Top 13 Best Pocket Notebooks in 2021

Even in the world of smartphones, a pocket notebook is still useful and a must-have product for many. Not for noting down contact number, there are multiple times you have to take note and a notebook noting down is always faster than that on a smartphone. Besides, it is considered to be a great gift item. If you have the habit of diary writing, you can note down important happenings instantly. Check out top 12 best pocket notebooks in 2021.

List of Top 13 Best Pocket Notebooks in 2021 Review on Amazon.Com

#13 Maxdot Pocket Business Notebook

 Maxdot 4 Pieces Kraft Paper Steno Pocket Business Notebook

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The spiral notebook is available with white lined paper, yellow sticky notes, sticky page markers and also pens with red, blue, black ink. Moreover, the cover of the notebook is totally different in colors which will help you to differentiate them for different purposes.

Furthermore, the notebook is very light in weight so that you can carry it in your bag or pocket also. It also has a very soothing size which makes it portable. You can use it for any journal, meeting, memo or while taking class notes.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Wide applications and attractive cover.
  • Durable cover and pen holder.
  • Page marker tabs and easy to carry.

#12 Five Star Spiral Notebook

 Five Star Spiral Notebook, Fat Lil' Pocket Notebook, College Ruled Paper, 200 Sheets

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This notebook is available in a perfect compact size which you can carry anywhere you go. Moreover, this notebook has 200 ruled sheets, and you can split them out very easily and in a clean way. This notebook is made of high quality of white papers which extremely ink bleed resistant also.

Furthermore, as the wire has a spiral lock, the product has the ability to prevent curling problems easily. This notebook pack has 6 pads which are completely different in colors, and you can choose any from the lot according to your preferences. The prime quality material of the product makes it durable and water-resistant.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Attractive and durable design.
  • Assorted colors and high-quality paper.
  • Avoids coil snags and easy to use.

#11 Pocket Notebook Set by Yansanido

Pocket Notebook Set pack of 2 Super Mini Pocket Smiley Diary Notebooks

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The cover of this notebook is of faux leather, and the internal portion of the notebook is of paper. Moreover, the notebook is available with rubber band closure binding, and it has 2 pieces of random colors in a pack. This also has 90-100 pages which are a mixture of colored and lined paper.

This notebook is an excellent choice while taking any notes or when decorating your desk or desktop. Furthermore, as this notebook is very light in weight and compact, you can carry it anywhere. This mini size pocket notebook is also very easy to use as a journal, diary, planner and likewise.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Faux leather cover and rubber band closure.
  • Easy to use and set of two.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.

#10 Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook

 Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook

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This notebook is available in slim and sling design, so it has good popularity among the bullet journalists and travelers. You can also use it as a diary, writing journals or planner and even in classes while taking notes. Moreover, this notebook is available with elastic closure band and has inner storage folders where you can keep your projects or notes.

The cover of the notebook has a thick cover of leather which makes it durable, and the pages of the notebook are made of ivory paper pages. Furthermore, this notebook is available in various colors and two types of cover that are soft and hard. Both the binding and the cover have designed unique and has excellent finishing. This notebook is also available with dotted, lined, unlined, and graph paper version.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Attractive and durable cover.
  • Different color options and elastic closure.
  • Slim design and high-quality pages.

#9 Portage Field Notebook

ortage Field Notebook Tactical Sized Pocket Notepad - Top Bound Notebook

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This notebook has an ideal size which helps you to carry it anywhere even keeping it in your pocket. Though it is medium on size, it is very durable, and you can use it while you are in a field or walking also. Moreover, you can use it as a travelogue, daily journal or as a planner.

This cover of the pocket notebook has top bound which makes it more flexible as well as durable. Furthermore, in a pack, it has 6 notebooks together, and each has 64 pages. The stapled across the top binding keeps them very thin and flat, but they also stay open well while writing.


  • Top bound and added durability.
  • Flexible and easy to carry.
  • Pack of six and sturdy construction.

#8 Travelers Notebook by Newestor

 Field Notes Cover - Dotted Leather Journal 3.5 x 5.5 Travelers Notebook

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The cover of this notebook is made of genuine and thick leather along with this it is available with various shades of leather color. Moreover, this cover not only makes this notebook flexible but it is also very sturdy which protects your notebook perfectly. The pages come with dotted, ruled and graphed version, and you can also choose the best one as per your need.

This notebook also has durable elastic band closure which works as an excellent pen holder. You can also keep any essential pages there. Furthermore, you can refill this notebook with any pocket size notes like field notes and all. This notebook is available in an ideal size so you can keep it in your pocket also and can carry it anywhere.


  • Leather cover and multiple color option.
  • Easy to refill and durable.
  • Pen holder and elastic band closure.

#7 Pocket Notebooks by Taotree

 2-Pack Pocket Notebooks, Little Hardcover Journal

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This handy notebook is made of high quality and thick paper which is very durable also. Moreover, the size of this notebook is as an I-phone with a case so you can carry it anywhere freely. It even fits well in a back pocket, shirt pocket or in a purse also. The notebook has 144 pages, and the pages are made of acid-free and thick ivory ruled paper. The cover of this notebook is very hard and made of PU leather which is very high in quality.

