Top 10 Cheapest Gaming Desktops Under 300 Dollars Reviews 2022

We’re not going to lie to you. $300 for a brand new gaming desktop is a difficult thing to do. I know you want to frag the hardest  One option might be able to buy the parts and build it yourself. Here we show you the top 10 parts



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Video gaming is an interesting hobby and pass-time enjoyed by millions of people worldwide for several reasons. First, with the release of many quality video game titles every month, individuals always have interesting games to play offline or with friends in online platforms. Second, with many gaming desktop computers now available on the Internet, finding a cheap high-performance model is no longer a daunting chore. With a bit of planning, the mandatory legwork, and a bit of luck, you can find a well-built high quality model easily and cheaply. If, for example, you have 300 dollars to spend on a gaming desktop and want a computer that will satisfy your gaming needs, here is a detailed review of the top 10 cheapest models in 2022 that will serve you well for long:

10. HP J4W31AA 110 PC J1800 Gaming Desktop PC

Since its inception about 6 decades ago, Hewlett Packard’s history of manufacturing durable and technologically advanced gadgets cannot be understated. Apart from its printers and quality laptops that it has produced over the years, it is a major player in the gaming desktop niche, with its J4W31AA 110 PC J1800 gaming PC ranking among the best in the market. Apart from its affordability, other key features that make it one of the top 10 cheapest gaming desktops under 300 dollars in 2022 include: 1) Performance – for less than 300 dollars, you get a powerful gaming desktop with a well-built 2.58GHz Dual Core processor with 1MB cache. Although it lacks the threading technology, it executes commands faster. It is also durable, energy efficient, and works well with the built-in 4GB SDRAM DDR3 memory. Its graphics controller (Intel HD) is also impressive, while the 1TB HDD storage offered it good, for its price. This computer is Energy Star rated and has Windows OS installed.

9. MGS Small Form Factor Gaming Desktop PC

Are you on the market for a quality gaming desktop that will also improve your productivity at school and at work? This Small Form Factor gaming desktop by MGS is a light and portable computer that surprisingly, works better than high-end expensive Mid Tower and High Tower models. It is space efficient, comes pre-assembled, and designed to work reliably without sacrificing quality. Off the box, this Mini desktop computer comes with a versatile AMD A4-3300 graphics card that works reliably when working or gaming. It is powerful, boosts processing speed, and therefore, is one of the best models for everyday computing. Its 2GB DDR3 memory will satisfy your multitasking needs, while the fitted 1TB HDD offers sufficient storage space for installing games and storing files. It has stellar graphics (Radeon 5450 discrete video card), optical drives (DVD reader and burner), and HD sound.

8. Lenovo IdeaCentre K300 53162HU Gaming Desktop PC


This performance model of the renowned Lenovo IdeaCentre K300 53162HU gaming desktop offers value for money. Judging from positive reviews it continues to attract on the Internet, you get an innovative Windows 7 Home Premium-powered computer with the following attributes: 1) Durability – Lenovo has built the IdeaCentre K300 53162HU to last. Its chassis, for instance, is sturdy and well built. It has convenient slots for accessing internal components and customizing them, if needed. 2) Processing power – this gaming desktop’s advanced 3.2GHz Dual Core E5800 Intel Pentium processor and 4GB DDR3 memory enhance its processing power. With an original model from a reputable store, you will be able to research and work at your convenience and or play video games seamlessly. It has a 1TB SATA HDD and a Dual Layer optical drive.

7. Dell Inspiron Raidmax Cobra Gaming Desktop PC


When you are buying a gaming desktop, a key attribute you should never sacrifice is performance. The model you choose should generate the requisite power and speed need to run your favorite applications and or games. Second, never sacrifice quality. Many cheap low quality models do not last long. Their need of frequent maintenance also costs their users more money that they previously anticipated. Dell Inspiron Raidmax Cobra fits this profile well. Although cheap, its power, durability, and compatibility with many high specification video games have made it a preferred choice of extreme gamers with low budgets. Its Intel Quad Core 2.8GHz processor is fast. Its 4GB RAM improves speed and performance. The 1TB HDD storage on offer is impressive.

