Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs in 2019 Reviews

You do not have to go to a gym to practice yoga. You can workout at the comfort of your home, at your own schedule, pace and even at a lower cost. By buying the best yoga DVDs, you will get the same results as if you were in a gym. Yoga DVDs gives you a feeling of practicing yoga with a group of people even when working out alone. If you are a beginner, you need not to worry as there is a DVD tailor made for you. For you to appreciate yoga, I need to start with its benefits.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

There are many benefits of yoga, but I will list those that I feel are important and apply to almost everyone.

a)Stress relief and inner peace- Yoga is relaxing to the body as it reduces the hormones associated with stress. The body responds to stress by a combination of hormonal production and sympathetic nervous system and in the process cortisol is produced. Yoga practice reduce levels of cortisol. To further reduce stress, most yoga classes ends with a relaxation pose known as savasana. Mediation increase your inner peace.

b)Weight management- While is there is no solid evidence that yoga alone reduces weight, yoga instructors and students alike have found that it supports weight loss. There are yoga lessons that focus on yoga for weight management. Through this lessons, it has been determined that you do not to practice vigorous yoga to lose weight. Yoga puts emphasis on positive self-image hence encourages one to pay attention to their diet and their body as a whole.

c)Enhanced flexibility and Strength- Regular yoga practice increases the length and elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons which leads to improved flexibility and mobility. Yoga practice uses every muscle in the body. Yoga practice therefore builds strength in this muscles and releases tension.

d)Cardiovascular conditioning- Gentle yoga practice is beneficial to the heart as it reduces resting heart rate, increases endurance and improves oxygen intake as you exercise. A healthy heart will enable you to carry out the day’s activities effectively. It also improves blood circulation which ensures all the body cells get a good dose of oxygen.

e)Improved breathing- Breathing practices such as pranayama greatly improves lung function which in turn reduces stress. This practice involves slowing down and deepening your breath which makes the body relax due to activation of the parasympathetic system. By changing our breathing pattern, we greatly alter the way the body responds to stress.

f)Presence- Yoga makes your aware of your surrounding by improving your concentration, memory, reaction time and coordination.

Which are the Best Yoga DVDs in 2019?

Yoga is popular because it works on the three pillars of life; mind, body and spirit. The availability of thousands of Yoga DVDs makes it challenging to get the one that best suits you. By considering the factors mentioned before, you can get the one that suits your needs whether you are a bigger or an experienced yoga enthusiast. To even help you further, we have a list of the Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs in 2019 Reviews. These DVDs are:

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10.Prenatal Yoga- Best Yoga DVD for Pregnant Women

Yoga has been shown to do wonders for expectant mothers. As go through each trimester problems such as aching feet, legs and back start becoming a norm. To help dealing with this problems, this DVD aims at making your more comfortable, relaxed, and strong while pregnant. It will build your stamina, balance and flexibility. Deep breathing increases concentration which eases pain associated with labor and delivery. The different yoga poses reduces fatigue and promotes blood circulation for healthy growth of the baby.


i)The practice poses are easy to follow and totally safe.

ii)Different poses promotes blood circulation which reduces fatigue and makes one more relaxed.


i)It is ideal for pregnant women hence loses its purpose after one delivers.

Best Yoga DVDs

9.Power Yoga Collection: 3 Full-Length Programs- Best Yoga DVD for Experts

Power Yoga Collection is another yoga DVD by Rodney Yee. There are two DVDs in this list by the same instructor which is not surprising as Rodney is one of the best yoga instructors out there. This is a collection of 3 previous practice DVD bundled into one. This collection focuses mainly on the physical yoga rather than the spiritual part of it. Rodney voice is soothing which makes instructions easy to follow. The three sessions are unique each having its own challenges.


i)This DVD is a collection of three previous DVDs hence you get three practice sessions at the cost of one.

ii)The instructors voice is soothing and easy to follow.


i)One needs prior yoga experience as it a bit challenging.

