Top 10 Best Women’s Hair Growth Products for Hair Loss Reviewed in 2019

If you are a woman experiencing the embarrassment of hair loss, you need to get the best women’s hair growth products for hair loss treatment. Soft and fluidly flowing hair is one of the top aspects of a woman’s beauty. That is besides great skin texture and other critical features. However, because of certain factors, your hair may start stiffing or thinning and falling. As a result, shedding and eventual baldness befalls. No woman wants such an ill-fate upon her head!

Births, ill-health, and some other health or hormonal conditions can cause such undesired effects on hair growth patterns.

However, the 21st century woman need not worry about her hair’s poor condition. This is because enhanced and meticulous technology of this day and age has produced wonderful remedies for the same. You only need shop wisely for the best women’s hair growth product for hair loss treatment. When you land the best type for you, you will get your hair back, more brilliant and bouncing. The right product will reverse hair loss effect while initiating and maintaining healthier and more beautiful hair growth.

Problem is that there are so many types of such products on the market. This may make it a little tricky for a beginner to distinguish the best from the rest. Fret not, though, for as you continue to read this article you will discover select products for the best result.

Detailed Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hormonal imbalances, change of or stopping birth control pills, vitamin deficiencies, menopause, or physical stress can cause hair loss. Physical trauma leads to physical stress. Surgery, accidents, and illnesses are some examples of physical trauma. Hair, having a simple life-cycle of growth, rest, and then shed, is largely affected by stress. Highly stressful incidents possibly shock the hair, leading to premature shedding.

Noticeable hair loss may not immediately follow the event that caused you physical trauma. It may take two to three months to notice. As such, you ought to recall back several months when trying to find out the likely causes of your hair loss.

For women with vitamin or nutrient deficiency, opting for high quality hair re-growth treatments rich in essential vitamins is a great idea. Such are as the supplements reviewed here below. More noteworthy, you should boost the vitamin intake by eating the right foods even after using the products. Otherwise, the hair loss may reoccur.

Hair Re-Growth Products Explained

These are carefully formulated products to help your hair grow again—faster, thicker, longer, and plushier. Depending on the particular blend of ingredients, the products improve scalp and hair health in certain ways. The description of each of our chosen top-rated products will inform you on the specific benefits they offer.

Women’s hair growth products are available in various forms. They include sprays, dietary supplements, as well as shampoos. Either or other is not entirely better. However, the choice narrows down to your preferred way for your hair treatment.

For instance, you could find it convenient swallowing pills or capsules alongside your meals. Contrary, you may choose to lather the product in your hair as you shower. You are free to go for the product whose usability you find most convenient. What is required is regularity, for lack of it may yield less or more undesired results.

A Few Factors to Consider When Choosing Women’s Hair Growth Product

Nutrition-Packed Hair Growth Products

Hair, like the rest of the body, needs proper nutrition to grow and remain healthy. Healthy diet is thus essential. Therefore, if you have vitamin deficiency or medical condition affecting your nutrient absorption, your hair may lose luster. For that matter, you need the hair growth formula product that best contains the right nutrients to fill the nutritional gap.

Hair Loss Shampoos and Conditioners

Women with weak and thinning hair may choose the right shampoos and conditioners for the problem. Such products are particularly formulated to safely interact with the hormones in your scalp for improved hair growth. They may also strengthen your hair while adding moisture and nutrition. Moreover, they clean up any debris that may be impeding proper hair growth.

Styling Products

Some other products, such as the aforesaid shampoos and conditioners help style your hair for a more beautiful look. For example, they may increase the hair volume, making it look more impressive. Other types of products have essential nutrients for improved follicle health, leading to better growth.

Do Your Research First

Finally and most importantly, you should do thorough research when shopping for women’s hair growth products. Only then do you ensure you buy the very best product to address your hair problems. As such, you will find value for your money yet not regret the results your pick delivers.

Toward that end, read on to the top 10 best women’s hair growth products for hair loss treatment in 2019.

10. NuNutrients Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment

NuNutrients Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment

Proudly made in the USA, NuNutrients is a reliable hair growth product and hair loss treatment to boot. Formulated in regard to rigorous FDA regulations, it has the approval of quality and safety of use. It is one of the most popular, sought after products in improving the woman beauty by boosting hair growth while alleviating hair loss. In fact, it effectively helps increase hair volume as well as block DHT that are responsible for baldness.