 6. Dell Precision T3400 Workstation

Liked for their immense processing power and their adaptable designs that benefit workout enthusiasts of all cadres, gaming desktops are versatile accessories with customizable systems that last long. If you are shopping for a new model and only have 300 dollars to spend, the Precision T3400 Workstation by Dell is a versatile budget model that offers value. Certified refurbished, this desktop is not only durable, but also has a gaming-grade 3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor that executes commands fast without overheating. Coupled with the Four GB Ram offered, it smooths gameplay well. It also eliminates laps and improves the experience of users overall without costing a lot of cash. Buyers also get 1TB HDD storage space, dual video output ports, an x16 PCI Express graphics card that supports dual monitor configurations, and high-speed connectivity ports.

5. Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 70A4000HUX

Powered by a 3.4GHz i3-4130 Intel Core processor, 4GB RAM and Windows OS, ThinkServer TS140 70A4000HUX by Lenovo is a top grade Server Desktop computer with a durable and easy to customize design that benefits avid and occasional gamers. The three vacant 3.5 bays on offer, for instance, allow you to customize storage space. It four bay slot boost its versatility, while its high-speed RAM (four 1GB sticks) improves gaming performance significantly, devoid of the types of games that you enjoy. Setup is easy. The fixed 280-watt power supply that it comes with is power efficient, while its nicely built metallic case dampens vibration and sounds for quieter gaming or listening. You also get five high speed SATA ports, a VGA port for connecting monitors, and a high-speed Ethernet port.

4. Dell Optiplex 755

Recommended for avid gamers, Dell Optiplex 755 is a sturdy and professionally built gaming desktop with a compact form factor design that works well in tight spaces. It is durable, has a well-made casing that does not rattle whilst in use, and has a plethora of high-grade components that offer superior gaming performance in all environments. Its Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2.93GHz), for instance, is top-grade. The 8GB RAM offered eliminates lag and all other performance issues, while its built in graphics card and the high speed connectivity adapters and ports that buyers get rank it among the best of the best in 2022.

3. CybertronPC Axis AM1

Unlike in the past when gamers had to spend hefty amount to get quality gaming desktops for heavy-duty usage, the advent of technology has saw the development of cheap performance-grade models that work as well as expensive ones. For just 300 dollars, for instance, CybertronPC Axis AM1 offers gamers a valuable all in one gaming system that never disappoints. It is fast, has a stylish and well ventilated black case that lasts long, and has high performance parts including a Quad Core 1.6GHz AMD Athlon 5150 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and Radeon HD 8400 GPU graphics. You also get expandable 500GB storage, a 7.1-channel audio system, high-speed connectivity ports, and two warranties (free lifetime support and one-year parts and labor).

2. HP DC5800

If space is an issue, but performance a major requirement, HP DC5800 is one of the best around. In top 10 cheapest gaming desktops under 300 dollars reviews 2022, its high-performance design (3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8GB RAM) has won the hearts of millions of avid video gamers worldwide. Set up is straightforward, while its compact small form factor (SFF) design works well for years without cluttering space. The high speed 1TB HDD offered is another major draw, while its power efficiency, affordability, and plethora of connectivity ports (USB 2.0, headphone, and microphone, for instance) attest its value. You also get an energy-saving 240-watt power supply (up to 85%) and 64-bit Windows 7 Professional Operating System (OS)

1. Acer Aspire AXC-603-UR12 Gaming Desktop PC


At just one-third the height of traditional Tower gaming desktops, Acer Aspire AXC-603-UR12 is a compact and space efficient model that works well in tight spaces. It is also portable, relatively easier to set up, and currently the best cheapest model under 300 dollars in 2022. It has an Intel Pentium (2.41GHz) J2900 processor, 500GB HDD, and 4G DDR3 memory. It also has stellar Intel HD graphics, a sturdy chassis that can withstand regular abuse, and Windows 8.1. Its array of connectivity ports, SuperMulti 16X DVD drive, and its 5.1-channel HD surround sounds are other major selling points.

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