It is directed by Tim Miller. In addition, it stars Ryan Reynolds who is a former operative of Special Forces. Things turn against him when the evil scientist disfigures, subjects him to torture and eventually transforms him into a Deadpool. It stands out from other movies due to its trademark humor. Find out more from here

2. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


The movie’s official site is Batman Vs Superman You can get more information from here. It stars Henry Cavil as Superman and Gal Gadot who plays the role of Wonder Woman among other characters. It will be filmed at Michigan Motion Picture Studios. Initial release: March 20, 2016 (Los Angeles)

3. Captain America: Civil War


This eye-catching movie features Black Pantha fighting Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers, who is one of the main actor leads the new team of Avengers that has recently been formed in an effort to safeguard humanity. Other incidents of collateral damage and political pressure prevail to bring about accountability. The rest is just captivating.This has been shown in behind the scene photos of Civil War as posted on youtube. This incredible movie has been directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The movie is scheduled to be released on 6th May 2016. You definitely want to be the first to watch. See the video here

4. X-Men: Apocalypse


This spellbinding movie was produced by 20th Century Studio. It features Apocalypse as the main character who was worshiped as a god ever since civilization began. Apocalypse is the most powerful mutant from the universe of Marvel’s X-Men. He takes the powers of all other mutants.

This makes him not only invincible but also immortal. After he is awakened, his hopes are dashed and he therefore decides to recruit another team. The film stars many characters such as James Mc Avoy, Jennifer Lawrence and others. It is directed by Brian Singer and it will debut on 27th May 2016. Watch it here

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shows


This spellbinding movie is produced by Paramount Pictures Studio and directed by Jonathan Liebesman. It is set to be released on 3rd June 2016. It stares William Fitchner as Erick Sacks, Teyler Perry as Baxter Stockman and many more. The film is about mutants in Manhattant Donatello,Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo collaborate and thus put together their amazing skills to attack Rocksteady, Bebop and Shredder. Check out here

6. Warcraft


This compelling movie is a product of Universal Pictures and New War Craft Sport Legendary Pictures. Its official launching is just a few weeks away. It will debut on 25th May 2016. It is simply an epic adventure world of conflict where it takes more than the efforts of a single man to save the entire world.

Azeroth which is at peace is bound to face war as invaders approach. This is expected to water down its remarkable civilization. Portal opens thus connecting two conflicting worlds. When this happens, one army is destroyed as the other becomes extinct. You definitely want to watch how this happens. It has been directed by Duncan Jones. For more information, Click Here

7. Independence Day: Resurgence


This thrilling movie produced by 20th Century Fox Studio features aliens moving around Europe after a break of about 20 years. They are back again. In this fantastic movie, world nations have joined hands on a big program to defend the earth and protect it from aliens.

They make use of alien technology that was recovered. But nothing will adquately prepare them for the unexpected force of aliens. It is only the ingenuity of some exceptionally brave people that will prevent the world from the risk of extinction. It will surprise and console you in equal measure. The film will officially be released in theatres on 24/6/2016.

8. The Legend of Tarzan


Already some pictures of this nice film have leaked out. In this impressive movie, it has been a long time ever since Tarzan departed fromAfrica jungles for a more dignified life. He has been invited to Congo to serve in the capacity of a trade emissery of the Congolese parliament. He is however not aware of the plot to murder him. It is directed by a renowned film director David Yates. The movie is expected to officially hit the theatres on 1st July 2016.

9. Suicide Squad


This unmatched film is produced from Warner Bros. Pictures Studio. The studio has even released the movie poster already which you can check out from the gallery. It stars Joel Kinaman as Rick Flag, Will Smith as Deadshot and many more. In addition, it is directed by David Ayer and is scheduled for release on 5th Augast, 2016.

10. Doctor Strange


This fascinating movie was produced from Marvel’s Studio . In addition, it is directed by Scott Derrickson and scripted by John Spaihts. The movie is about a neurosurgeon called Scott Derrickson that unravells the hidden world of magic. It is expected to be released officially on November 4, 2016.

11. Power Rangers


This upcoming movie is currently being shot in Vancouver, Canada. It is a product of Lionsgate and Saban brands production studios. It is about 5 ordinary children of high school who are expected to become extraordinary once they realize that Angel Grove which happens to be their small town is under threat of being demolished following by an alien. This enthralling movie is directed by David Israelite. It will be hitting your screen beginning March 24, 2017.

12. Wolverine 3


The production of this much anticipated movie is expected to commence on April 2016. Shooting locations include New Mexico and New Orleans. It will be led by James Cameron as the director. The release date is not yet out. It will be filmed from My Entertainment World studio. The Wolverine Movie

13. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2


Photos showing actors in action e.g Chriss Pratt in this gripping film have also leaked to movie fanatics online. It is directed by James Gunn. It is about a team which is trying to expose the mystery of true parentage of Peter Quill. The movie is produced at Marvel’s studio and will debut on 5th May 2017.

14. Wonder Woman


This irresitible film is being produced in Warner Bros. Pictures studio. It is expected to be released on 2nd June 2017. It stars Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman among other characters. The movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Charles Raven. Get more from here

15. Justice League Part One


The production of this much hyped movie is scheduled to commence on 11th April in London, UK. Henry Cavil will act as Superman, Jason Momoa will the Aquaman while Gal Gadot will the Wonder Woman. It will be directed by Zack Snyder. Its expected release date is 10/11/2027. You must be eagerly waiting for it.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, the above are indeed the 15 most anticipated upcoming superhero movies/2017.Their photos and video footage have leaked and already people have developed a liking for them. We can only expect nothing but the best when they finally hit our screens and go viral on the internet. You don’t want to miss watching them.


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