Top 10 Best Winter Boots for Women In 2019 Reviews

When the cold season bites, the best winter boots for women come in handy. This is especially the case if you still love going for fun and adventure outdoors and won’t be held back by inclement weather. We understand this feeling. Indeed, we are of the same school. Cold, snow and muck should be no excuse to lead a sedentary life indoors. In keeping with this truism, we have evaluated dozens of women’s winter boots available online to see whether they conform to the best standards in terms of construction, fashionable styling, comfort and value for money. In the end, we picked these ten as the top 10 best winter boots for women this year.

10. Women’s DailyShoes Snow Booties Up Ankle Buckle

Meet the cold and intractability of winter with the most resilient winter boots yet from DailyShoes. These boots are designed to ensure versatility of use and all-round protection for your feet. Take them out when it snows and you will be as warm and cozy as you were indoors. This is a truly fun pair of shoes for the woman who knows what she wants. When the winter comes, you could not wish for a better way to announce your taste and fashion sense.

  • Brand: DailyShoes
  • Color: Brown
  • Other colors/patterns: Choose from 8 different colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Rubber upper and synthetic leather shaft
  • Outsole: Rubber

9. Columbia Women’s Loveland Mid Omni-Heat Snow Boot

This new version of Columbia Women’s Loveland snow boots come with enhanced padding, lining and even better treading of the outsole. This means you will not only feel the shoes being comfier than ever but you will be able to trek in the snow with less chance of misadventure. And, maybe best of all, the price tag is still affordable. Add this pair of boots to your collection and you will be well on your way to being the most intrepid winter adventurer this year!

  • Brand: Columbia
  • Color: Black + Sea salt
  • Other colors/patterns: Available in four other color combos
  • Upper shoe: Synthetic textile
  • Outsole: Synthetic rubber

8. Northside Women’s Bishop Snow Boot

Bishop boots are designed to help you confront the most challenging outdoor conditions with grace and style. With your feet encased in these fashionable boots, you will be able to move across all forms of terrain without suffering let backs or misadventure. The shoes offer good traction, unequaled comfort and will not compromise your sense of fashion.

  • Brand: Bishiop by Northside
  • Color: Black
  • Other colors/patterns: Available in 7 other color choices
  • Upper shoe: Manmade leather
  • Outsole: Rubber

7. London Fog Womens Melton Cold Weather Waterproof Snow Boot

Your feet will fall in love with these London Fog winter boots due to their inherent comfort, rugged exterior and fashionable styling. It is yet another reason why you should not bad weather or terrain conditions hold you back from having fun on an adventure. The boots’ distinctive sole will offer great traction as well as stability. The interior is also lined carefully to ensure that no heat is lost as you spend your time in the snow. And, in case you are wondering, the price tag is as budget friendly as you are ever likely going to get this year.

  • Brand: London Fog
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Other colors/patterns: Available in five other color combos
  • Upper shoe: Faux leather
  • Outsole: Man made rubber

6. arctV8 Women’s Winter Cold Weather Mid High Faux Fur Snow Boots

A lot of footwear customers often complain that the shoes they buy online end up being a disappointment when they put them on. If you are one of them you can now enjoy shoes which fit intuitively and feel as comfortable as they look stylish. Moreover, owing to the adequate padding and all-round lining, you will be able to brave wintry outdoor conditions without breaking a sweat, literally!

  • Brand: arctV8
  • Color: Black nubuck leather
  • Other colors/patterns: Available in eight different colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Nubuck leather (versions with suede and textile upper available)
  • Outsole: Rubber

5. Womens Fur Cuff Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Lace Up Short Winter Snow Rain Boots

Give your feet a treat when wintry weather bites by cladding them in these ultra comfortable shoes from Polar Products. Made of synthetic leather and featuring a durable rubber sole, the shoes are going to offer you the best protection from the most extreme outdoor conditions. If you needed an excuse to go for an adventure, buy these shoes and let your spirit and imagination soar.

  • Brand: Polar Products
  • Color: Tan
  • Other colors/patterns: Choose from over a dozen colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Suede (some versions with textile upper shoe)
  • Outsole: Rubber

4. Susanny Suede and Velvet Women’s Lace Up Cotton Snow Boots

While the Company behind the Susanny brand is relatively new in the footwear industry, in a period spanning just over a decade it has established itself as a competent designer of outdoor footwear. By using innovative production techniques without compromising on quality of the materials and workmanship, the company guarantees top shelf quality boots at a fraction of the price. This boot has a fashionable appearance and will protect you from the vagaries of cold weather all year round.

  • Brand: Susanny
  • Color: Black
  • Other colors/patterns: Blue, grey, khaki, red
  • Upper shoe: Suede leather
  • Outsole: Rubber

3. Polar Womens Quilted Waterproof Hiking Duck Mid Calf Winter Muck Walking Boots

This is yet another winter boot from the irrepressible Polar Products footwear and apparel company. Again, the boot features a distinctive quilted upper and traction efficient outsole. The interior is lined with faux fur so that all the warmth of your feet is retained inside the shoes. And, as nay fashionable women’s shoes should be, these boots are available in palette of fashionable colors and patterns to suit your style and preferences.

  • Brand: Polar
  • Color: Black
  • Other colors/patterns: Gray, black with leather upper
  • Upper shoe: Quilted fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber

2. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot

For those in the know, the brand Kamik is an expression of flawless performance in extreme conditions. This is why when the weather turns inclement; you have no better footwear products to trust than those by Kamik. Indeed, this boot has been tried and guaranteed to offer warmth and comfort in plunging arctic conditions with the thermometer reading -25 degrees. What more could you ask for in a women’s winter boot?

  • Brand: Kamik
  • Color: Black
  • Other colors/patterns: Choose from over 1 dozen different colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Synthetic fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber

1. Polar Womens Single Toggle Quilted Waterproof Artic Winter Muck Thermal Winter Snow Boots

If you have tried Polar Products outdoor footwear, then we need not belabor the point that the quality and workmanship of the brand is impeccable. This quilted and waterproof boot is yet another reason why the company is winning rave reviews online and gaining much popularity as a result. The boot is both lightweight and completely waterproof. Moreover, the all-round padding and lining provided in the interior guarantee you top comfort.

  • Brand: Polar Products
  • Color: Black
  • Other colors/patterns: Black, brown, gray, black with textile upper
  • Upper shoe: Quilted canvas and rubber
  • Outsole: Rubber

You have now had a glimpse of the top 10 best winter boots for women in 2019. Presumably, you were able to pick one or a couple which live up to your standards. But there are more details specifications and comprehensive reviews posted by other users available on Just click the links provided under each product for more information.

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