Top 10 Hottest And Sexiest Chinese Actresses In 2019

China is a large nation with many people and it is not surprising that it is the home to the top Asian actresses who are in the movie industry and this makes it different from the other countries.Some of the female actresses make appearances in Hollywood movies including US based Chinese actresses like Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, and others such as Bianca Bai and Tien Hsin who are abroad.

01. Jing Tian


The top position, at number one is taken by the one and only Jing Tian.Tian has got it all, a pretty face, sexy body and a charming personality. She tops our list of also the most beautiful and youngest Chinese actresses this year. Born in 1989, her popularity and success in her career is by her appearance in the hit movies Police Story, Warring States and Special ID.

02. Zhang Ziyi


Coming in at position 2 is the sexy Zhang Ziyi.She was born in 1979.Talking about talent, this very sexy actress became a superstar in the 2000.This made her a notch above the rest making her one of a kind in the entertainment world. She is also a good dancer and model.

03. Jiang Qinqin


Jiang Qinqin comes in at position 3. She gained popularity after playing her role in the movie, Tears in Heaven. She was born in the late 70s and she is among the top Chinese actresses up to date and she has maintained to be very sexy in the showbiz.

04. Kitty Zhang Yu Qi


Kitty Zhang Yu Qi is number 4 in our list. She is a new face in Chinas entertainment industry and she is gaining popularity pretty fast as her beauty and hotness is just undeniable. She became popular just recently, in 2007 in the movie CR7 where she acted with Stephen Chow and she was the main female role. This was her peak in her career making her very prosperous.

05. FanBingbing


At number 5 is FanBingbing. She earns the record of the hottest Chinese actresses in 2019.She started acting at the age of 17 and became very popular after acting in the movie My Fair Princess.

06. GaoYuanyuan


GaoYuanyuan is at position 6. Born and raised in China in 1979, she began her career in 1996 and her peak in film industry was in 2009 during the San Sebastian Festival. She is extraordinarily very pretty and sexy. She is one of a kind, born talented and she has never been to any institution of drama Academia. She is very successful as an actress from just a humble beginning where she started off acting as minor role alongside big names such as Jackie Chan.

07. Zhang Xin Yu


At number 7 is Zhang Xin Yu. This very sexy Chinese actress is a natural beauty and this makes her to stand out in the media. She has also ventured into modelling and she is a singer as well. Her stepping stone was in the movie The Banner Horror but she acted a minor character. Sinceher appearance in the film “If You Are the One 2”, she became very famous in China

08. Cecilia Cheung comes


Cecilia Cheung comes in at position 8. She is considered as one of the sexiest actresses this year. Her first appearance in film making industry is when she was only 18 in a TV commercial. She acted alongside with the famous Stephen Cow in 2008 in that was her crowning moment in her career.

09. Barbie Hsu


At position 9 is Barbie Hsu.Born in 1976, this attractive actress from Taiwan is also a singer and her still lovely appearance is a daze to many. She is recognized as among the sexiest Chinese actresses and she is quite charming. The movie Meteor Garden contributed a lot to her fame.

10. Liu Yi Fei


Ending off our list is Crystal Liu Yi Fei at position 10. This sexy actress from China is a model and music artist as well. She also tops the list of the most beautiful Chinese actresses in 2019.This famous petite actress is now a citizen in the United States. In 2008, she,acted along with the big stars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the famous movie The Forbidden Kingdom and this was a triumph in her career

Other Beauties

The Chinese actresses are among the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. When it comes to beauty, which is a big deal in the film industry. Other Chinese actresses who are topping the 2019 list are:

Chen Hao who is also a model and a recording artist and has gone viral online as the most beautiful actress in China, born in 1979. She is married to David Haifeng.Her breakthrough in the film industry was through her role in the show “Li Wei the Magistrate”.

Huang Shengyi also tops the list of the most beautiful Chinese actresses. She is a famous singer and actress. Her career began with the character Fong in the famous TV show,“Kung Fu Hustle”.

Another beauty is Zhang Yuqi. She was born in China a place called Shandon. Today, she is topping the list of the most beautiful Chinese actresses in 2019.She began her acting career when she was only 15 and her breakthrough was in 2007 in the famous TV show CJ7.

Li Bingbing is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses in 2019 Born in 1973, her step in the film making industry began in 1993 when her partner convinced her to join the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Sun Li is also in our list of the most beautiful Chinese actresses of 2019.She was born in 1982.Her beauty is just undeniable and has ever since be crowned the ruler of the Chinese TV. Her breakthrough in the industry was in 2001 when she acted in” Romance in the Rain”. She is married to Deng Chao and together they have two children.

Zhang Jingchu also appears in our list. Sheis very talented Chinese actress, born in 1980.She is eloquent in English and this makes her to stand out. She has received numerous awards as an artist including the Silver Bear during the Film Festival in 2005.She has appeared in Time Magazine because of her merit.

Dong Jie.Undoubtedly, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in China, born in 1980. She is married to a famous celebrity, Pan Tueming and they have a child, and have kept their love life private from the press.

China has many eye candies as viewers from all over get to realize the unique beauty in these young actresses. They have more than just acting as a talent. With their beauty and charm, achievements and hotness, they are among the sexiest actresses gracing the entertainment industry. The hottest Chinese actressesare dominating the entertainment world just as their counterparts from the Westernnations. The ladies in the list below have what it takes to be the top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Chinese actresses in 2019.They are very sexy and gifted.

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