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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are worth protecting especially if you consider the hefty price tag they come with. The iPhone cases will get your phone protected all the time allowing it to stay for a longer. There are very many different cases out there with some designed to protect against drops, some for style while others add functionality. With dozens of options out there, this guide will assist you in picking the best model on the market to suit your needs and style. Here are the Top 10 iPhone 7 Cases 2022 Reviews that offer extra usability features and provide easy access to buttons and ports.

10. ESR iPhone 7 Hybrid Protective Case

What you will get in this case is a combination of soft frame and a high transparent back that offer multi-directional protection to your iPhone. You will also love the HD pattern on the back that will not only make the case unique but also stylish. When you purchase this case, you will be provided with a screen protector that will also enhance the protection of your phone. Additionally, come with four edges that are designed with a soft bumper that will absorb all the shocks in case your phone hits the ground. To assemble the case is very easy and the soft frame allows for easy change of the protective casing as you like.

9. LUVVITT (Brilliant Armor) Shock Absorbing Case

Your phone will get maximum protection from this case. It has been ergonomically designed with a high-quality double layer of tough cover that allows you easy access to all ports and buttons. The model is also sleek, durable and offers excellent protection to your phone. To enhance the protection, the model comes with 1.4 mm above the screen level that will keep your phone’s screen protected from scratches. Additionally, the back features elevated corners that will also protect the back of your phone from scratches. The model also comes with quick and easy access to ports and buttons.

8. Belt Clip Holster for Spigen Rugged Armor Case


This black case protector will add a bold statement to your phone. The case comes with a reinforced back clip that will keep your phone secure. It also has a kickstand feature that will allow for hands-free video viewing. Besides the case come with a rotating clip design meaning that you can use it horizontally or vertically. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and money back in case you do not like the performance of the case.

7. Maxboost (Vibrance Series) Protective Slider Style Cases

This colorful case will add beauty to your phone with its colorful appearance that will give you the perfect platform for expressing your style. The case offers your phone 360-degree protection as it includes 4-side protection, razed edges to protect the screen as well as well covered corners. It also features a soft interior that will prevent scratches and tears on your phone from day to day use. Additionally, you are giving a lifetime warranty from max boost to ensure that you get maximum protection for life.

6. JETech Apple iPhone 7 Case Cover Shock

This is a great iPhone 7 case that offers you dynamic aesthetics as well as unwavering protection that ensures that your phone last for a long duration without any issues. It is constructed using TPU and PC fusion to offer all round protection to your device with a slim design. The design is simple allowing you to access all the controls and features on your phone. You will also love the customize option that allows you to customize the case to suit your style.

5. Workout Armband for Spigen Tough Armor Case

This case is constructed using lightweight neoprene that will keep your phone well protected. It features a universal fit design with an armband that is small enough to fit thin arms yet expand up to fourteen inches. Additionally, the materials used in the construction provides nighttime jogging as well as running protection. The construction will not only help you to exercise with your phone but is simple enough to allow you to control the phone easily as you continue with your workout.

4. Caseology (Parallax Series) Modern Slim Geometric Design

This case features two layers that has been =fused together to ensure that your phone has 100 percent protection, the model has been constructed using shock absorbing frame that has been fitted with four comes that enhance the protection of the phone from drop and scratches. Its slim and lightweight design will not make your phone bulky but makes sure it remains it sleek and stylish appearance. Additionally, the model features a three-dimensional molding and soft coating that creates a comfortable and secure grip.

3. Caseology (Wavelength Series) Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design

This is one of the thinnest cases available on the market that is going to ensure that your phones receive the best protection. What makes it even greater is that it is constructed using layers of materials that are fused together to absorb shocks as well as protect your phone from any scratches. You will also love the three-dimensional pattern that will ensure that the phone does not slip from your hands.

2. Caseology (Skyfall Series) Transparent Clear Enhanced Grip

Combining two high-quality layers of rubberized materials, this case will give your phone maximum protection on both the back and screen. The model comes in a sleek and lightweight design that adds a splash of color and style to your phone. The case offers great protection to all the four corners of your iPhone and has raised the front to keep the screen protected from scratches. It is constructed with flexible TPU design meaning that your phone is safe from shocks that may arise from drops, knocks bumps as well as scratches.

1. Maxboost HyperPro HEAVY DUTY iPhone 7 Cases

Having a case that ensures that the beauty of your phone is always displayed is what we need for everyday use. This case features a double injected soft and hard casing that is coupled with the great shockproof technology to ensure that your phone is well protected. The case offers you soft framing fell that adds a comprehensive drop protection solution as well as an ergonomic feel making it comfortable to hold. The case also comes with a semi-translucent framing that reveals the natural looks and feels of the iPhone within.

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