Top 10 Best Wood and Desktop Printer Stands Reviews In 2021

When you own a printer, you need to buy furniture that will safely accommodate your machine. The printer stands are manufactured for the reason for the secure placement of your printer. But what if you get some extra space to store the essential documents or so? Some of these stands for printers also have extra space for your valuables. Being made with premium materials, it also facilitates in neat management of cables. Also, these are created to withstand heavy weights.

So, how to decide on the best ones? Which one will successfully qualify all your requirements? The printer stands review is a foolproof guide that will shed light on all important aspects.

Table of The Best Desktop Printer Stands Reviews

10. FITUEYES Black Printer Stands with Storage & Workspace Desk Organizers for Home & Office

Printer Stands

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Known for its utmost stability and durability, this wood printer stand from FITUEYES weighs just 11-pounds. Plus, it has a black matte finish to complete the look. Whether you put a monitor or printer on it, this works conveniently for storage files, letters, mails and a host of other documents, courtesy its 2-tier format.

Further, it is made of slip-resistant rubber that ensures no unnecessary movement or scratches that can harm your floor. Clearly, it is perfect for those looking for an ideal place to store up their products. This requires minimal assembly and almost no specific maintenance issues. Topping it all, it is great in terms of maintaining environment-friendly tag.

Key features:

  • Its stand is made of MDF board allowing edges protection from any untoward scuffs.
  • Being multipurpose in nature, this requires minimal cleaning techniques.
  • Indeed, uses sheets of the highest quality which is corrosion resistant.

9. Yaheetech Rolling Printer Stand Cart with Storage & Cupboard Rolling Shelf Desk

Yaheetech Rolling Printer Stand Cart with Storage & Cupboard Rolling Shelf Desk

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For those looking for a multifunctional yet environment-friendly stand, Yaheetech is the company to fall back on. This stand made of MDF board comes enabled with a 4-room space behind its dual doors. Specifically separated by an adjustable shelf, this printer stand with storage has a metal hinge to its door to improve efficiency standards.

As a matter of fact, it is acting as a buffer and protecting any untoward injury. Also, the manoeuvrability of this stand is improved as it has wheels. Thus, portability is increased.

Key features:

  • Weighs 52 -pounds and is easy to move.
  • Enabled with singular open storage space.
  • Designed uniquely with 4 swivel casters to ease this movement process.

8. Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart & Stand with Drawers

Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart & Stand with Drawers

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Wish to store all the important documents just in one place? Well, this printer stand cart from Mind-Reader is your available option. Weighing just 10-pounds, this has 3 shelves specifically made to customise your requirements. So, for printers weighing up to 75 lbs, this is the one cart to check out!

Coming with wheels to move it from one place to another, one gets extra space under the desk to safely place the essentials. Further, you also get a drawer for keeping the stand organized as well as neat.

Key features:

  • Adjustable height-2/3 shelves as per customisation.
  • Very easy to assemble compared to its counterparts.
  • Known for its built-in cable management system in all the shelves.

7. Safco Under-Desk Printer Stand and Fax Stand with Swivel Wheels for Mobility

Safco Under-Desk Printer Stand and Fax Stand with Swivel Wheels for Mobility

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For maximum storage space and that too in a small package, one can surely check out the option of a desk printer stand from Safco. Having a laminated scratch resistant surface-top, it is suitable for holding printers and other required machinery. In fact, this stand is durable and sturdy enough to last you a long time!

Weighing just 17-pounds, this has a weight capacity of quite high range. Moreover, its low-profile steel wire made shelf will easily fit under the desk when not in use. Minus any additional aspect, this is easy to assemble, ensuring that complete stability of it. As the construction is concerned, the steel frame comes up with a powder-coated finish to ensure minimal scratching. However, moving it to different locations will not be trouble anymore. It comes with 4-swivel wheels for ease in movement.

Key features:

  • Indeed has the capacity to hold multiple products from printers to fax machines to tonnes of paper.
  • Additional dual wheels to lock this cart.
  • Lowermost shelf adds as a bonus.

6. HUANUO Small Printer Stand with Storage Drawers 

HUANUO Small Printer Stand with Storage Drawers 

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When HUANUO gets to the field, rest assured, you are on the right track. Coming with a unique under-desk printer stand, it equally doubles up as an office space organizer. Also, this product has the benefit of being adjustable, being easy to move and extremely easy to assemble.

As a matter of fact, this stand has both storage drawer as well as a holder for the concerned cables. Thus, it ensures ultimate stability in the process. Weighing only 7-pounds, this is customisable as per one’s choice. Now, one has no reason to worry about its manoeuvrability. The product has 4 independently swivelling wheels that assure adequate locking facility. Having this stand, it helps to save some office space with an adequate storage option.