You should apply this potent serum by spraying it onto your hands and then rub it on your scalp for maximized results. Moreover, this product further reduces cases of inflammation as a result of hair thinning. Most of all, it deeply penetrates the scalp, thus revitalizing your hair follicles. This leads to healthier and accelerated hair re-growth. Any damage to your skin or scalp is not exempted, since NuNutrients modulates any baldness caused damage.


  • Highly effective product
  • Great treatment for genetic disorder baldness
  • It makes your hair soft and relaxed
  • Does not leave hair oily or greasy
  • FDA approved for quality and safety


  • May take long before noticing results
  • Can be allergic to some users

Despite the time it takes to deliver results, choosing the NuNutrients Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment is absolutely in order. You will find great value for your money by using this product, since it is very effective in your hair loss treatment. At the same time, you won’t believe your eyes when you stand before the mirror. You will be amazed by how impressive and healthier your hair looks.

9. Equate – Hair Regrowth Treatment

Equate - Hair Regrowth Treatment

A great hair growth product for women, the Equate – Hair Regrowth comes generously in three bottles, enough for three months use. As such, you are supposed to use one bottle for one month. Equate contains Minoxidil tropical solution USP at 2 percent added strength for improved hair follicle revitalization. Therefore, this makes your hair thicker while inducing the production of new hair follicles. Consequently, you will experience wonderful growth of fresh, healthier hair.

However, due to the minoxidil content, this product includes proper guidelines that you ought to follow to avoid any potential side effects. As such, seek expert advice to ensure your hair problem is not thyroid related, because then you will be safe. Nevertheless, it stands out as one of the most effective women’s hair regrowth products you can get out there.


  • Highly effective product
  • It thickens hair quite fast
  • Among the affordable options
  • No clumps of hair anymore
  • Comes in generous supply


  • May cause side effects if abused
  • Must be continuously used for effective results

There is no denying that Equate – Hair Regrowth Treatment is a great product in hair loss treatment and hair growth. It does not damage your hair. Although it must be continually used, it provides gracious results. Any woman in need of such products can trust this one. So many others have reported happy results after its use.

8. Women’s Rogaine Solution One Month Supply

Women's Rogaine Solution One Month Supply

Women who suffer from hair loss due to genetic disorders now have a reason to smile, for the Women’s Rogaine is here for their rescue. It helps in the growth of new hair, with remarkable results on display. A 2 percent minoxidil solution, it absorbs fast into your scalp, therefore reactivating the hair follicles. Consequently, this stimulates fresh growth of healthier, thicker, and luster-looking hair.

Minoxidil is known for its properties for hair regrowth, and it is both FDA and clinically certified for use. When you use this product twice a day for 8 weeks, you start noticing hair regrowth. However, some women may take longer, even four months before recording results. Simply apply it twice a day alongside your normal beauty regimen. This product comes in a single 2-ounce bottle, sufficient for full-month supply.


  • Effective in inducing hair regrowth
  • Stimulates dormant hair follicles
  • Easy to use
  • Used alongside normal beauty products
  • FDA and clinically approved
  • Recommended by dermatologist


  • Very flammable
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

As one of the most effective and also dermatologist-recommended women’s best hair growth products, there is no doubting with this Women’s Rogaine. Despite being flammable and unfit for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, any other woman will find it of great worth. As such, you can be sure to get wonderful hair back when you use this product.

7. Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil is yet another great women’s hair growth product that incredibly helps in reversing hair loss. It accelerates the healthier growth of thick, long hair. Moreover, it detangles and softens your hair. This decreases your blow-drying time, helping minimize the cost of hair management. Wild Growth Hair Oil is made of 100 percent natural ingredients for proper conditioning your hair for a healthier look.

Among the ingredients this product taps are jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, calcium, iron, and vitamin D. It is very simple to you. You only need to shake the bottle, and then massage 5 to 15 drops into your hair and scalp. Remember to also comb the hair after applying the product.