Best Yoga DVDs

8.Flow Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Air & Water with Tara Lee

This DVD aims at connecting us with the air and water elements that exists within us. It focus on fluidity in poses to encourage more space in the body. It has been divided into three segments. The first segment covers breath work and upper body stretches. The second portion of the DVD is more challenging and covers sun salutions and chatturangas. The final segment has moderate backb ends and twisting poses. It has a bonus sessions having breathing and a balancing sequence.


i)The outdoor setting of the DVD gives it more life

ii)The DVD starts from basic poses to more challenging poses for yoga growth

iii)The instructions are easy to follow


i)Beginners find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the instructor.

Best Yoga DVDs

7.Yoga For Families: Connect With Your Kids – Best Yoga DVD for Family Practice

If you are looking for a way to connect with your kids, this DVD makes that possible. You can dance, sing, jump, breathe and have all the fun while getting yourself healthy. The fact that you do yoga as a unit makes it possible to get through the challenging poses. It makes children learn about healthy living by learning from you. The choice of music makes it possible to go from relaxing exercises to high energy and fun-filled sessions smoothly.


i)The DVD encourages practicing yoga as a family which cements family bonding.

ii)The instructions are clear and is easy for small children to follow.

iii)The background matches the mood and exercises at hand.


i)The DVD is fast paced which makes it hard to follow but after a few practice sessions it get better.

Best Yoga DVDs

6.Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga – Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss

If you are looking for a way to shed some pounds, Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga DVD promises just that. If you are going to achieve results you need a lot of dedication and consistency. It has three sessions sandwiched between 5-minute warm-up and cool-down sessions. The Vinyasa sessions focuses on your strength, the second session focuses on backbends and abs work while the third session is a standard gym workout that can be done with or without hand weights. The practice is rigorous and challenges expert yogis and yoginis.

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i)The DVD promises weight lose which is achievable with consistency and dedication

ii)The warm-up and cool-down sessions makes it possible to complete the rigorous sessions


i)Some people find the workout tiring but you will appreciate it if you are looking to lose weight.

Best Yoga DVDs

5.Yoga for Kids: Dino-Mite Adventure –Best Yoga DVD for Kids

There is no better way to keep your kids healthy and active than by getting them Yoga for Kids: Dino-Mite Adventure DVD. It is fun-filled and it is a sure way to get your kids to love yoga from a tender age. It is ideal for kids with ages of 5 years up. The DVD has been divided into four sections namely; Baby Brontosaurus, Dino-Mite Yoga, Dino Dig and a bonus sessions Dino Duo. Each session is educational and helps the kid to get into different yoga poses.


i)The DVD has a perfect balance between fun and yoga practice.

ii)It is educational and encourages teamwork has some sessions needs two people to get it done.


i)The DVD is a bit costly.

Best Yoga DVDs

4.Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners

If you are a yoga beginner, you will find Rodney Yee’s DVD as great choice as you start you journey to be a yoga expert. The movements are slow hence you cannot miss any detail. Even if you have been practicing yoga for a while, you can get this DVD so that you can get those poses correctly. The DVD gives you a way to practice yoga without any risk of injuring yourself. The DVD has been divided into four sections; yoga basics, flexibility, energy and finally relaxation. Rodney’s soothing voice will guide you all through the DVD.


i)Rodney goes through each pose slowly giving you enough time to get it right.

ii)The sessions are long enough to keep and not spaced to keep you alert.

iii)You get to learn new skills with every session hence you grow with the DVD


i)Experienced yogis may find the DVD slow.