Key features:

  • Built-in plastic with a black-rolling shade.
  • Comes with a dual-shelves option with an adjustable space of 7.5-inches
  • Backed by a 30-day money return period with a 5-year warranty condition.
  • Certainly capable of assembling in just 5-minutes.
  • Whereas the bottom shelf can manage 33 lbs, the top can hold up to 44 lbs.

5. Safco 5207BL Deskside Wire Machine Stand Holding up to 200 lbs

Safco 5207BL Deskside Wire Machine Stand Holding up to 200 lbs

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Making it attractively different from its counterparts, this wire machine stand can hold up to 200 lbs, with itself weighing just 30-pounds. Hued in black, this is durable, easy to assemble, and has dual storage shelves. Its frames that are wired in steel are sturdy in nature. Plus, the powder coating helps to extend its durability. It is the cause of the coating that the stand will not have any scratch or chip-off. For a weighty printer with multiple products, paper and toner-this is the perfect option.

In fact, the laminated top layer gives a corrosion-free impression with a professional appearance.

Key features:

  • Have 4-swivel wheels to enhance movement while dual wheels help to maintain the lock system.
  • Enabled with dual shelves for extending storage options.
  • Lower shelves can hold up to 50 lbs weight while top holds 100 lbs. 

4. Halter LZ-308 Black Rolling Printer Cart Stand Holding Up To 75 Pounds

Halter LZ-308 Black Rolling Printer Cart Stand Holding Up To 75 Pounds

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Minus any professional help or specialised tools comes this plastic cart stand from Halter. It has built-in cable managers on the shelves of the stands and yet allows sufficient space for other products. Space-saving in nature given the storage facilities being available under this requires a couple of minutes for assembling.

Further, the height of this stand is easily adjustable. And one can simply extend 3 more shelves after adjustments are made.

Key features:

  • Can accommodate up to 75 lbs of weight with itself weighing just 10 pounds.
  • Improved mobility with built-in wheels.
  • Hued in black this allows shelves to be adjusted to double layers.

3. Winsome Wood Piper Work Cart & Printer Stand with Key Board

Winsome Wood Piper Work Cart & Printer Stand with Key Board

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Affordable, natural look and versatility, you have it all in Winsome! With a walnut finish, this has a bottom drawer for storing files and the solid wood gives it the much-needed durability. Coming with a pull-out tray, this stand weighs only 36 pounds. Plus, it is to be used for storing multiple products, from laptop to files.

Furthermore, it has a filing cabinet for keeping your folders safe. Also, the casters are lockable. Indeed, the stand is of a compact size.

Key features:

  • Has a lower shelf that is large enough to hold oversized products.
  • To ensure all-direction movement it has 5 casters associated with it.
  • Pull-out drawers act as a double cabinet.

2. Victor Midnight Black Collection Wood Printer Stand

Victor Midnight Black Collection Wood Printer Stand

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Acting as a true centrepiece, it has a sturdy wood construction with double layer in coats for maximum durability level. Having dual shelves to fit the folders, this has beautiful hues and has a matte finish to it. Great in terms of design and drawers being secured with a lock system, this has specific rear access to ensure that the cables are managed.

Furthermore, it is known for the non-slip rubber feet to keep the floor scratch-free. Plus, the rear access space aids in organizing the cables neatly. In fact, the drawers are made flexible. So, it can fit any of the four locations in the stand. Finally, it is pretty large.

Key features:

  • To add a touch of class, it has a faux leather top and has brushed metal handles.
  • The stand has a capacity of 70-pounds in terms of weight.
  • Its dual drawers improve storage capacity.

1. Apollo Hardware 3-Tier Printer Stand

Apollo Hardware 3-Tier Printer Stand

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Apollo Hardware brings a printer stand that not only has a laminated scratch-resistant top but also provides ultimate durability. Weighing 24-pounds, its mobility is notable and has a loading capacity of 500 lbs which is further distributed evenly. Furthermore, it is certified by the PFS Wood Formaldehyde testing.

Moreover, the post is totally made of heavy-duty steel that adds to the durability of the product. As a matter of fact, the furniture-grade wood will not stain and has 1-inches diameter.

Key features:

  • Known for its dual wheels, offering both lock and no-lock system.
  • The black coating throughout gives it a corrosion-resistant look.

Place your printer, organizer the documents and keep the surroundings clean. The printer stand for home and office must be your new inclusion.