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The ironing board is one of the often disregarded items in the planning and design process. This is an item that doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and it can be easily integrated into any type of room. Fortunately, there are a number of great solutions for dealing with this item, from the simple and low-priced to the professional and expensive ones. The introduction of ironing board holders in the market, for example, is a viable solution that most people are adopting these days. If you are out shopping for one, here are the top 10 ironing board holders 2022 reviews:

10. Spectrum Diversified 36200 Iron and Ironing_Board Holder

This white-colored board holder can simply be described as a multi-purpose laundry organizer that is ideal for every laundry room. It comes in a very unique and functional design that efficiently holds the iron, ironing board (both “Y” and “T” styles) and other ironing supplies. What’s more is that the ironing board holder features a sturdy steel construction, and it can be easily mounted to walls.

9. Grayline Housewares 444 Iron And Ironing_Board Holder

Not only is this ironing board holder a space saver, but it also comes in a functional design that allows it to hold all popular sizes of irons. It measures 14.8 x 10.2 x 2.9 inches, and it perfectly holds Y legs and T-bar boards. It is very easy to install and features a sturdy wire construction with white vinyl coating. Its only weakness is the fact that the white paint tends to melt when a very hot iron is put on the holder.

8. Sunbeam Over the_Door Ironing_Board Holder

This ironing board holder is not only a very useful tool in the laundry area, but it is also an incredible piece of indispensable accessory that you can use to augment the beauty of your home. It is very sturdy as it is made from steel, and no installation is required. All you need to do is to put it on the top part of your door and it is ready to use. It also leaves enough room for you to store the iron, ironing board and other ironing accessories that you may have.

7. Spectrum Diversified Single Basket Ironing Board Holder in Pewter


If you own a T’ or Y’ style ironing board, you will be pleased to know that this ironing board holder will hold it just fine. This product is ideal for any laundry room, whether big or small, as it holds a variety of ironing accessories effectively while saving space. It features a single large basket that comes with a unique handle slot that accommodates most styles of irons. It also comes with mounting hardware to make it easy for you to mount it on the wall. Its only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a heat plate in the basket, which means that you have to cool the iron before storing it.

6. Spectrum Diversified 89300 Ironing Board Holder

With this ironing board holder, you can store either T’ or Y’ style ironing boards, together with your iron and other ironing supplies. Its unique handle slot makes it easy to accommodate a variety of irons with different styles. It also comes with a basket that you can use to store starch cans and spray bottles. It features a sturdy steel construction that makes it quite strong and durable. This ironing board holder can be mounted on the wall. The only limitation is that its bottom screws are hard to use, meaning that turning them requires a little effort.

5. Spectrum Diversified 66300_Over-the-Door Iron and_Ironing Board Holder,

The Spectrum Diversified 66300 ironing board holder is a well-designed, sturdy ironing board holder, which accommodates both Y’ and T’ style ironing boards. If you lack space but still want to iron your clothes effectively, you can go for this holder as it fits over your door perfectly. If features a heavy metal construction, which means that it is highly durable and strong. Just like other products from Spectrum, this white-colored ironing board holder has been inspected thoroughly to ensure that you get the very best quality.

4. Spectrum Wall Mount Ironing Board Holder

This white-coated ironing board holder is ideal for use in the laundry room, basement, utility room or closet. It can be used for storing both T and Y’ style ironing boards, and it can be easily mounted on the wall. It measures 2″ x 9.75″ x 5″, and features a sturdy steel construction that makes it durable and strong. The Spectrum Diversified 66400 ironing board holder also comes with all the vital mounting hardware to allow easy installation.

3. Spectrum Diversified 66500 Over_The Door Ironing_Board Holder

Organizing your laundry room will get easier with this white-coated ironing board holder, which conveniently mounts over the door. It is one of those ironing board holders that work exactly as they are advertised for. It not only comes in a very aesthetically appealing design, but it is highly functional as well. It features a sturdy steel construction and a steel bracket that fits doors up to 1-5/8” thick. It works well for both T’ and Y’ style ironing boards.

2. Brabantia Wall-Mounted and Hanging Ironing Board Holder

If you are looking for a storage solution that helps you store your valuable ironing board, iron and other ironing supplies in one place, this product will not disappoint. The Brabantia ironing holder is made of sturdy materials that are heat-resistant, making it ideal for a (still) warm iron. It also comes with a handy holder for the iron’s flex cord. This ironing board holder is also fitted with regulating steel hooks that you can use to hang your ironing board.

1. 0751W-2 Iron Board Holder

This white-colored ironing board holder comes with several compartments, which makes it easy for you to store your valuable iron, ironing board and ironing supplies in one central place. It comes with screws that can be used for mounting purposes, and you can choose to mount it on the door or on the wall. It is advisable that you let the iron cool first before placing it on the holder.

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