It also comes with the bookmark, pen holder and elastic closure. The pages open flat till 180° which helps you to take notes easily. You can also keep any business cards, notes inside of the back pocket. Furthermore, an elastic band is also there at the back cover which can keep your journals safe. This design of this notebook is unique as well as sturdy. You can use it in multipurpose like in the fieldwork, study, in college, office or anywhere.


  • Portable design and multi-purpose use.
  • Smooth and high-quality paper.
  • Thicker and set of two.

#6 Softcover Pocket Notebook by TWONE

 Softcover Pocket Notebook Set - 90 millimeters

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When you are in the field, or you are roaming here and there, this pocket notebook set will also help to write down the entire immediate necessary thing on that.  Moreover, this notebook has 60 pages with lines which will help you to jot down all the ideas and take notes in it.

Furthermore, it is available in an ideal size which perfectly fits in a purse or even in a pocket. The notebooks are very durable, and it offers two colored covers. It comes with a strong spine and milky white pages. This set also features six pocket notebooks and can be taken with you on your trip.


  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Set of six and portable design.
  • High-quality material and easy access.

#5 Spiral Notebooks by MALEDEN

 All Weather Spiral Notebooks, MALEDEN Waterproof Steno Notepad Memo Scratch Pads for Outdoor Activities Recording and Tactical Pocket

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This notebook helps you to take notes even there is oil or water as it is extremely water resistant. Moreover, both of the front and back covers are of polyethylene which makes it perfect for any outdoor works and it has good durability at the same time.

This notebook is available in an ideal size which helps you to carry it anywhere even in your pocket. This pack has 5 notepads and each consist of 100 pages within it. It is also useful even in the field work or while you are walking or roaming.


  • The water-resistant outer cover and durable.
  • All-weather compatibility and three colors option.
  • Easy to organize and pen-friendly pages.

#4 Pocket Notebook by Elan Publishing Company

 Pocket Notebook/Pocket Journal

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The size of this notebook is so compact that you can carry it while you are traveling or in fieldwork. Moreover, you can use this notepad as a memo pad, journal, note-pad, and field book also. This pack has 5 notebooks together, and each notepad has 48 pages also.

Furthermore, this does not only come with a lined pattern, but it is also available with a dot graph and graph patterns. The pages of this high-quality notepad are made of acid-free papers. You can also use this notebook as a journal bulletin or while traveling.


  • Attractive prints and set of five.
  • Acid-free paper of high quality.
  • Functional and multiple uses.

#3 Small Pocket Notebook by SuperiorMaker

 Small Pocket Notebook, Black Leather Bound

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This notebook has 192 pages which are of acid-free and thick paper. Moreover, the ruled pages ensure you about the non-bleeding option, and the cream-colored pages help you to avoid the glaring. This perfect sized notebook also fits in any type of purse, bag and even in the large-sized pocket. Not only this, you will get a free set of labeling stickers along with this.

The notebook has hardcover and comes with high-grade PU leather in black color. It also has threaded bound binding which helps your journal not to create any problem. It also has an elastic closure which helps to keep your notebook perfect and safe when it is in your pocket or bag. Furthermore, the black ribbon which comes attached with it holds any bookmark, ID cards, notes and many more. It is absolutely perfect for college students, business executives.


  • High-quality paper and colored pages.
  • Durable and elastic closure.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

#2 Pocket Notebook by Newestor

rubber band closure binding

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The cover of this notebook has the construction of PU leather which makes the item durable and hard.  It is also durable enough to protect the high-quality paper inside the notebook from external harm. Moreover, the notebook has 192 writing pages which are made of acid-free thick paper.

Furthermore, both of the front and back covers are designed uniquely which makes it more stylish. It also provides 2 bookmarks and the elastic closure offers the option to hold any pen, ID cards or note within it. This pack is also available with 2 notebooks together, which are perfect choices for any outdoor or indoor choice.


  • Portable design and lightweight.
  • Elastic closure and pen holder.
  • Hard PU leather cover and durable.

#1 Moleskine Soft Cover Notebook

 Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal, Set-Pocket Notebooks

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This is a perfect notebook for writing journals, a daily diary, or taking down notes in college classes or meetings. The cover of this notebook is made of cardboard which makes it durable as well as flexible. It also has inner storage folders where you can keep your important papers, ID card and all. The journal has detachable and thick ivory pages which are suitable for writing with fountain pens.

This product comes in various colors like black, red, blue, green and brown which help you to differentiate them for various purposes. The binding and cover have durable finishing, and it has an ideal design for daily journaling, writing and sketching. It is the best choice for writers, students, artists, professionals, and travelers. This notebook comes with lined to unlined, dotted to graph papers which you can choose as per your needs.


  • Detachable pages and long-lasting cover.
  • High-quality paper and compatible with different pens.
  • Durable and multiple color options.

Conclusion –

There are different types and sizes of pocket notebooks we have provided above to suit everyone’s requirements. If you have memory issues, you can always make a to-do list and keep on performing them as per plan. You can take photos of your note on your notebook and share as per need. It is more permanent than writing on a smartphone which can crash anytime. Go through the above pocket notebooks and choose as per your liking.