Top 10 Best Wiper Blades 2019 Reviews

During rainy seasons accompanied with snow, this wiper blades clear the windshield for better visibility. This prevent road accidents. Furthermore, wiper blades eliminate debris on the windshield. Due to this immense importance, you should buy the best wiper blades for your car. Wiper blades differ in size and quality depending on type of car intended for and materials used to make it. It should not scratch, steak nor corrode the windshield . On market to choose one, ensure you have the best quality within your means. They should be made of durable materials to last longer. Consider the following useful aspects so as to choose the best wiper blade available in today’s market.

a)The size

Wiper blades are available in different sizes. Choose one that fits the size of your car wind spread. Some wiper blades are best for driver side while others are well designed to work best at passenger side. Be sure about your windshield screen size before going to the market to purchase one. Most of the companies provide manual that guide on which blade to go for.

b)Type of connectors

Most modern cars are very simple to use. They are available in hook styled types. Depending on the connector available with you, go for a wiper blade that is compatible with it to avoid unnecessary expense of going for another adapter. Installation of wiper blade is highly dependent on the adapter used.


Quality of the wiper blade depends on materials used to construct it. Materials used include silicone, metallic rubber and also plastics. Metallic wiper blades are durable; rubbers ensure scratch-free cleaning while silicone blades offer great wipe performance. Those made of silicone are quite expensive.

Types of wiper Blade

When purchasing a car, they include a wipe blade. The original one will guide on which type to go for during replacement. Most of the cars come with beam-style wiper. On replacing, it should match the original one in sizes, type of adapter used for mounting and quality. There are various wiper blade including the following;

i)Frame-Style Wipers

This types are very popular in the market due to their availability. They are readily available in the market at affordable price that do not strain your personal income. They feature halogen-hardened rubber squeegees. Also, they last longer.

ii)Winter Wiper Blades

They are well designed to guarantee maximum performance. Most of them are made of rubber to keep snow and ice away from your window screen.

iii)Beam-Style Wipers

These types feature a single design thus very easy to install. It looks so simple with few components. Most of them are made of silicone, graphite or dual rubber to last longer.

They are various wiper blades in the global market. Most of the customer get confused on which product spent their money on. Here are Top 10 Best Wiper Blades 2019 Reviews that you can buy to get great results


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10. Champion Wipers CH-26-H Hybrid Wiper Blade

This wiper blade is available in various sizes including 16-inch and 28-inch lengths. It is well constructed to give streak-free cleaning. This wiper blade features EZ installation system for simple and easy installation. Subordinate linkage and polymer flexors results in even distribution of force therefore excellent wipe performance. Well integrated spoilers guarantee high speed performance and low wind lift. This blade makes use of modern technology such as bean blades alongside convectional blade. It offers maximum pressure required for windshield wiping. Serve your needs in all harsh climatic conditions. Operates very quietly.


i)They are easy to install thanks to easy-fit universal adapter

ii)Their aerodynamic design prevents wind lift

iii)They are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions


i)Gives a streaking noise when they are worn out

Best Wiper Blades


9. Rain-X 5079277 Latitude Wiper Blades

Rain-X 5079277 Latitude Wiper Blades is sold out 8 products all in a single package. Each wiper blade measures 20 inches. They are made of graphite material to last longer. It features stress-free to install design that works best for various car types. These blades sponge screens without scratching and chattering. These wiper blades are unique and cuts through the ice and water silently. The adapter system has a great design to ensure smooth rolling alongside to support 8 different wiper lengths. It is versatile provides appropriate visibility during sleet, rain and snow. On purchase it includes J-hooks, bayonet and PTB. Its contoured shape guarantees even pressure distribution. The materials used are water resistant.


i)They operate quietly hence you can concentrate on the road ahead

ii)It has no exposed metallic components hence there is no buildup of ice and snow

iii)It is easy to install and can fit many vehicle models


i)The wiper squeaks when rubber gets worn out

Best Wiper Blades


8. Etronic Heavy Duty All Season Wiper Blade

It is made of good quality rubber to improve its durability. This good choice of materials makes the wiper blade heat resistant. Its frame is made of galvanized steel to boost its lifespan further. Stainless steel blade spline hinders rusting. It features finest design for greater visibility especially during clog and misty seasons. Supple spoiler distributes generated downward pressure within the blade so as to hold it firmly on the screen. This results in better performance. It includes friction minimizer for smooth, noise-free wipe. On purchase, the dealers include OEM adapter adaptable to all cars. It is very easy to install.


i)It can be used for all seasons and achieve amazing results

ii)The blades are heat resistant hence durable

iii)Operates quietly


i)Snow gets deposited on the exposed steel

Best Wiper Blades


7. Bosch 3397118979 wiper Blade

This wiper blade measures approximately 24 by 19 inches. Each set features a long lasting steel frame. Its accurately positioned double springs ensure even pressure within the entire blade length by generating memory tension. It delivers great wiping performance. This ensures better visibility and stability. This wiper clears clean water and heavy obstacles such ice, snow and heavy dust. It is very easy to install in most cars. The unique design alongside outstanding FX rubber system safeguard from hardening and ozone damage. Moreover, this dual FX dual rubber organization allows the wiper to be used up to sub-zero temperatures. The shield connector hinders ice and snow from pile up.

