Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines of 2021 – Reviews

If you haven’t already, you should consider investing in a wire stripping machine, especially if you’re the type to work with electrical devices, power cords, or wires. A good wire stripping machine will enable you to process wires of any thickness at a remarkable speed, not to mention the efficiency and consistency you can expect from such a machine in the long run. So whether you’re an electrician, a handyman, or if you’re simply performing some DIY around the house, you should definitely look up the possibility of buying such a device for yourself. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best wire stripping machines the market has to offer.

Best Wire Stripping Machines – Top List

10Tacklife MWS02 Wire Stripper


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If you are looking for a compact wire stripper, then the Tacklife MWS02 compact wire stripper is a great option to go wtih. This wire stripper is the perfect tool to keep in your toolbox because you can use it whenever you need to thanks to its compact size. These pliers do not only strip wire, but they can cut and crimp wire as well. There are eight inch flexible springs and long plastic wraps that give you just enough leverage to crimp, strip, and cut your wires with ease. Also, you will always have a great grip when you are working. The Tacklife MWS02 Wire Stripper works great for a variety of wires including copper wire, aluminum wire, cable, multiple sheathed wire, and sheathed core wire. Get your job done faster than ever thanks to the portable Tacklife MWS02 Wire Stripper.

9CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper

CO-Z Manual Wire Stripping Machine Portable Scrap Cable Stripper 0.06-0.98 inches for Scrap Copper Recycling

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If you are looking for a durable yet portable wire stripper to use on all your heavy-duty projects, then the CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper is an ideal option to go with. The CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper features a unique and sturdy construction that allows it to work well on a variety of scrap metals. You will find that the CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper is crafted out of a solid aluminum allow that can work well in a range of environments. Additionally, the CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper will last you for years to come as well. Operating the CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper is easier than ever thanks to its hand cranks that can connect to an electric drill. When connected, you can look forward to automatic wire stripping. Though you can use the CO – Z Manual Portable Wire Stripper for basic wire stripping, it can also work well for removing plastic and rubber insulation as well as undamaged scrap wire. If you are someone who collects scrap metal, then this is the ideal option to go with. 


8SDT WRM35 Manual Wire Stripping Machine


buy from amazonThe SDT WRM35 from Steel Dragons is a 10-channel wire stripping device that adapts to wires of virtually any thickness. What’s more, similar to its 10-cutting channels, it also features ten cutting blades that are precisely designed to slice wires of various sizes. This machine also comes with a heavy-duty industrial frame which offers not just excellent stability but ultimate durability.

7Hand Crank Wire Stripper (Copper)


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Hand Crank is a convenient and handy wire stripper especially since it incorporates a creative crank arm system as opposed to pulling the wire-which makes wire stripping comparatively easier. It is both durable and sturdy courtesy of its underlying material-CNC machined aluminum and also features a sturdy blade which is easy to replace. The only con is probably its slightly heavy weight of about 2lbs.

6WL-100 Manual Copper Stripping Machine

scrap metal

buy from amazonAs aforementioned, most of the available wire stripping devices are entirely manual, a feature that the WL-100 effectively manifests. Adjustable and quite adaptable, the WL-100 works well with numerous wire thickness provisions including 24AWG and 7/8” through a typical hand wingnut. It also includes two exclusive blades which are easy to slot in and pull out only requires just a few minutes to do so.

5STP 1000# Wire Stripper Tool


buy from amazonThe STP 1000 as suggested by its name is an easily portable wire stripping machine. This tool ensures proper scrapping of the wire from rubber coatings and hard plastics. Also, its portable nature and compact size make it an ideal addition to stabilizing your bench clamp. It, however, falls slightly short with stability compared to stand-alone wire stripping tools.

4Handheld Copper Wire Stripper Tool


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With its adjustable wire clamps, this Copper Wire Stripper Tool can help avert any instances of soft and thin wires escaping its blade. What’s more, it also includes a wire guide (close cut) that drives smaller wires towards its blade to produce a more precise cut. Moreover, it also can process wires of different provisions ranging from 18 AWG down to 1,250 kcm even if they are stranded or solid.

3Automatic Scrap SDT WRA15 Copper Stripping Machine

scrap metal

buy from amazonThe SDT WRA15 is unlike what most of us are accustomed to. It is an entirely automated machine that is not only affordable but amazingly capable nonetheless. It features a premium aluminum construction that allows it to easily mount on workstations or benches eradicating the usual hustle that comes with standard wire stripping tools that mandate for the development of custom-tailored mounting tables. Moreover, the SDT WRA15 can also easily be linked to a typical drill for automatic wire stripping while offering the chance to make use of its handle if you decide to strip the wire instead manually.

