Top 10 Richest People in the World 2019

Most of entrepreneurs are extremely well-off because they are risky and strong business magnets. But who is the world richest people in this year? What have they done to possess such a fortune? Do they have any difficulties in running their business? And how did they overcome their hardship? Let’s check it here to see the top 10 richest people in the world in this 2019.

10. Liliane Bettencourt


Born in Paris as the only child in her family, Liliane Bettencourt is one of the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty companies. This 92 year-old woman apparently joined her father’s company as an apprentice, mixing cosmetics and labeling bottles of shampoo. She inherited her father’s fortune when he died in 1957 and owned a majority stake in the company. Up to now, this heiress is the 10th richest person in the world with a net worth of US$ 40.1 billion.

09. Jim Walton


Born in 1948 and the youngest child of the founder of the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart, Jim Walton joined Wal-Mart and was involved in its real estate dealings after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. After working for four years, this American man owned Walton Enterprises as president in 1975. Walton later replaced his brother, John. Walton is apparently ranked at #9 with a net worth of $40.6 billion.

08. Christy Walton


Inheriting after John’s death in 2005, Christy Walton is an American philanthropist, contributing a total of $3.5 million cumulatively between 2002 and 2006. This 60 year-old generous billionaire has actively served numerous Non-profit Organizations to make donations. Besides that, Walton set up a production company—Tenaja Productions. Forbes reports that she is the 8th richest woman in the world with a net worth of $41.7 billion.

07. Charles Koch


Receiving a Bachelor of Science in general engineering in 1957 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Charles Koch started his work at Arthur D. Little, lnc. But in 1961, he moved back to join his father’s business. This 79 year-old man became the president of the business. Plus, he also contributes to various charitable and cultural institutions. In 2019, he is ranked as the 6th richest person with a net worth of $42.9 billion.

06. David Koch


Born in Kansas, an American businessman, Charles Koch, joined his family business Koch Industries in 1970 as a technical-services manager. This 75 year-old chemical engineer became the president of his own division, Koch Engineering, renamed Chemical Technology Group. Interestingly, Koch has also contributed to several charities including Lincoln Center. Koch becomes the 6 world’s richest man with a net worth of $42.9 billion.

05. Larry Ellison


An American programmer, Larry Ellison, actually began his work at Ampex Corporation with his projects including a database for the CIA—Oracle. Until 1977, this 70 year-old internet entrepreneur founded Software Development Laboratories and spent $1,200 for investment. The company officially became Oracle System Corporation in 1982 with gradual development till now. The Forbes lists of billionaires ranked Ellison as the 5th world richest person with a net worth of $54.3.

04. Amancio Ortega


The youngest of four children, Amancio Ortega, a Spanish fashion executive and founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group, began his job as a shop hand for a local shirtmaker. He then started his own Confecciones Goa, selling quilted bathrobes and later open his first Zara store. In 2000, his brand appeared on headlines and gained more recognitions. Ortega is listed as the 4th world’s richest person with a net worth of $64.5.

03. Warren Buffett


Born in 1930 in Omaha, Warren Buffett is the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. This American businessman is the most successful investor of the 20th century. He was apparently interested in business and investing at a young age; therefore, at the age of 20, he had made and saved some money to start his minor businesses until he could operate a number of partnerships. He was ranked as the 3th world’s wealthiest man.

02. Carlos Slim Helu


Born in Mexico City, a business magnate, Calos Slim Helu, started to develop his business and investment acumen at a young age. This 75 year-old man learnt the business concepts and money management skills from his father. Slim soon practiced it and later started his investment with a government saving bond and eventually made stock purchase. He has also expanded his businesses greatly. His net worth is estimated at $77.1 billion.

01. Bill Gates

Bill Gates the Richest People

Best-known entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution, an American programmer, Bill Gates, originally built his reputation as a cofounder of Microsoft. During his career, Gates also held the position of chairman, CEO and chief software architect, and the largest shareholder. Interestingly, this 59 year-old philanthropist also donated large amount of money to various charitable organizations. His net worth is approximately $79.2 billion.

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