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i)The blades are effective even in snowy conditions

ii)The rubber is resistant to hardening and ozone damage

iii)They are easy to install


i)When the rubber gets depleted, it starts to squeak and their efficiency drops to 70 percent

Best Wiper Blades


6. PIAA 95065 Super Silicone Black Wiper Blade

This product is an alloy of silicone and rubber materials. The combination results to long lasting materials that withstand harsh climatic conditions. Silicone coating makes the windshield water resistant making water drop to slide easily. Ergonomic frames are zinc-plated with powder to ensures the rubber strip moves faster during cleaning. The wiper blade not only cleans the windows but also the safeguards from rust and any other form of corrosion especially when exposed to UV rays. Prompt water clearing system generates clearer visibility. Operates very quietly.


i)It can withstand harsh climatic conditions

ii)The glide over the windscreen for faster cleaning


i)They are a bit costly considering its quality

Best Wiper Blades


5. Trico 14-B Exact Fit Wiper Blade

Trico 14-B Exact Fit Wiper Blade is well designed to clear windows of various vehicle brands. It features ergonomic design that is very easy to install. Good choice of materials used to construct it extends its lifespan. It is works independently without adapters for mounting. Expedient one-step system eases installation process. It does not fade therefore it maintains its stunning appearance for long. In-built supple rubber strip is extremely simple to replace when damaged. It is compatible with both domestic and foreign vehicles. Available in various sizes ranging from 25 inches to 74 inches. This gives the customers to choose their preferred size to serve them to perfection.


i)Its appearance remains for long after installation

ii)It is easy to install

iii)It is effective in different weather conditions


i)Squeaks when worn out

Best Wiper Blades


4. Scrubblade HS2200 Platinum 22″ Scrubbing Wiper Blade

Scrubblade HS2200 Platinum 22″ Scrubbing Wiper Blade is manufacture from reputable companies whose product have been tested and approved. It includes dependable scrubbing system for all weather condition. Thick hinges ensure higher resistant that prevents the blades from cracking and splitting. Presence of Nano coating results in quiet and smooth wipes. This keeps the blade free from corrosion thus last longer. The frame is made of excellent platinum material and rubber casing to offer reliable performance especially in areas with ice and snow. On purchase it includes extra adapters that are compatible with most of the vehicles available today. They are built using a lone squeegee blade without scrubbers.


i)Quiet operation due to Nano-coating

ii)Made of platinum which makes it durable

iii)It comes with adapters for compatibility with different car models


i)They are a bit costly but worth it

Best Wiper Blades


3. Michelin 8019 Stealth Hybrid Wiper Blade

This wiper blade is very popular in the market due its high credit performance. It measures 1ppoximately 19 inch appealing design that resembles a curve featured in most windscreens. This ensures quick and corrosion-free cleaning practice. It is made of durable materials to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Furthermore, the design does not allow clogging of debris, snow and ice. The wiper blade is very easy to install. It features EZ lock mechanism so that the blade works with various car adapter regardless of suspension used. The wiper blades are highly reliable so as to deliver effectively over 300,000 wipe cycles. It is free from streaks, smearing and also squeaking.

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i)The blades don’t leave streaks on the windshield

ii)They are easy to install and fit different motor vehicles well

iii)Perform well in different weather condition


i)They are not effective in extreme weather conditions

Best Wiper Blades


2. ACDelco 8-4422 Advantage wiper Blade

This wiper blade brand is greatly engineered to work well for all climatic seasons. Good choice of metallic materials including steel makes it long-lasting when compared to other similar products made of plastics. It is very large measuring 22 inches to fit large windows. To add, the wiper blade features technological components that operates noiselessly and effectively. The wiper blade fits to the window design perfectly for advanced cleaning. It has a dogleg design to convenience those with high wrap cars. Very easy to install using the available motor vehicles equipment’s. The rubber strip does not scratch the quality of the screen.  Results to clear visibility. No adapters required for mounting the wiper blade on your car.


i)It can withstand extreme weather conditions

ii)Has great aerodynamic design for optimal performance

iii)The are easy to install and comes with an adapter


i)Highly priced.

Best Wiper Blades


1. Valeo 900181B ULTIMATE Wiper Blade

Valeo 900181B ULTIMATE Wiper Blade is well known for its great performance. It is 18 inches long to cover wide cleaning area. It makes use of tec3 technology alongside rubber encasing to ensure quite wiping. The wiper blades last for many years. Also, the rubber protects your screen from corrosion and scratches. Its unique design makes simple to install either in presence of an adapter or not. Cleans the windows at high speed. The blade ensures even pressure distribution within the windscreen. It has no metal structure to collect ice and snow thus perfect for all weather condition.


i)Its Tec3 technology ensures quite operation

ii)There metal is enclosed in rubber hence does not collect ice or snow

iii)The blades works well under all weather conditions


i)They wear out with time which reduces it performance just like it is the case with most wipers

Best Wiper Blades


These are the best wiper blades in the market each having its pros and cons. Choose the best that will fit your car and perform as intended. There is always a button for choosing you car model so that buy the one that fits your specific car model.

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