Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners Reviewed in 2021

If you are shopping for window air conditioners, you definitely need some valuable advice so that you don’t have to be sorry later on. We have reviewed here the ten best window air conditioners in 2021 available in the market. There are some affordable budget air conditioners which come with all the basic necessary features and then there are certain high end smart ones, which automatically understand your needs and cool accordingly.

Your buying decision also depends a lot on the size of the place, you want your AC to cool.

Read further to find out which are the best window air conditioners that stand out from the rest and give you that perfect temperature, you want to set for your space.

10. COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control Dehumidifier Function Window Wall Mount (10,000 BTU)

Portable and with the best split system, the air conditioners from the Costway  has a variety of operating modes such as dehumidification, cooling, sleep and fan mode, which is suitable for office spaces and homes. The AC has a cooling rate of 10000 BTU and requires no hose for any draining. The AC has the two way up and down air deflection that ensures even distribution of air. There are multiple features such as auto condensate circle, super intelligent temperature sensor, water full control and warning and a 24-hour programmable timer.

The LCD display offers a digitalised view of the temperature and its controls along with its remote allow precise temperature adjustments from across the room. The four casters beneath the AC allows it to be moved from one place to another with ease. The AC has a coverage area of 200 sq ft and a quick install window kit is included with the package in case the need arises to exhaust the unit through any horizontal or vertical window. The package contains the main AC, remote control, window seal plate and the exhaust hose.


  • AC cooling rate is 10,000 BTU
  • AC coverage area is 200 sq ft
  • Multiple modes such as fan, cooling, AC and dehumidifier
  • Easily portable due to the four casters present beneath the AC
  • Features such as 24 hour programmable timer, super intelligent temperature sensor, auto condensate circle and water full control and warning
  • No drain hose required


  • The sound is loud, at 55 dB

The AC is portable with super intelligent features, which is quite an advantage. Also, it is useful for almost all types of spaces and since there is no drain hose needed, the AC looks more like a convenient choice, if you ignore the noise part.

9. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Air Conditione

energy star logo

The Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is unique in that it features a low power start-up saving you on the energy costs, and quiet operation which makes enjoy your stay in the room. Having a quiet operating air conditioner can make all the difference because some are too noisy you end up regretting buying them. It also features an effortless restart system so, in case of power interruptions, you won’t have to go back and rest it, and rather, it will pick up from where it was.

In addition, this air conditioner has mechanical rotary controls, two fan speeds, 2 cool speeds & 2-way air direction. This means that the rate of air circulation will be high and your room will be cooled fast. You get to understand how important this is if you walk into a very stuffy room. It is a 5,000-BTU mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner and comes with a window mounting kit to make installation hassle-free, and it is ideal for rooms that are up to 150sq.ft.


  • It is a 5,000-BTU mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner
  • Mounting kit is included
  • Have the mechanical rotary controls
  • Features 2 fan speeds and 2 cool speeds with a 2-way air direction
  • Has a low power start-up
  • Gives a quiet operation
  • Requires effortless restart


  • Designed for just vertically sliding windows but if you can get enough duct tape and cardboard, it will function perfectly

This is a 5,000-BTU mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner and comes with a window mounting kit to make installation hassle-free, and it is ideal for rooms that are up to 150sq.ft.

8. Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter+

Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner

Pioneer has introduced the WYS012 series of air conditioners as pioneering as their brand name. It’s an all in one system with the ability of air conditioning, dehumidification, ventilation and heating using the reverse cycle heat pump. The cooling rate is 12000 BTU with the heating rate also being at 12000 BTU. The AC has wireless internet worldwide remote access and programming module option. Features include an attractive flat front panel with the dimmable LED display, automatic swing air discharge louvres, permanent washable air filters and a  multi-speed fan motor ensuring quiet operation.

The wireless remote used for the AC has a large LCD backlight display with multifunction options which can be controlled from afar. The package contains a pair of insulated copper tubings with flare connections, interconnecting signal wiring, wall sleeve liner and cap, putty, drain line extension and a wrapping tape. The ACs have undergone many safety tests and has approval by the ETL. The approval by AHRI  lists the product under energy efficient ACs. The hotline service is always there 24*7 and you can ask any queries related to installation, warranty or any troubleshooting issues.


  • Cooling rate : 12000 BTU, Heating rate : 12000 BTU
  • Attractive front panel with wireless remote
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification, all possible in one system
  • Proactive hotline help
  • Low sound while operating


  • Air leaks can happen sometimes

Overall, it is a good air conditioner with a good cooling and heating rate. With all the advanced features, this air conditioner makes it to the top of  the list as it is energy efficient, safe, quiet and a remotely operating system.

