Top 15 Best iPhone 7 Cases and Covers

Get your phone protected all the time if you want it to stay longer and serve you for a longer time. What makes us be realistic with you is the fact that you always have encountered cases that are not going to add any value to your phone.

Others have Eve ended up being worse than expected to prevent your phone instead of your phone more damaged. That is why we had to go down to work and come up with the best ever model of iPhone cases and covers that are going to be better and lovely than any other that is out there. Take a look at phone cases for iPhone 7 that we have in store for you.

01. iPhone 7 Case, Ringke Crystal Clear

1. iPhone 7 Case, Ringke Crystal Clear

What we have for you here is a case that has been made in multiple color bumper finish styles that make it unique for you wherever you will be having it to secure your phone and protect it. It has been made with a clear protection and fitted with a clear coating that will give you 2 times the protection that you will get from other cases.

The inside of the item has been made with a TPU corner cushion and what that will mean is that the phone when it is resting in the case will not be shaken by anything. The ultra slim technology that has been used to make it gives it an opportunity to be installed easily without any problem at all.

02. iPhone 7 Case, LUVVITT

2. iPhone 7 Case, LUVVITT

What you will get in this case is a combination of a hard back panel that is fused together with soft flexible edges so that the result becomes an excellent case that is able to take care of all the danger that might befall your case.

It has been made from a premium polycarbonate that is taken from japan meaning that it will be resistant to any scratches that comes by to spoil your phone. What this entails is that you will get a longer life with your phone unlike any other case that you might have come across. It has been made with lips both on the front and the back and that is specifically going to shield your screen and back panel from getting scratches here and there.

03. Slicoo Slim Wood Protective Cover Case

3. Slicoo Slim Wood Protective Cover Case

Uniqueness is what we are going to ensure that you have and that is why we are out here with a product that has been made of natural wood, fused together with environmental plastic and TPU rubber. Don’t worry about your ports and buttons because you are going to have access to all of them without any problem because they have been precisely calculated and put in their right places.

On the back, you will get a V-shaped color contrast that will make it look simple but the type of look that you will get will be of a high end look. It will have to give you the best guard because you will be having protection form any impacts, drops, dirt, and scratches of your phone.

04. iPhone 7 Case, TOZO

4. iPhone 7 Case, TOZO

This is a case that has a refined designed case that will ensure that your phone has a lasting protection. What it has is simple but tough in ensuring that your phone is always with you at all the times. It has been made with matte optical care stickers and reduced reflection and what that means is that fingerprints are not going to be a problem to your phone at all the time.

What you need is just fit this case on your phone and life will be stress free. The case will also ensure that you get protection all round from both the four sides. There is a precise cutout for your speakers, audio ports, charging ports and buttons for your use.

05. iPhone 7 Case, LK – Air Hybrid

5. iPhone 7 Case, LK - Air Hybrid

This case features two layer that have been fused together to ensure that you have 100 percent protection from any other danger that will be eying your smartphone. It has been made with a shock absorbing frame that has been fitted on the four corners of the phone that will enhance extra protection of the phone against any drops that may be harmful to your phone.

It has a slim make and that will indicate that there is no added weight that will be added to your phone. The case is also transparent as it will also ensure that you maintain the original color of your phone. You will also have an easy access to all the buttons fitted into the phone and the covered ones are also easy to feel and also press.

06. iPhone 7 Case and Car Holder, iFace

6. iPhone 7 Case and Car Holder, iFace

With this case there are things that you will never miss having, that is convenience, protection, and functionality. To make this sweeter for you, it has been made with a minimalistic design that will ensure that your phone and the case’s sleek design match together to give you a fantastic item.

It also has a dual layer that will maximize all the protective qualities of a good case that you need. There is a hard metal late fitted into the case that will wireless attach it to the extra strong magnet that makes it strongly attached. The tough holder that has been used in making it can be easily attached to the standard vehicle air conditioning vent and can also be adjusted to fit any angle that you need.

07. iPhone 7 Case, Zizo Bolt Cover

7. iPhone 7 Case, Zizo Bolt Cover

We cannot be able to dispute the fact the iPhone that we are eying to have or have will be a special phone in our lives as it will cover a lot of things that you will do daily. You can start off from commuting daily to the pictures that you will be taking along the way. That is why it is important to get an iPhone 7 cover case that will ensure that your phone is always intact with you and safe from eminent dangers that are always ready to take that important asset from you.

