Top 10 Most Beautiful Island for Vacations in 2019

Vacations come once in a while year after year and as few, as they are, one should strive to make them enjoyable and memorable. Going for a vacation on an island might be a perfect idea as it seems adventurous and is a nice way to get one to clear his/her head.

There exist many islands in the world and while some of are regularly visited by lots of people during the holidays, most really awesome islands don’t get the attention they deserve. Well here are some 10 beautiful islands, possibly the best in the world that you may opt to visit this coming holiday:

01. Fiji Islands (Oceania)


Fiji is known for tropical oceans and its beautiful beaches. The whole country is made of 322 islands though only about 106 have been people living in them. The islands offer a serene place and is very suitable for honeymoons and a peaceful vacation. The weather remains tolerable for most part of the year except between November and January. This may be the best islands anyone would visit as everywhere you go looks and feels amazing. Canoeing, biking, diving and snorkeling are among the activities the place offers.

02. Saint Lucia Islands (Caribbean)


The Eastern Caribbean Island is a masterpiece of nature. St. Lucia Island has natural beautiful waterfalls, self-made gardens maintained by nature. For those looking for adventure and a nice place to relax, this might the ultimate destination for you. One can explore a lot from the rich Caribbean coral reef to the Sulphur springs. The mountains and rainforest make it a good place for hiking.

03. Big island Hawaii (Hawaii)


This is the biggest island in Hawaii as its name puts it. What makes this island distinctive is the volcano national park. The island was made from volcanic action which left a lot of lava tubes and lava oozes which make hiking and exploration such an enjoyable activity. Weather conditions in the place vary hence there is no specific time for one to visit the island.

04. Santorini Greece Islands (Aegean Sea)


The buildings in these place are such wonderful architectural pieces and may be the reason as to why the island is popular. The economy may not be as developed as you will find donkey’s everywhere and houses built on cliffs. The scenery is amazing though and the islands offer a tranquil environ for anyone to enjoy their vacation.

05. Bora Bora Islands (French Polynesia)


Located in Tahiti, this is a dream island for any luxury traveler. The centre of the island has two mountains which makes hiking in the island more fun. Probably the most amazing feature in the island is the thatched-roofed bungalows whose floors have been fitted with glass to enable one to view the waters which has a variety of water life including sharks. The island is a good place for relaxing and honeymoons.

06. Maui Hawaii Islands (Mid-Pacific)

Hanna Highway, Maui, Hawaii, United States

This is one of the two most famous in Hawaii. The island has a big rain forest which is suitable for hiking as it offers much adventure. Other activities offered include whale watching, wind surfing and diving. Tourists visiting the area get a welcoming treatment form the inhabitants.

07. Cook Islands (South Pacific Ocean)


This island is rarely visited and makes a good destination for one who would want his/her own ample time. The temperatures in this place is consistently hot and humid hence one can visit at any time. The place offers a good vacation region for anyone who would want to escape modern life as even its amenities are few.

08. Tahiti Islands (French Polynesia)


Inhabited by about 180,000 people, this is the most populated island in French Polynesia. It is the socio economic backbone of the region with rich diverse cultures. The islands have flourishing coral reefs and a rare black sand beaches. The terrain is very hilly and offers a good place to hike. The best time to visit is during the Heiva festival in July when the region is full of activity and people showcase their cultures. Canoeing is the most dominant activity during this period.

09. Bali Islands (Indonesia)


The island is wholly natural and green with trees everywhere. It is not as big as anyone would expect but it has much more to offer such as the diversity of the culture of the inhabitants. The occupants have their own religion and have built temples with beautifully curved sculptures of gods and goddesses. It makes the place feel mystical hence an ideal place for adventurous travelers.

10. Maldives Islands (Indian)


This islands are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Maldives is a string of about up to 1000 islands. There exists inhabitants in 200 of them. The locals are friendly and the islands offer many activities including diving and snorkeling. The beaches have white sand and a bit of coral. Due to adverse weather conditions during certain times of the year, it is advisable to tour the islands between November and May. The weather is dry and friendly then.

These islands offer an amazing destination for anyone on vacation. The occupants of those islands that are inhabited welcome one in a friendly way and no one would have trouble blending in with them. Some are costly though while others are affordable. All in all, be sure to check for any events in the islands as they make the vacation more interesting. The weather in the islands should also be considered before one decides to go there.

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