7. Frigidaire 10,000 Btu Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 10,000 Btu Window-Mounted Air Conditioner, Compact, 115v With Temperature-Sensing Remote Control

This is the most compact window-mounted air conditioner that you will ever get. It is a 10,000 BTU air conditioner and uses 115V electric outlet standard. Its installation process is easy, and you will use it for a very long time without any malfunctions because it’s built for durability. You will also have an easy time operating and controlling it because it comes with a very high-quality temperature-sensing remote control.

It is perfect for any rooms that are within 450sq.ft. and it cools them quickly, and you can use your remote control to set it how you want. Its dehumidification is up to three pints per hour and also features a great clean air ionizer that removes any impurities and pollen from the air thus providing a lasting relief for those suffering from any allergies. It is not common to find a window-mounted air conditioner so cheap yet with so many great features, but Frigidaire made it possible.


  • 10,000 BTU
  • Compact window-mounted air conditioner
  • Ideal for cooling up to 450sq.ft rooms
  • Features a clean air ionizers that remove impurities and pollen making it perfect for people suffering from any allergies
  • Has a temperature-sensing remote control


  • Isolated complaint of the air conditioner forming some little black stuff on the front grill/filter but it’s no big deal as you can easily clean it out using a Q-Tip or whatever is available for you.

This window-mounted air conditioner is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies as it features a clean air ionizer that helps get rid or impurities and pollen. It’s also very compact for window-mounted installation.

6. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

If there is one brand of air conditioners that stand for quality and durability, along with sleek design, it would be Friedrich. The CP06 series are energy efficient as they are energy star qualified models and have a money saver setting which operates only the fan when it is cooling. There are 3 cooling and fan-only speeds. The auto air sweep swing louvres ensure even distribution of air and everything can be controlled by digital remote control.

The cooling rate is in the range between 5200 BTU and 24000 BTU. A 24-hour timer is there to program on and off times which will automatically save a lot of money and energy by operating at times when it is needed. The installation is simple and can be done either through the window or in the window. The power cord can run through either the left or the right, which means it is quite easy to set the wires. The filters used are antimicrobial and washable, which are also reusable. Another feature included is the EntryGard anti-intrusion protection which prevents the entry of unwanted particles and insects.


  • Cooling rate range between 5200 BTU and 24000 BTU
  • Controlled by digital remote control
  • 24 hour timer to control operating times
  • Antimicrobial filters


  • The fans could be misaligned sometimes
  • Many reviews mentioned how loud it was

Apart from the noise control issue, the air conditioner is a good investment. The cooling rate is very high and so is the coverage area, which makes it an effective apparatus. Also, it is highly energy efficient. It saves a lot of energy and as a result, money, which can be invested elsewhere.

5. Spt Window Air Conditioner, WA-1222S 12,000BTU

Spt Window Air Conditioner, WA-1222S 12,000BTU

This is an energy star rated window air conditioner with 3 fan speeds whose modes range from Dry, Auto, Energy-Saver and Sleep. This enables the users to get their rooms to their preferred temperatures with ease. This is also helpful when it comes to season changes because if you like your room cool or warm, you can always have it that way no matter the outside changes. Have you ever owned a window air conditioner with a thermostat-controlled energy-saver?

It features electronic controls that have a digital display. This makes it easy to operate and at the same time makes it look classy. Even for newbies, this window air conditioner will be like a walk in the park when it comes to installation and control. It also features an auto restart feature so it can automatically restart itself if need be without you having to do it. It also has a top air discharge that removes the odor while allowing fresh air in. With this window air conditioner, you will always have a fresh room and at the right temperature.


  • Energy Star Rated
  • Auto Restart Feature
  • Thermostat controlled energy-saver
  • Top air discharge
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Cooling area: 450-500sq.ft.


  • Isolated complaints of the product being a little loud but this only happens left on high setting for a long time

To get an always-fresh-room, this here is your deal. The SPT WA-1222S Window Air Conditioner will save your money, give you an easy time installing and controlling it and finally transform your room to the freshest and keep it at the right temperature all the time.

4. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

When it comes to gauging the performance of the window A/C units available on the market, none beats the Haier ESAQ406P. It’s a window air conditioner that stands out regarding efficiency, convenience and noise level. Its ranking as the front-runner among the window A/ C units has not come easy. The manufacturer has done all that’s in their power to bring you this superb product.