Best Yoga DVDs

3.Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life- Best Yoga DVD for Seniors

This Yoga DVD by Jane Adams targets people within the age of 40 to 70 years. The DVD has a background of Glacier National Park which makes it more captivating. It increases your flexibility and strength, gives you a more relaxed mind and body, better posture and grace of movement. Unlike DVDs that have just been divided into different sections, Gentle Yoga has three sequences, each designed for a specific time of day; a morning practice, mid-day relief, and an evening practice. The DVD also has sessions that covers balance, flexibility and core strength.


i)The instructions are clear which enable to achieve the different yoga poses safely.

ii)The DVD has sections each covering a specific time of day, from morning to evening.

iii)Flexibility and core strength has been covered in detail which is always an issue for this age bracket.


i)It is a bit costly compared to other yoga DVDs but it is totally worth the cost.

Best Yoga DVDs

2. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is an award winning trainer and I think this is because of her simplistic way of passing her skills to other people. This yoga DVD is ideal for intermediate and expert yoga trainers. It has been divided into two sections each lasting 30 minutes. One section is for soft core training while the other section covers hard core training. As a beginner you get everything you need to develop great yoga skills and as an expert, you take your skills to the next level.


i)The yoga DVD gives you a youthful body, makes you more flexible and you lose weight.

ii)The DVD is multilevel hence ideal for beginners who want to become yoga experts

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iii)Each yoga session lasts for 30 minutes hence you get breaks and your metabolism does not go high.


i)Some users find it fast hence hard to keep up with the pace.

Best Yoga DVDs

1.Yoga For Beginners by Barbara Benagh – Best Yoga DVD for Beginners

If you are just getting into the world of Yoga, Yoga For Beginners by Barbara Benagh is a great piece to help you with your first leap. It begins with a basic area where you are introduced to the basic moves until you get the sense out of each of them. Full sessions are divided into five sections that is 70 minutes of basics, 40 minutes of energizing, 30 minutes of rejuvenating, and 55 minutes of mediation. Each session is important although you may find some to be challenging in the beginning.


i)The setting of the DVD featuring an ocean with blue skies makes you to be relaxed and peaceful.

ii)The instructions by a woman’s voice are easy to follow.

iii)The DVD is sequential allowing you to grow as you continue to practice.


i)Some sessions such as energizing are long and could use some breaks in-between.

Best Yoga DVDs


This list has a collection of the best yoga DVDs. We have tried to include the best for each category of users. Hope you find the one that suits you. Please share the article with people who you feel will benefit.

What factors should you consider when buying a Yoga DVD?

Buying the best yoga DVD is as easy as visiting an online store and ordering a DVD. Not all Yoga DVD are best for home practice. To get the best yoga DVDs consider the following factors:

i)Type of exercise

The kind of exercise you want to do determines the yoga DVD for you. Exercise range from weight training, cardio, dance, muscle toning/building, walking, running, low-impact aerobics just to name a few. You may get a number of DVDs covering different exercises so that you switch between exercises on daily basis.

ii)Teaching quality

Yoga DVDs that you buy should focus on teaching you to do yoga rather than showing the instructors prowess in yoga. A high quality yoga video should feature a qualified and a prominent instructor who have a proven track record. By just reading the description of the DVD you will get the overall picture of the instructor’s qualifications which help you making an informed decision.

iii)Level of intensity

The level of intensity of a yoga DVD will be determined by whether you are expert, intermediate or a beginner. If you have done yoga before or have never exercised before then you need to choose a DVD that is not challenging. Intermediate DVD is for people who exercise regularly are in good shape while expert DVD is for people who can handle high intensity work outs. A DVD will always have a skill or intensity level indicator on the cover. Some DVD routines are multilevel.

iv)Level of difficulty

You should consider a DVD that is easy to perform at the comfort of your home. Consider the equipment and space requirements needed to perform the routine. You be able to grasp what is being done and how the different positions are achieved. If you cannot follow a video then it has failed at its most basic level. The DVD should have a perfect blend of easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. Verbal instructions are of no importance if you cannot follow the demonstrations, it is just like someone reading you a yoga book. It is always paramount to get a DVD that grows with you

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