Top 10 Best Wood Lift Top Coffee Tables with Storage & Drawers In 2021

The things we own and buy keeps increasing every single day. As the essentials we own keeps doubling up, the space to store these becomes less. Well, it’s not possible for us to own uncountable wardrobe or storage cupboards. So, the inclusion of the lift top coffee tables seems to be wise. It acts as a beautiful addition to your home and the top of this table opens up to store belongings. One can use the top as a space to display showpieces and work on it.

However, as tastes as well as preferences vary, we have jotted down best 10 coffee tables with lift top based on their style, size and performance.

Table of the Best Lift Top Coffee Tables Reviews

10. VASAGLE Wood Rectangle Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Intelligent furnishing aids in getting over the constraint of less space. The Vasagle coffee table is a classy addition to any living room or office space, bringing with itself lots of storage area. Having a lift top ensures adjustable height, allowing various uses for this table. It has produced exquisite legs for this table that adds to the glamour of any décor.

For extra appeal, the table has a birch wood build. Furthermore, it features the birch wood grain patterns is a significant addition to compliment any area. Having sturdy legs to maintain stability, the lift top coffee table with storage is the choice of many.

Key features:

  • The resilient coffee table can bear a huge load of up to 200 pounds.
  • Easy assembly is expected. The customer service of Vasagle is available both before and after installation for any difficulties.
  • Includes an extra shelf for hassle-free storage solutions.

9. SUPER DEAL Black Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment & Storage Shelves

SUPER DEAL Black Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment & Storage Shelves

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A coffee table that looks exquisite and packs in durability is a desirable inclusion to a living space. Super Deal coffee table is such an intricately designed product. It is structured on an iron lift top coffee table frame, which gives it all its strength.  The melamine and lacquer finishes have an aesthetic appeal and are cleaned super easily.

As a matter of fact, the finish also protects it from flames and misuse. It indeed has an advanced mechanism that allows the user to put minimum effort to lift it up or lower it down. The lift top hides away a lovely storage space apt for storing DVDs, books, tablets, blankets and so much more!

Key features:

  • This sturdy coffee table can bear a maximum load of 121 pounds combining all the shelves and tabletop.
  • Certainly a powder-coated frame in included.
  • Tabletop when extended can hold as much as 22 pounds of load. It allows a user to work ever so easily and comfortably.

8. Tangkula Modern Wood Coffee Table with Lift Top with Storage

Tangkula Modern Wood Coffee Table with Lift Top with Storage

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This product is an amalgamation of solid wood, metal parts and chipboard Thus, giving it a classy texture and a durable body. The shelf is compartmentalized into three parts allowing for efficient storage space. In fact, it is an exclusive lift top coffee table for the living room that is designed in a sophisticated way, enabling adjustable height. One can take the 19-inches tabletop to 24.5-inches so that it can accommodate each and everything. Now, it is ever easy to convert the coffee table into a working desk.

Lifting the lift top also opens up an additional, disclosed storage area which can store magazines, books, tablets and what not!

Key features:

  • Includes as many as 3 individual shelves.
  • This table has been given an exquisite brown colour which is visually appealing and fits into any space be it in an office or home.

7. Logan Wardwood Solid Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage Drawers and Storage Shelves

Logan Wardwood Solid Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage Drawers and Storage Shelves

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With the proper use of solid hardwood and oak veneers, this is a charming product. It has a natural warm oak finish. It only extricates the grains and knots making it very aesthetically pleasing. The lift top hides away an undisclosed storage space where one can store books, magazines, tablets and what not.

Furthermore, the shelf beneath only adds to its space effectiveness. This is constructed for the purpose of casual styling and makes a grand appearance out of any living room space. Also, it acts as a coffee table and one can place it anywhere.

Key features:

  • Fabricated with lots of storage space, it also houses a lift top coffee table drawer at the bottom.
  • The table does not come assembled.
  • Certainly a functional design as well as casual styling.

6. Progressive Furniture Sebring Castered Double Lift-Top Cocktail Table

Progressive Furniture Sebring Castered Double Lift-Top Cocktail Table

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Progressive Furniture presents a lovely coffee table that is expertly crafted and has a unique design. Shaped like a teardrop, this table is also loaded with lots of storage space making it ideal for apartments. Its significant natural looking finish ensures that this product will only compliment any décor in which it is placed. Lift top hides away additional storage space underneath it.

If you ask what the speciality of this table is, well, it has two surfaces that one can lift. And it even has wheels for making it exceptionally portable. So, transporting it from your bedroom to the living room will not be a problem.

