Top 15 Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards in 2021 Reviews

Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards are very useful, especially in classrooms since they can be easily installed. They also serve as amazing visual representations and are easy to write on. Dry Erase Glass whiteboards easily wipe clean, unlike chalkboards that leave behind a terrific amount of dust. The best thing about Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards is that they’re very attractive and seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. You can choose one that best fits the aesthetic appeal of the room you want to place it in. Glass Whiteboards are preferable than chalkboards these days in schools and educational institutions. They’re also great to place in your home for noting down important dates, reminders, etc. Here are 15 best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards in 2021 you can choose from:

List of Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards in 2021

15. Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board:

List of Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards in 2021Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board:
Quarter’s Glass Dry Erase Board is a whiteboard with a tempered glass surface for easy writing on with a marker and easy erase. Designed for the modern classroom, it comes in different sizes and in 3 awesome colors; black, Frosted Non-Magnetic, and White. This frameless board looks stunning and can be easily installed, whether horizontally or vertically. It cleans so well that you’ll hardly notice it was written on using a marker. This board is so strong that there’s no chance of stains, ghosting, scratches, or dents occurring. The board comes with pass-through mounting hardware for easy installation. Almost all colors can be used on this board since it offers clear visibility even from a distance. Even with occasional cleaning, the Quartet Board looks shiny clean always.

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14. Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board:

Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board

The Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board comes in different sizes and has the smoothest glass surface that welcomes all markers with ease. It comes with the full-size template, solid metal mounts, and wall anchors for quick installation. You can choose from three colors; clear, frosted, and white. It’s easily cleaned without leaving behind any damage. For both homes and offices, this board will look stunning. This dry erase board weighs 44 pounds and measures 62.6×43.7×2.2 inches. This board best mounts on sheet rock and gives excellent service without breaking throughout its lifetime. Besides, its affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Along with the board, you also get the Aluminium Marker Tray. In case of a faulty product, you can get it serviced.

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13. Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board Set

Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board Set

This board set includes the board along with 5 magnets and an Aluminium Marker Tray. Buy the whole set to enable easy installation and use in your home/office/classroom. This unique board is also magnetic so that you can stick important papers and cute magnets. But not all magnets will stick on to these boards, only Neodymium magnets. Purchase those and you’re good to go. Now you have a complete teaching tool. The whole set is very affordable and worth buying. It will last for a long time owing to the warranty and customer service. The kit comes in two colors, standard, and ultra-white. The total weight of the product is 50.4 pounds and the brand name of this board kit is Audio-Visual Direct.

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12 Best-Rite Enlighten Dry Erase Whiteboard

Best-Rite Enlighten Dry Erase Whiteboard

Best-Rite’s Glass Dry-Erase Whiteboard is available in different sizes and in 3 colors, frosted pearl, Gloss White, and Black. The tempered glass surface is smooth, easily erased and accepts both grease pens and dry/wet erase markers. It has a special finish that prevents staining or ghosting. This frameless whiteboard with stainless-steel standoffs is incredibly stylish and strong. The frosted glass is partially opaque and looks amazing. Its affordable and available in sizes like 1×1, 1.5×2, 2×3, 3×4, and 4×6 feet for you to choose according to your preference. If you buy the blackboard, make sure to use white or fluorescent markers. All the colors are sure to brighten up any classroom or office. The tempered glass on this board is 1/8 inch thick and is durable and long-lasting.

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11. Lorell Glass Dry-Erase Board

Lorell Glass Dry-Erase Board
This frost board by Lorell is made to perfection and available at an affordable price. The writing surface is a contemporary, solid glass panel that is easily cleaned and does not leave behind stains or ghosts. Its rectangle shaped and is easily mounted. The frosted glass shows writing easy and clearly over a large area. It has steel bolts that hide the mounting hardware from view. Even after a significant amount of use, the board looks as good as new and wipes clean.

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10. WEYOUNG Luxury Glass Magnetic Mobile Dry Erase Board

WEYOUNG Luxury Glass Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard Dry Erase Board

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This glass dry erase whiteboard is designed in a fairly small size of 40×28. As a highly recommended item, this one brings about a number of advantages. The glass surface is made from neodymium magnets, allowing users to attach papers onto its smooth surface easily. Due to its smooth surface, the glass whiteboard is easy to erase, resulting no remaining marks left.

The whiteboard is mobile, and its edge is protected by 4 PP plastic corners. The attached acrylic marker tray is very as well. To sum up, this WEYOUNG glass whiteboard is convenient, unique, and compatible with office work, schools as well as homes.

9. Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board

Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board

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Another top-rated glass dry erase whiteboard is this one from Quartet, which comes on a white surface, and frameless whiteboard. This one comes in 5 size options ranging from 24” x 18” to 96″W x 48″H. The marker tray and a dry erase marker are also included. The installation becomes less complicated with the provided mounting hardware. This glass board can be hung either vertically or horizontally. The glass surface is smooth and non-absorbent to marker liquid, making the board always remain clean.