  • Softens and relaxes your hair
  • Improves thick, long hair growth
  • Conditions the hair
  • All-natural and safe ingredients
  • Simple to use
  • Cuts blow-drying cost and time


  • May be undesirably oily

Besides making your hair oily, Wild Growth Hair Oil is an awesome product to use. It has no side effects, yet it helps you have long, thick, fluid, healthier hair. As such, if you need great hair by natural treatment, use this top-rated product. You can apply it when you are staying home. You will then achieve great hair while escaping the embarrassment of carrying oily hair. Your hair grows in a wild way!

6. PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

This is another wonderful organic hair loss treatment product for women. PhytoWorx Hair Recovery Shampoo utilizes plant stem cells technology to induce hair recovery and new growth. Integrating selected plant stem cells and particularly essential oils, it does a great job in reducing hair loss. The rare plant stem cells are extracted from Switzerland. They have been studied to be effective and safe. Among the organic oils this product taps are tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil. Such oils have exhibited great properties in improving scalp health while halting hair loss.


  • It is organic, thus safe
  • Sulfate-free
  • The oils used stop hair loss effectively
  • Utilizes special plant stem cells
  • Enhances scalp health
  • Promotes hair recovery and re-growth


  • Undesirable scent to some customers
  • Not safe for facial use

Among the best women’s hair growth and hair loss treatment products, PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is an indispensable option. It delivers desirable results, no doubt. However, you ought to avoid using it on your face. Besides that and if you don’t mind its scent, you are geared for a more brilliant hair with this product.

5. DasGro: Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

DasGro Natural Hair Growth

Another product you can go for in your search for the best women’s hair loss treatment and re-growth remedy is the DasGro. It is a high quality product in form of natural hair growth vitamins. DasGro features a breakthrough formula with natural ingredients plus essential hair growth vitamins. The formula works from inside out to repair, rejuvenate, and restore your hair. It fights hairs loss directly from inside while promoting natural growth of healthier new hair. It is effective for women and also men. To your joy, it has no recorded adverse effects. Its functioning formula provides complete inside-out hair cell nourishment, improving your follicular excellence.


  • Blends 24 essential vitamins and herbs for healthier hair growth
  • GPM certified, it is safe to use
  • It is veggies friendly
  • Gluten, yeast, and starch free
  • It is simple to consume


  • May take long to notice results
  • Likely change of urine color

Change of urine color is, however, normal when you are taking vitamin-rich supplements. As such, do not fear DasGro for such insignificant outcome. The product formula is proven to halt and reverse hair loss. Its special blend of essential vitamins and nutrients is very effective but also gentle to use. If you want to reverse the loss or thinning of your hair, or balding the natural way, DasGro is your ideal treatment.

4. Brock Beauty Hairfinity Vitamins Capsules

Brock Beauty Hairfinity Vitamins Capsules

Hairfinity vitamin capsules are specially formulated to fill in the gap left by regular dietary plans. In effect, this product provides the body with the right nutrition needed for healthy hair growth. Its ingredients are uniquely selected for special roles in inducing the perfect conditions for healthy hair growth. It features unique blend of bioactive vitamins, essential nutrients and minerals. Among the ingredients is biotin, a component renowned for its great role in hair growth and maintenance. A fully natural supplement, the Brock Beauty Hairfinity capsules have appropriately measured components for the best intended results.


  • It increases your hair growth rate by over 200 percent
  • Made of all-natural ingredients
  • Has no recorded side effect
  • Stimulates hair growth only on the scalp
  • Quite affordable
  • Delivers exceptional results on many hair types


  • You may wait for 7 to 10 days before noticing results

Overall, there is quite much to credit Hairfinity for. First of all, it is an affordable product yet one that provides incredible results to persons of any hair type. Even more impressive, it comes in minute small pills that are easy to swallow. As such, if you desire to kick-start your hair growth, you will be right at it with the Hairfinity

3. HairAnew Hair Growth Vitamins

HairAnew Hair Growth Vitamins

At number three of the best women’s hair growth products is the HairAnew by Naturenetics. It boasts of containing 11 uniquely selected ingredients with common goal—to make your hair become its best. This product comes in form of vitamin capsules for swallowing. A high quality product, it makes your hair grow back healthier. Besides, it leaves your skin nourished and gives you stronger nails. This makes it a 3-in-1 product.

