Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in 2019

Every country on Earth shares different cultures and traditions. The way they look like such of that dressing and physical appearance is individually typical according to the environment and ethnic origins. In many parts of the world, there are so many pretty women in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. Maybe, if you are searching for unique beautiful women of each country on the earth, here are the ten countries’ most pretty women who might blow your heart away.

10. Canada


Canada is a country in North America, and probably this country is well known for a beautiful city called Montreal. Likewise, Canada has a population of approximate 35 million. In this developed country, ethnic women are found very good-looking who could impress you at a first glance. Not only about their physical beauty, but they are also friendly to foreigners. Most of these national ladies are well educated so if you go to Montreal, these ladies will take your heart away.

09. Netherland


Netherland is also a civilized and developed country in Western Europe. Most of the Dutch either men or women are very white people. The most developed city of Amsterdam share its famous history of beautiful women. This city is a place settled by tall women, and many of whom are eye-catching. Of course, when you see them walking, you will be surprised, and especially if you are dating a Dutch woman, don’t forget to prepare high heel shoes. There is no doubt that some Dutch women are the most gorgeous ladies on earth.

08. Russia


Russia locates in the North part of the world, sharing half of the territory on Eastern Europe and another half on North Asia. What is basically famous about this country is its ethnic women who are the prettiest in terms of eye color, skin, and body shape. Obviously, this country gathers a lot of beautiful women on earth. Moreover, a lot of supermodels are interested in traditional focused industries that competes locally and internationally. If you want to have a color-blue-eye girlfriend, come to Russia.

07. Colombia


Colombia is a country in South America. Among countries in this region like Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, etc., Colombia has abundant beautiful women on earth. These women have big dark eye, fair complexion, and naturally beautiful hair. If you keep watching Colombian women smiling at you, you would fall in love for sure. Therefore, be careful, your heart will be infected by Colombian women’s spell.

06. China


Who does not know the so-called most populated country in the world? Indeed, China has the most population; and therefore, many beautiful women were born there. In ancient China, Chinese emperors can marry a lot of women because this country had a cultural competition of women’s beauty to be granted to the king or emperor. Thus, women’s physical body is the most important part of Chinese women’s life.

05. The Philippines

The Philippines

Now if we take turn to Southeast Asia, the Philippines is the only country whose national men and women look like European people. Because this country was in colonization under Spain and American for hundreds of years, its descendants are mostly hybrid people. Because of this reason, women there look uniquely attractive. For example, Marian Rivera, whose father is Spanish, is a very gorgeous actress. With dark hair and eye, they are a real natural beauty.

04. Korea


Besides China, another country, which is well known for many beautiful Kpop stars, is South Korea. Of course, Korean women would take your heart away by your look at their good-looking appearance and flawless snowy white skin. Especially, Korean ladies are very fashionable, and you will be impressed by the way they dress. If you are going to visit Seoul, you will find a lot of stunning women with chick and trendy outfit everywhere, along the road or sitting in a café.

03. Japan


Japan has always been famous for its beautiful and well-manner women who will treat you as a royalty when dating them. Tokyo is one of the fashion hubs in the world. Japanese ladies would not leave the house with proper and attractive outfit and make up. With their natural beauty and health care, Japanese women seem to look like they are in their 20s even if they are in their 40s. They are cute and charming that will melt your heart away.

02. Denmark


With high cheekbone and big beautiful clear eyes, women in Denmark are simply breathtaking. Taking many spots in world-class beauty pageants and fashion industry, Danish ladies are surely making their points of their beauty. Their porcelain white skins and hot bodies would leave you breathless. They are really taking good care of their health with healthy diet and exercise, making them beautiful from the inside out.

01. Sweden


Here come the most beautiful women in our list, Swedish women. The classic Caucasian beauty, Swedish women are clearly the symbol of god’s beauty with magnificent eyes, blonde hair, and tall slender built. They look like the Goddess in Greece myth that represents perfection. Not just their striking appearance, Swedish Women prove that not all blonde are dumb. They are highly intelligent and fashionable so as to allow them to win many Miss World titles.

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