For the large sized one, this is one of the best glass whiteboards with the aluminum market tray that is suitable for large material display in classrooms or offices. And, backed by a 15-year warranty, there’s nothing not to love about this Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board.

8. Iceberg ICE31140 Clarity Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

Iceberg ICE31140 Clarity Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

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This Iceberg whiteboard is another highly reviewed dry-erase whiteboard on the list. It comes in 3 sizes, and a frameless design. The special feature of the Iceberg ICE31140 is the ultra-white backing for the increased level of visibility. The whiteboard can be easily mounted to the wall with the provided hardware. Its surface features a 1/4″ tempered glass, which is guaranteed to be non-ghosting. The whiteboard is easy to erase, and user-friendly. This glass dry erase whiteboard sure is well designed, convenient, and elegant.

7. Quartet Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board

Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board

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Standing tall among the best glass dry-erase whiteboards, this Quartet Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board looks modern with its frameless edge and floating appearance that compliments any office space decor. The board size is 74″ x 42″. Its glassy surface allows users to easily wipe out all kinds of markers and aid visibility. A dry-erase marker and 2 round magnets will be offered.

The glass surface is magnetic, too. And, this board is equipped with the removable aluminum marker tray as well for added convenience in putting markers or other useful materials on the tray.

6. Balt Visionary Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Best-Rite 72 x 48 x 1/8 Inches Visionary Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

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Here, let’s look at this Balt Visionary Magnetic Glass Whiteboard. This guy comes in a frameless and seamless 1/8″ tempered glass, blending into the white background very well. Its size is 72 x 48 x 1/8 Inches. Its surface is made from magnetic glass, which is resistant to light reflection. With its smooth and glossy white appearance, the glass whiteboard provides the best optical quality to the users. It could endure all kinds of dry or wet ink and can easily be cleaned up. Especially, an aluminum tray, magnets, cloth erase, and markers also come along with the whiteboard.

5. U Brands Glass Dry Erase Board

U Brands Glass Dry Erase Board

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Here is another best glass dry erase board suitable for modern office décor, classroom, and work environment. It is designed with the white frosted surface, which aids visibility and clarity. The size of the board is 35 x 23 inches, and it is frameless. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The glass is easy to clean for any color dry erase markers. And, the installation process is just a piece of cake with mounting hardware and instructions provided.

4. Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board by Audio-Visual Direct

Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board

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This Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board we’re looking at here gives you 5 glass-board magnets for sticking papers of any size onto its surface. The whiteboard is available in 5 different sizes. With its glassy surface, it takes you less effort and energy to have it cleaned of course. Especially, you can place markers or erasers on the attached aluminum marker tray with ease, too. The glass is anti-ghosting or staining. It’s easy to install and durable – thanks to the metal mounts and strong aluminum wall anchors.

3. GlassX Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board by The Board Dudes

Board Dudes 72 x 36 Inches GlassX Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board

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This whiteboard is 72 x 36 Inches in size. It’s designed with a concrete surface and no frame. Its frosted white surface facilitates clear viewing. The glass board is applicable to be used with all kinds of dry markers and ink. It is guaranteed to be stain and ghost resistant as well. And, with the mounting hardware provided, installation is a snap, too.

2. Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board by Audio-Visual Direct

Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board

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Here, we have another highly reviewed Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board. It can be attached to the wall either vertically or horizontally depending on your room space. It is also equipped with an aluminum marker tray. As a user-friendly item, installing this glass dry erase whiteboard is a breeze.

The smooth surface is tolerant to dry erase markers and easy to erase with just a swipe. It is designed to resists ghosting and staining very well, too. The package will come with solid metal mounts, quality wall anchors, and full-scale template.

1. Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board

Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board, Whiteboard / White Board

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Here is another glass dry erase board designed to resist to any form of stain, ghost, scratch or dent. This glass whiteboard is made from rare earth magnets. It comes in 5 size options, and 3 colors – white, frosted and black. All the colors help increase the visibility and clarity. Its frameless appearance makes the whiteboard blend onto the wall very well. This board can be hung either horizontally or vertically.

The board will not absorb strong inks and is easy to clean. The marker tray, one Quartet dry-erase marker, wall anchor and two magnets will be included in the purchase.


We have just looked at the top 15 best glass dry erase whiteboards in 2021. There are a wide variety of whiteboards available on the market today, but these ones are the most highly reviewed ones among the rest of its kind. They share the characteristics of what you may need in a great glass dry erase whiteboard which are clear and visible writing, being frameless, attachment to a marker tray, ghosting and stain proof, compatibility to use with glass board magnets, durability, and more. Most boards even come with a number of size options. So, get your glass dry erase board soon while stocks last.