Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2019

Are you out there tired and disturbed of using a razor blade when you want to strip a wire and the wasted time you realize you are wasting when you want to strip a wire for a scrap? That might be all because you might have felt cheated recycling your copper wires because they give you less money than it is suppressed to due to the presence of insulated wires.

We have discovered a solution that will help you jump into the business and have stripped wires in an easier and faster way than any other product that has ever been built. Take a look at what we have sampled for you and you can then make that decisive movement of boosting your job.

List of Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2019

10. Handheld Magnet Wire Stripping Machine

 Handheld Magnet Wire Stripping Machine
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This is a unit that can be adjusted so that it adjusts to a variety of enameled wire, fast and curettage enameled wire insulation coating surface, comfortable and convenient, decontamination clean, and smooth surface. What is perplexing is that its superior surface is now taking an offer and replacing the traditional manual sandpaper grinding wheel.

9. Bench Top Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Bench Top Automatic Wire Stripping Machine
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This is a machine that has a strength that can strip up wire up to 1. 5” copper wire while running off with an 110V single phase motor. It has been made with a portable design that has fully guarded blades that are there to ensure that you have a complete safety. If you are a construction company, contractor, metal recycling or an electrician, then this is an investment that you should not miss having.

8. Manual Copper Stripping Machine

Manual Copper Stripping Machine
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This is a product that comes to you with a brand new adapter that adds three new features to the machine making it have a brand new way to strip wires. With the machine, you can separate the copper from the jacket while you pull the wire through the machine, just in one stroke. What is unprecedented about this product is that the separation point won’t reach the blade, which causes the wire to derail coming from the rollers.

7. Industrial Copper Wire Stripping Machine

 Industrial Copper Wire Stripping Machine
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This is the most advanced and comprehensive design that you can find on the market. The good part is that we have protected this design, utility and design patents, in fact, they have rated it safe to be used in the industries. It has been designed with a quick change shaft that makes changing dull blades easy and quick.

6. CopperMine Stripping Machine

CopperMine Manual Crank & Drill Operated Stripping Machine
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This is a device that has been designed with adjustable wire clamps that stop thin and soft wires from running out and escaping the blade. The model can clamp down the wire with various sizes. You can easily change the blade by pushing out the shaft and the blade just comes off softly for you to make any change if you need to make one.

5. Copper Wire Stripping Machine

Copper Wire Stripping Machine
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This blade has been tested now and then, and it has proved that it can last more than ten times longer than the stock blades that you can find out there. It has been designed with a higher grade steel alloy material that makes it stronger and sturdy than others. It has also been fixed with a shorter edge that will not chip off when they are cutting into copper.

4. Manual Copper Wire Stripping

Manual Copper Wire Stripping-Best Wire Stripping Machines
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This is a product that is dedicated to stripping all types of Romex and can strip cords and coax in just a simple way. The add-on adapter adds three new major features that make the product have a new step into stripping wires. The product is perfect for wires that are from 24 AWG to 250 KCM. Buy it out and make your work easier and faster to be done.

3. Automatic Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine

Automatic Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine
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We are introducing a stripping machine that will strip wires down from 3mm-25mm copper wire. The products mount easily to any bench or work station. The unique feature is that the item easily connects to a drill, turning the stripper from being that manual wire stripper to an automatic wire stripper. It has an estimate of stripping 450 inches per minute.

2. Manual Wire Stripping Machine

Manual Wire Stripping Machine
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What is evident out there is that the increase in the copper demand; copper recycling has become a booming business. If you want to thrive and dive into this type of business, then you need to have a useful tool. That is why I am presenting this wire stripping machine so that you buy it. It has an adjustable roller and blade which you can easily use to remove the insulation from most cable wires.

1. Automatic Wire Stripping Machine-Best Wire Stripping Machines

Automatic Wire Stripping Machine
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Those that have bought this tool are the happiest people that exist on earth. It makes work easier for you when you want to strip off wires. What am I saying, this strip master works well as you can see it. Once you have put it down and followed the instructions and directions for adjusting it, then you don’t have anything to worry about because it will do the rest of the work for you.

The tools that we have brought you work well. What you need to do is to make sure that you have done the right installation and then follow the given guided instruction of how you should use it and you will realize that it will serve you well. We have selected the Best Wire Stripping Machines that you can use. Make your order today.

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