One thing that has been added to this case is thinness. It is thin but tough and that is why you will be always been ready to carry your phone without any added weight in your pocket at all. It has been made with the best materials that are strong and durable, for instance, the 9H hardness that ensures that it is dirt and scratch resistant.

08. iPhone 7 Cover, Candywe

8. iPhone 7 Cover, Candywe

This is an iphone 7 leather case that is perfectly made from high and precise materials that are of high quality. The inner part has been made from a soft TPU material and that is better in holding the phone tight enough so that it does not move from side to side when you are using it.

It comes in several designs and that gives you a better choice of choosing the one that you want to use at all the times. It is an iphone 7 wallet case which has been given a wallet design style and that is what is going to ensure that you carry not only your phone, but other cards and money that you might want to use along the way convertibly.

It has a magnetic clip design that will cover the screen once you have finished using the item once and for all so that all those scratches that might want to penetrate through don’t get time.

09. iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

9. iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

This is the number one thinnest case that is going to ensure that you have the best protection that will be guaranteed for use with your phone. What makes it be one that is unique is the fact that it has been made with a 3 layer drop protection, which has never been used before by any other case that is out there in the market.

To make things more safe and perfect, it has been fitted with shock absorbing materials from all the four corners, has raised edges, and also back plate covers that will prevent scratches from getting into your phones make. It is a case that focuses on protecting your phone from all the corners and sides and reduces the bulky weight that is not necessary with the use of phones.

10. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen- Rugged Armor

10. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen- Rugged Armor

This is the best iphone 7 case protection ultimate case that is designed to ensure that you get the protection that you need for your phone from any damage that may kill your working of the phone. The product looks great and I don’t have any dispute that for all those that will have a use of the item will never look back or even regret for having it with them. The price and quality that it has been given is undisputable.

It has been made with an air cushion technology and what that actually means is that you are going to get a product that will take care of any shock that might arise towards destroying your phone. It has been made with tactile buttons and what that means is that you will always have a solid feedback as you use your phone and hence easy access to it all the time.

11. iPhone 7 Case, Snugg Apple iPhone 7

11. iPhone 7 Case, Snugg Apple iPhone 7

It is a case that will combine two things into one to get the best style and functionality unlike any or all the others. The snug design is also very important and what that means is that you are going to get the best slim and lightweight design that will add a splash of color to your phone.

What you will get in the case is perfect protection for all the four corners to the front screen so that you phone is always rated as the best one that is out there. It has been made with flexible TPU design and what that means is that you are going to get your phone protected against any shock that might arise from drops, bumps, scratches, knocks, and dust.

12. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen

12. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen

It is a case that has been designed to ensure that durability of always your way down because of the best and perfect make that comes with our case. It is thin and lightweight and therefore, there is no need for you to get worried about an extra weight that will be added to the use of any of our cases.

It has been mad with an inner dot pattern that is not done or give to any other case and that is why you are well prevented from bubble smudges on the back of your phone. The buttons are not left open for the dust to go through but that does not mean that you are not going to get access to them, no. they are easy to feel and even press them without any problem at all.

13. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology

13. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology

Having a case that ensures that the beauty of your phone is always displayed is what we all need at for or use. That is why we have brought one of the rarest cases that your phone should not miss having form time to time. It has been designed with the use of a sleek profile and what hat entails is that, comfort is always going to move your way because it will be easy to use and even adding no weight to your phone at all.

The use of acrylic and polycarbonate materials are materials that always pair up together to give you double drop protection. What you are going to get is perfect versatility that is rarely given out by other types of phone cases.

14. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology

14. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology

This type of case is one that has been made with the best geometric patterns that will always work hard towards ensuring that you get the best sense of movement. T make it one of its own kind, you will get that it has been made with a 3-dimensioal molding and fitted with soft coatings that will create a secure and comfy grip that will always keep your phone in line.

It has been made with a flexible TPU that will also be one that is going to ensure that your phone is always prevented from any impact that is going to be one that will cause destruction to your phone. When you have the case with you, you will always be the most interesting person around the room.

15. iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

15. iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

The case that we have here is one that has been designed to ensure that you get a perfect fit for your phone all the time that is going to ensure that your speakers, buttons, and ports are easily accessed. All the time. The interior part of the case has been designed with soft materials so that your phone is prevented from scratches ad any other tears that may affect your phone from the daily use that your phone will be geared to. Get it today and what you will be having is a lifetime warranty.

If there are products that I respect are these iphone 7 plus cases and covers because they are made to ensure that your life with your phone has been made perfectly to give you no stress or even worry. We are all ready to ensure that your choice of product arrives at your destination quicker that you even expect. What you need to do is just do a selection of the product that you want and let us have them shipped to you quicker. Visit us and we guide you more.

Introduction: What is a cell phone case?

When it comes to owning a cell phone, there are so many who will purchase a cell phone case along with it. It is almost necessary to own a case in today’s day and age, and there are reasons why it is so important. The purpose of owning a cell phone case is that it is able to protect your phone from the normal day-to-day wear and tear, and this will help to preserve the appearance of the phone and protect it from falls, or any other types of damage. This way you are not having to spend a ton of money having to purchase a brand new cell phone every time you drop yours and cause damage to it.

The Most Popular Types Of IPhone’s Cases And Covers

There are several different types of materials that are used to make cell phone cases, and it really depends on the style and design that you want, to dress your phone up in, that will determine which case fits you and your phone the best. These different types of materials include wood, metal, fiber, leather, and plastic.

There are several factors that are involved, such as budget, easy-of-use, environment, protection, and appearance, that help the user of their cell phone, decide which phone case is the best one for them to choose. A phone case is so easy to use, is simply just snaps onto the back part of the phone, and it is able to keep phones safe from any type of damages.

iPhones Cases And Covers

There are so many different types of cell phone cases that the owner of an iPhone can choose from. You are able to choose from different colors, different styles of design, different materials that they are made out of, and different brand names as well. The different types of iPhone cases include:

  • iDeal New Fashion Case
  • Hansmare Calf Wallet Case
  • Caseable Hard Case
  • Twelve South SurfacePad Case
  • Lunecase Icon Case
  • Urban Armor Gear Case

There is so many more cases that you can choose for your iPhone, and the choices are unlimited. With there being so many different types of cases and covers, there is always one for every iPhone user to be able to find. These come in leather, plastic, and so many other types of materials, that anyone is able to find something that they are satisfied with.

Types Of iPhone Cases

There are several types of iPhone cases as well. You can find iPhone cases from many different retailers and electronic stores. There are also several online websites that you can find iPhone cases.

So, when you are choosing on which iPhone case is the best for you, it is important that you make sure you know what type of case that you are looking for, and the options are many. These options include:

  • Wallet Cases
  • Skin Cases
  • Shell Cases
  • Leather Cases
  • Sport Cases
  • Rugged Cases
  • Battery Cases
  • Bumper Cases
  • Pouch Cases
  • Designer Cases

What Are The Advantages?

It is incredible just how beneficial it is to have a case or a cover for your cell phone. There are so many beneficial aspects and advantages that come when you cover your phone in a case.

They are able to add style, offer effective protection, economical protection, you can pick the design that matches your fashion, and it keeps your phone from developing any scratches or damages.

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as covering your phone with a cell phone case would be so effective, but it really is, and it is definitely something to consider if you are an iPhone user.


In conclusion, when it comes to cell phone cases, it is important to be sure that you purchase one if you are an iPhone user. They are incredibly beneficial in protecting your phone from the obvious damages that can happen to it, such as scratching, falls, dropping it in water, and many other types of damages.

One thing that you want to make sure of, is to be sure your cell phone is protected. If you do not make sure your phone is properly protected, you may end up having to purchase a brand new phone, which can be incredibly expensive.

So, not only is it beneficial to protect your phone from damages, but purchasing a cell phone case is a way to had flare to your style. There are so many different designs that are available to choose from, that you are able to make your own statement with the design of your choosing.

This adds a fun feel to your phone, as well as, a spark of flare to your every day life. Cell phone cases have so many wonderful aspects about them, that it seems impossible for anyone to want to pass up the chance of getting one for their iPhone.

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