2Copper Wire Manual Stripping Machine

handymanbuy from amazonThis manual wire stripping tool from Copper Mine Tools is an amazingly fast and efficient device. Why? It features an independent output limiter which separates the jacket and copper while pulling the subsequent wire in just a single stroke. Furthermore, it comes with an input guide which aligns and straightens the wire automatically before it proceeding to enter the machine for processing. Finally, it also includes an EZ cutter which is crafted to extract the copper after the removal of the insulation swiftly.

1StripMeister Wire Stripping (Automatic) Machine


buy from amazonThe StripMeister is a surprisingly fully-automated machine. It is an industrial-grade machine that is designed to process wires of several sizes ranging between 14 gauge and 250 MCM which is inclusive of braided wires and ROMEX. Interestingly enough, this device is equipped with an in-built Romex slot which will conveniently save you quite some minutes. Overall, however, its ease of use and guaranteed efficiency make it one of the best wire stripping machines out there.


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What To Look For In A Wire Stripping Machine

scrap metalThe good thing about shopping for a wire stripping machine is the knowledge that there are many different options to choose from. Whether you are working with coaxial, magnet, extruded, or enamel wires/cables, wire strippers are a must-have for anyone looking to do some electric work. Built to accommodate a wide range of wires and wire-stripping methods, you will definitely get your money’s worth should you decide to buy one for yourself. All that remains is that you educate yourself on what a wire stripping machine is all about.

Types Of Wire Stripping Tools

Wire stripping machines can roughly be split into three main categories – manual, automatic, and laser wire strippers. As the names would suggest, a manual stripper is designed in the style of a pair of scissors or wire cutters with the addition of a center notch. Automatic wire strippers, on the other hand, uses replaceable blades and blade stops operated by an electric motor and is usually easier to operate. With laser strippers, you get a computer-controlled machine similar to a CNC router which uses a laser to burn off the insulation from any wire.

Manual Wire Strippers

A manual wire stripper employs roughly the same construction as a pair of scissors, only that it also features a center notch to help you cut the insulation off. You operate this type of wire stripper by rotating it around the insulation while applying pressure to make the actual cut. Given their versatility, these wire strippers can be used on wires of almost any thickness, with no limitations whatsoever.

Automatic Wire Strippers

When turned on, an automatic wire stripper grips the wire on one side and closes its shaped blades on the other, thus cutting the insulation around the conductor. To use it, you place the wire in its designated jaws at the cutting slot so as to match the size of the conductor before squeezing the handles together. With such a device, pretty much anyone can strip the insulation off a wire, which is why these strippers are among the most popular.

Laser Wire Strippers

Just like the name suggests, these strippers employ a laser to burn off the insulation off the wire. Mostly used for very fine gauge wires, these machines are usually reserved for professionals who need very thin wires stripped without causing any damage to the conductor within. Given their versatility, most of these type of wire strippers are capable of stripping the insulation from virtually any size of wire without any difficulties.

Other Types Of Wire Strippers

Although manual, automatic, and laser wire strippers are by far the most popular, there are a few other models you can choose from depending on your needs. For the most part, any of the traditional models should do the trick. In some cases, however, you need a specific type of stripping, the type that standard tools simply cannot perform. If this is the case, then do consider one of the following models:

Chemical Wire Strippers – These strippers are designed to remove the insulation from any type of magnet or enamel wire, no matter their thickness. They do this by employing chemical pots that use certain chemicals to melt the insulation off the wire without damaging the conductor within. Also worth mentioning is that these strippers remove the insulation without corroding the conductors, even though you shouldn’t keep the wire too much inside the pot after you’re done.

Thermal Wire Strippers – With thermal wire strippers, you get to employ heat for the job, mainly a heated element that glides across the length of the wire to strip it of its insulation. These strippers are particularly useful when stripping solid and stranded wires, especially PTFE and Teflon wires which are known for their durability. One thing to point out is that these strippers can get quite hot when in use, so careful handling is advised.

Fiberglass Wire Strippers – Often paired with wire wheel strippers, these tools strip many film type insulations without damaging the conductor within. They do so with the help of a conical wheel that rotates at high speed to generate enough frictional heat to soften the exterior insulation of the wire, thus allowing you to simply pull it off the conductor. What’s interesting about these type of strippers is that they also work well with square, rectangular, or flat magnet insulations.

Blade Wire Strippers – No other type of wire stripping machine can remove round magnet and enamel insulation off wires like blade wire strippers. These tools can handle both solid and stranded wires (be them round cables or coax) much more efficiently than regular wire strippers. Most of these strippers enjoy a rotary stripping tool, a design that makes them perfect for removing the insulation from thin or fragile conductors.