Top 10 Best Winter Tents Reviews

The invention of winter tents has its own share of cons, but the pros outweigh them. The winter tents have made winter camping a reality. Always ensure you use the ideal winter tent when going out. The ideal winter tent will have features that allow the tent to withstand extreme weather conditions. Some of the best winter tents in 2019 include:

The Best Winter Tents in 2019 Collection

Naturehike Cloud-Up 1, 2 and 3 Person Lightweight

This is a backpacking tent with footprint that is lightweight. It can be used through the four seasons. The customer reviews are at 4.4.

Major Features:
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made of double layer.
  • It is a strong and breathable camping tent due to the upgraded ventilation.
What We Think Is Good
  • It is easy to set the tent up.
  • The poles are free standing.
  • It is a sturdy and warm camping tent.
What We Still Consider
  • It is made from nylon.
  • Inadequate inside tent pockets.

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent Backpacking Tents

It is a hexagonal dome-shaped waterproof tent. It is an automatic tent installation tent with client reviews at 4.1. It is the ideal outdoor tent for sports or when camping. The mesh windows in the tent ensure proper ventilation.

Major Features:
  • A waterproof tent with two doors for easy access.
  • The tent is spacious enough to be used as a play room.
  • It is made with an automatic hydraulic design.
What We Think Is Good
  • Easy installation of the tent due to automatic installation and automatic folding of the tent.
  • This camping tent is very durable.
  • The tent is very comfortable.
What We Still Consider
  • The tent cannot be machine-washed.
  • Closing the locking elements is a little challenging.

Coleman 2000028058 Tent 17X9 Weathermaster 10

This tent is designed like a cabin. It can fit three queen size air beds. The tent can be set up in almost twenty minutes. The client reviews are at 4.0.

Major Features:
  • It has a room divider for increased privacy.
  • It features a WeatherTec system having inverted seams and patented welded floors which ensure you are dry.
  • The front door is hinged, allowing easy entry.
What We Think Is Good
  • The zippers are strong and sturdy.
  • The tent carrying bag is spacious and easy to carry.
  • Good airflow inside the tent.
What We Still Consider
  • The metallic tent stakes are flimsy.
  • Setting up the tent is quite time consuming.

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents

It has a packaging containing aluminum alloy stakes and reflective lines. The customer reviews are at 4.6. it has a mesh detachable ceiling at a pocket friendly cost. It can be used in three seasons.

Major Features:
  • It is equipped with a tension lock cord adjustment.
  • It has a gear loft and footprint.
  • It has a proprietary stake presser.
What We Think Is Good
  • It is a durable light-weight camping tent.
  • It is roomy and waterproof.
  • It is set-up with much ease.
What We Still Consider
  • Vent windows located in the fly don’t stay open under extreme winds or very cold temperatures.
  • Micro droplets might find their way into the tent under very heavy down pour.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

This is a camping tent with additional vents for proper air circulation. The customer reviews are at 4.5. it is a durable nice looking tent with two doors and vestibules.

Major Features:
  • The free standing two poles are designed with fiberglass poles.
  • It is made from polyester, making it water resistant.
  • The poles are made from aluminum.
What We Think Is Good
  • It can be assembled with much ease.
  • Extra storage space is through the adding of two vestibules.
  • The two entry ways and the zippered window results in great ventilation while offering easy access.
What We Still Consider
  • The sealing on some places is quite poor.
  • The windows are made of plastic.

Top 5 Best Winter Tents in 2019 Collection

Guide Gear Teepee Tent, 10′ x 10′

It’s a triangular shaped tent with a rain protected ventilation at the peak. It contains several ground air vents which allow for superior airflow. The packaging includes a steel pole, a carry bag, zippers, footprint, door and windows. The Customer reviews are at 3.7.

Major Features:

  • The polyethylene floor is sewn in for the sturdiness of the tent.
  • The windows have internal shades.
  • It has a center pole made of steel.
What We Think Is Good
  • Water and insects are kept out by the factory-sealed seams.
  • It has a distinctive appearance.
  • It’s a spacious tent.
What We Still Consider
  • Side ventilation opens and closes only from the outside.
  • Rain fly doors don’t zip close completely.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

It is a family dome-shaped tent having an attached screen room. The tent is made from weather repellent polyester plus polyurethane coating. The screened area can be used as a sleeping room or a sun room. The customer reviews are at 3.9.

Major Features:
  • The rain fly is removable.
  • Has double-staked power corners which enable durability.
  • It has vents on the roof and convenience pockets.
What We Think Is Good
  • This tent is very comfortable.
  • The interior is very spacious.
  • The tent floor is very durable.
What We Still Consider
  • No hole where an electric cable can pass through.
  • The rain fly is dark colored making the tent to be very hot during the day.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

It is a tent made from taped and polyester seams. This tent is set instantly in less than a minute. The inverted seams ensure the tent occupants are very dry in extreme weather. One queen airbed will comfortable fit in this tent. The rugged polyguard is two times thick with a double fabric, making this tent to be durable and reliable. The customer reviews are at 4.1.

Major Features:
  • It is equipped with necessary WeatherTec systems.
  • It comes with preassembled poles.
  • It is equipped with dark room technology.
What We Think Is Good
  • The setup is easy and quick.
  • It has several integrated storage pockets for keeping of small items.
  • It is an easy to set up camping tent.
What We Still Consider
  • The tent is not ideal for backpacking.
  • There are no windows on all the sides.

Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

This tent is made from polyester. The rain fly is removable and the front door is D-styled for increased ventilation. The customer reviews are at 3.8. this tent can accommodate three people.

Major Features:
  • It has two mesh windows.
  • It has an integrated mat for mud featuring a drainage strip.
  • There is a hanging gear pocket included and a gear loft.
What We Think Is Good
  • This tent is very lightweight.
  • Assembling is very easy and fun.
  • The tent is very portable.
What We Still Consider
  • The seams must be sealed.
  • It cannot be set up by one person, it will be quite challenging.

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

This camping tent is spacious providing a comfortable space for eight people. the packaging contains separate bags for the stakes, poles and the tent. The client reviews on amazon are at 3.9.

Major Features:
  • The dividers can be used for room separation for privacy.
  • The mud mat is detachable.
  • The packaging contains a rain fly.
What We Think Is Good
  • This tent is ideal for family camping.
  • Setting up the tent and packing it in the bags is easy.
  • it protects from windy, stormy and cold weather.
What We Still Consider
  • The mesh openings cannot be shut closed.
  • The door has to be opened all the way up.


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