Top 11 Best 6-person Tents in 2021 Reviews

How much have you spent on hotels or hostels during your vacation? We know that it has always been a budgeting issue for you and your family. Staying at hotels is just too expensive. You can save one trip with hotels for two or three camping trip, and surely camping gives you and your family more recreation time.

However, there is nothing difficult when you have all these options to look for. Our team has been working hard to get you these top 11 6-person tents.

List of Best 6-person Tents in 2021 Reviews

11. Lightspeed Outdoors Mammoth Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Mammoth 6-Person Instant Set-Up Tent

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Lightspeed Outdoors Mammoth tent will be your beloved camping material. Thus, you will never regret once you purchase the tent with these following characters. First, the tent is for a big family. Surely, your family will enjoy more than expected with huge ventilation and protection from water both up and bottom of the tent. Second, different seasons are not a concern because the tent is designed for three different seasons.

Third, you have extra storage for shoes and gears. Therefore, you will never sleep over your laptop or phone. Lastly, it is easy to set up with two people. Yet, your children might be jealous of each other since one or two can freeride. For the better solution, they all can help to set up the tent.

10. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent 6 Person Large Automatic Pop Up Tents Waterproof

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There is nothing more messing up than spending many minutes to fold and unfold it back. Especially, it is stressing when you want to change your camping locations each day and see different natures. However, Wnnideo Instant Family tent can fold itself because the fabric is elasticized.

Furthermore, two doors help to facilitate the entry or exit flow. What’s more, you will be guarded with the tent’s waterproof and anti-sunlight effects material. More highly recommended if you worry about zippers which come as double!

9. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

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Now, you come across Coleman WeatherMaster tent, one of the strongest tents for six people. This polyester tent can withstand strong wind while allows air to circulate well. Besides, the tent has Proprietary WeatherTec System to keep you warm and comfy. Lastly, the package includes an awesome bag. We bet everyone will look at you while carrying the tent.

Many Coleman products are well-known for its quality and popularity. This ninth-ranked tent is just the first one we mentioned. Don’t forget to go through other models.

8. CORE Dome Tent

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

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The eighth best tent goes to Core Dome tent with the capacity of getting two queen-sized mattresses inside. Yet, the most amazing feature of the tent will be its Core H20 Block technology. In addition, you get the pockets for items with extra electricity port. Lastly, this model also comes with a bag. You will never want to carry the messy-unfolded tent to camp.

7. Coleman Montana tent

Coleman Montana 6 - 12'x7' 6 Person Tent

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Are you both green lovers and campers? Then, Coleman Montana tent just fits right to you. The tent is made of polyester taffeta that is going to protect you from heat or water. Plus, if you are not a big fan of minimalism, then the tent has the big space for all your items. Furthermore, the tent can be set up within 15 minutes. Lastly, it comes with a one-year warranty and a bag as the whole package.

Coleman again? As mentioned, the product is famous. Moreover, this must be designed especially for the people of Montana whose hiking is one of their weekend hobbies.

6. CORE Instant Cabin Tent

CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person

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Core Instant Cabin tent is too perfect for car camping. Especially, if you are not huge adventurers, you can bring two queen-sized mattresses, and there is still space left. What’s more, there is a storage for your items, bag and electricity port. As said, there is nothing as perfect as this. The model is just too perfect.

The idea of camping doesn’t need to be suffering to have funned. This Core Instant Cabin tent combines both coziness and adventure.

5. Coleman Instant Cabin tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

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Fifth, Coleman Instant Cabin tent is one of the top performers since this camping material is equipped with WeatherTec system that prevents water from flowing into. Additionally, the window is big enough to allow air to circulate while you can also get the roof opened for star gazing. Coleman Instant Cabin tent comes with 3-D size of 10ft x 9ft x 6ft (L x W x H).

Don’t forget to order it for your vacation. There are not many in stock, so check this one out soon.

4. Coleman Instant Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory

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There is no wonder that this Coleman Instant tent stands as number 4th. Coleman family has never disappointed any of its fans. The tent comes with a good air circulation by just opening its windows. Not only that, the material is made of poly fabric that can withstand winter or summer. Lastly, you will never know you choose the right one only when you choose this Coleman.

3. Alprang Camping Tent

Alprang Camping Tent-6 Person Dome Tent

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The third place goes to Alprang Camping Tent. The material is made of polyethylene even if it performs like concrete which can stand against bad weathers. Unlike other tents, Alprang comes with only one window, but large enough to circulate air. The tent is highly recommended for spontaneous trips with your family. Lastly, tell your children to bring their Ipads; this model also comes with an electric port.

2. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

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Secondly and almost lastly, Coleman Evaston Screened tent is a tent of choice. As seen, you can always leave your options opened for either family or end-of-year trip. Coleman designers used polyester taffeta 75D for both bad days and good days with weathered system guaranteed. Additionally, you can set up the tent easily. Lastly, you can always look at galaxy by just opening the door at night.

1.Sundome Tent

Sundome 6 Person Tent - Best 6-person Tents

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The foremost tent finally goes to Sundome. Additionally, the polyester and WeatherTec system equipped with this tent protect you from everything such as raining and strong winds. The tent also has an electric pot and comes with the size of two queen-sized beds. Even the best still comes with a warranty. You will get a one-year warranty once you purchase this model.


In conclusion, we still cannot tell which will be the best one for you. We know it is difficult to make such decision when each one has its advantages. Nonetheless, you need to make the decision.

However, we can summarize the abovementioned products with these qualities. First, choose the one that can withstand bad weathers. Weathers can be changed as fast as moods of the human. Make sure you choose the strong one. Second, even if all the abovementioned tents can accommodate six people; some have more advantages than others when it comes to space.

Moreover, choose the one with big storage if you are not minimalists. Third, find the one which is easy to set up. However, don’t let the convenience limit quality standard of your tents. After all, we know you will make the right decision. Just one last thing, don’t forget to give us feedback so that we can recommend better products for other customers.