Key features:

  • Two lift tops hide two storage spaces.
  • It has a cherry medium ash finish that brings out all the natural flavours sufficiently.
  • A contemporary lift top coffee table design never looks dull.

5. Mainstays Rectangular Lift-Top Coffee Table

Mainstays Rectangular Lift-Top Coffee Table

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Work and recreation are optimally blended in the Mainstays product. Designed with the use of composite wood, this table is as light as a table is capable of. It has storage space and can store away a lot of things. This feature also ensures that a user does not have to go too far away to gather things, all paraphernalia is already stored in the table.

Furthermore, the table boasts of adjustable height, ensuring that it is usable for multiple purposes. Even as dining as well as work purposes. To be precise, it has a Sonoma oak construction and the natural brown finish is very soothing to eyes.

Key features:

  • The table has a hidden storage space under the lift top having a dimension of 18.9” x 38”.
  • It does not come assembled. Just add the legs to make it functional.
  • The composite wood material used for its construction ensures judicious and environment-friendly use of wood without compromising on strength.

4. Yaheetech White Lift-up Top Coffee Table with Storage & Shelf

Yaheetech White Lift-up Top Coffee Table with Storage & Shelf

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Bringing together exceptional looks and a durable framework is achieved in this coffee table. The table is constructed of P2 grade Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) that makes it both light and efficient. The height of this table is expandable up to 26.8” from a meagre 19.7”. As a matter of fact, the lift top hides away a significant amount of storage space.

It can in fact pack in books, cups and other such artillery. The boards used in its making are just 0.6” adding to its lightweight framework. Given that, it is aesthetic and has a pretty sturdy structure. To ensure proper functionality of the top board, only top-quality hinges are used. It indeed has a lower rack to keep things on display.

Key features:

  • A comfortable white colour finishing is soothing to the onlookers and makes it aesthetically pleasing.
  • The hidden storage is sturdy in construction and can hold up to 44.1 pounds of load.
  • Features an open, easily accessible from all sides storage space underneath that can hold a lot of articles.

3. Tribesigns Modern Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storages for Living Room 

spacious product

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It’s difficult to obtain furniture that packs in a lot of space without compromising on good looks! The Tribesigns table is one furniture that has successfully married of looks and space. The lift top reveals a storage space underneath it that is highly spacious. It can conveniently store all such articles that need to be hidden away from guests.

Beneath it is an open, stylish storage space, which is meant for loading with wondrous articles to display. Moreover, wood, steel frames and adjustable leg pads make for an interesting combination giving this table a high-degree of stability. Finally, apart from having spring assist, it does feature an intelligent self-lock system.

Key features:

  • An 18 month period limited warranty coupled with excellent after sales service.
  • Heavy-duty steel is free of corrosion and rust.
  • The table is cut out from E1 grade hardy, environmentally sound particle board!

2. Casart Wood Home Living Room Modern Coffee Table with Lift Top

Casart Wood Home Living Room Modern table

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A table that has a proportional amount of solid wood, chipboard and metal pieces. This ensures superior looks while maintaining a genuine quality. Its durable frameworks make it sturdy and ready for rugged use.  The natural looking table top fits into any décor.  Three compartments make this table a highly spacious product ready to accommodate a lot of stuff.

Furthermore, the lift top hides an additional storage space that brings in the benefits of space saving into the picture. Flaunting a beautiful texture, you can easily make vertical adjustments.

Key Features:

  • The product will not get damaged in transport.
  • Has an adjustable height of 19-inches to 24.5-inches vertically giving it a versatile array of usage.

1. Bestar 37-Inch Lift-Top Coffee Table

Bestar 37-Inch Coffee Table

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One of the major problems of modern life is space constraint. Apartments, dormitories, all these places are the ideal living hubs but are lacking in space. A lift top coffee table gets over that problem by being small in dimension and high effectiveness. Bestar is one such lift top coffee table. Constructed from wood to give a natural appeal, the table top is given a melamine finish.

However, the implications of this are manifold. It is super easy to clean and resistant to scratches, burns and all such factors. Ensuring a super quiet lift-top mechanism, it is an eye-catching piece.

Key features:

  • The lift top feature enables a rise in height which ensures the enjoyment of both meals and works upon this table.
  • The height of this table is adjustable from within a range of 8” from closed to open condition.
  • Ample storage space is there under it. The lift top allows storing various articles.

A little organization and abundance of space, the lift top coffee tables on sale will eradicate space management issues.