For your safety, it is gluten-free. It is tested to be 100% safe. Moreover, you enjoy money back guarantee if you don’t find it as awesome as you might have desired. However, it is known for delivering great results. Yet, for its astounding effect on your hair, you probably will be recommending it to friends rather than returning.


  • It is quite efficient and fast
  • Produces naturally great hair
  • Improves nails and skin
  • Eradicates hair loss


  • If abused, biotin may cause pimples

HairAnew is one of the most favored products among the best women’s hair growth products. By stopping your hair loss while initiating its healthier growth, it will restore your beauty and confidence. Your hair will not only be beautiful, but also longer. Nails and skin, too, get a boost.

2. Schwartz Bioresearch Hair Growth Vitamins

Schwartz Bioresearch Hair Growth Vitamins

Any woman who needs a great hair growth and hair loss treatment that delivers wonderful results can go for this type. From Schwartz Bioresearch, this hair growth vitamins product ranks among the best you can trust. It is also a popular product, owing to its commendable effectiveness in initiating new yet healthier hair growth. When you use it, you will soon boast of longer, thicker, and fuller hair. You do not have to worry about hair thinning or shedding, for this supplement contains biotin. Biotin is a renowned ingredient that effectively stops hair thinning and loss.

Furthermore, the product features vitamins essential for incredible hair regrowth. Besides improving hair volume, it is highly effective in providing a pearl luster to your hair while making it silky soft. It is a 100 percent effective yet safe product since it is made of natural and also certified ingredients. Schwartz Bioresearch does painstaking research to ensure all those who use this product find value for their money.


  • Provides fast and real results
  • Helps grow great hair density
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Also good for skin and nails health
  • Makes eyelashes thick, too
  • Includes a money back guarantee


  • May cause pimples

Schwartz Bioresearch is a real great anti-hair loss and hair re-growth vitamins product. According to the reviews satisfied customers have provided, it is therefore no doubt a great product to use for the woman with hair loss problems. As such, you can be sure to enjoy great hair growth back by using this product.

1. PURA D’OR Gold Label Anti-Hair Loss Argan Oil Shampoo

PURA D'OR Gold Label Anti-Hair Loss Argan Oil Shampoo

The crème de la crème in the best women’s hair growth products, PURA D’OR Gold Label Shampoo is simply one of a kind. It is the gold standard in hair loss treatment. This anti-hair loss argan oil shampoo features the most effective formula yet. It is formulated with the special Red Korean Seaweed and select Aloe Vera. The resultant formula provides extra protection from hair loss resulting from breakage.

Most noteworthy, every ingredient used in this product is purely natural. As such, you can be sure on its quality and safety. It proudly has 100% pure natural preservative formula while integrating 15 wide spectrum but functional DHT blockers. Moreover, it is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and also free from any health-endangering chemicals. Among its prime ingredients are pumpkin seed and cumin oil, and biotin. Working in concert, these natural components improve your hair growth and volume simultaneously. What a wonder product!


  • Actually prevents hair breakage
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • It smells nice
  • Economical—comes in a generous bottle
  • Good for even dyed hair
  • Provides real results, fast


  • It may leave hair dry
  • Results may vary due to different factors

For those who are familiar with scotch whiskey brands, you must have come across Johnnie Walker. The top-most premium types of this whiskey are Blue Label and Gold Label. Thus, Pura D’or borrows apparently borrows from Johnnie Walker in anti-hair loss Argan oil shampoo labeling. There is the Blue Label, and then here is the Gold Label. They are the leading products in this category. So, dear woman, allow nature to work the magic out for your hair. For when you use this awesome hair growth and hair loss treatment product today, you are sure to be amazed. And sooner than you know it, you will be more beautiful thanks to impressive, fluidly flowing hair.


No one can deny that great hair is an indispensable aspect of the woman beauty. However, women may find themselves suffering from hair loss or hair thinning at some point in their lives. The reasons are numerous as detailed before.

It is not entirely unfortunate for such women, though. With the right treatment, they can have their hair back—healthier, fuller and flowing better. Such treatments are none other than the above reviewed 10 best women’s hair loss products for hair loss treatment. The top available options in the 2019 market.

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