First, it boasts an energy star certification. Beyond meeting the required energy efficiency standards, the Haier ESAQ406P is 30% more energy efficient. With its 3 fan speeds, you can select one that suits cooling your room without compromising energy efficiency. Again, the Haier ESAQ406P moves away up to 200cubic ft of air /minute. Therefore, it cools a room in no time. Also, it removes 1.5 pints of moisture per hour. With this abilities, this machine ranks as the fastest air conditioner on the market so far.

Even more, the Haier ESAQ406P stands at 6050 BTU. Its size makes it ideal for cooling small rooms up to 250sq.ft. For optimum versatility and convenience, this A/C unit comes with a broad range of operational modes. Its auto mode varies the fan and compressor speeds and run times to maintain the room at your preferred temperature levels.

Sleep mode allows you to set this machine to turn itself off automatically at night or raise the chamber temperature gradually to eliminate the cold before you wake. An LCD remote control ensures easy and straightforward control. The featured dehumidify mode provides excellent humidity removal. Even more, the fan-only mode facilitates excellent air circulation without necessarily cooling the room. Its minimalistic noise level of only 43 DB is also impressive. Particularly pertinent, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on this A/C unit.


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Broad load of priceless functional features and modes for ultimate reliability, convenience and flexibility
  • Low noise level- Only 43 DB
  • One-year warranty
  • Ultra-fast


  • The offered warranty period is quite short relative to other competitive window A/C units

Hardly will you find any other window A/C unit that matches the Haier ESAQ406P. Its superiority comes from its energy efficiency, great functional modes, and features, fast operation among other priceless traits. Summer has never felt better with the Haier ESAQ406P.

3. Keystone Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

 Keystone Window-Mounted Air Conditioner, 5,000 BTU 115V, LCD Remote Control

Is your room size anything between 115 sq.ft. then this window-mounted air conditioner suits you best as it perfectly cools a room that’s 150 sq.ft. and below with dehumidification of a maximum of 1.3 pints per hour. You will, therefore, enjoying working in your room as this air conditioner creates the best working environment all through. This Keystone’s Window-Mounted Air Conditioner features 3 cooling speeds thus you will always be able to play around with each to get the kind of coolness that works best for you.

This window air conditioner also features 3 fan speeds that have 2-way adjustable airflow. With this, you can be you can be sure that you will always get what you want. And, just to mention, operating this window air conditioner is super easy, so you don’t need to have used one before to operate this effectively. When it comes to installation, the Keystone 5,000 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner comes with the window installation kit and thus this makes your work so easy. This air conditioner uses the 115-volt electric outlet and still gives best of the results. If you have been wondering which air conditioner to get for your room, this here is your answer.


  • Window-Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Uses standard 115V electric outlet
  • Cools any room that’s up to 150sq. ft.
  • Its dehumidification is up to 1.3 Pints per hour
  • Features 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, 2-way adjustable airflow
  • Comes with the window installation kit and a remote control
  • Super easy to install and operate
  • Has an energy saver mode that conserves energy thus saving your money
  • Easy-clean


  • Isolated claims of the item producing some noise after using it for some time but this only happens if you fail to clean it up as instructed

If you want a fairly priced window-mounted air conditioner, then here it is. It works perfectly to ensure that your room is always at the right temperature and it’s easy to install and control. You don’t need any prior experience with one to know how to go about it.

2. Frigidaire FFRA1222R1 12000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFRA1222R1 12000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner

Frigidaire, a trusted air conditioner manufacturer, is the proud developer of this high-grade, window-mounted air conditioner.

When all you seek is quality, reliability, and convenience in an air conditioning machine, the Frigidaire FFRA1222R1 will always suit your prospects appropriately.

It’s a 12000 BTU air conditioner. Its excellent build allows it to cool large areas. You can use it to regulate the heat and air in rooms up to 550sq.ft.

Also, worth noting is that this A/C unit works with the standard 115V power outlets. For more convenience and ease of use, the manufacturer provides a sturdy window mounting kit with this air conditioner.

Beyond bringing you multiple-speed electronic controls, this A/C unit also comes with a 24-hour on/off timer, sleep mode, automatic cooling function, exhaust control, among other priceless features.

You will not have to rise from your couch whenever you need to regulate the room temperatures as this unit features a full-function remote control.

It works in 8-way air direction for excellent cooling.

With an energy saver mode, you will not only appreciate the ability of this machine to condition the room conditions but also its energy efficiency. In fact, it’s rated 10:9 regarding energy efficiency.


  • Windows installation kit provided
  • Cools vast areas up to 550sq.ft
  • Multi-speed electrical controls
  • Full-function remote control
  • Energy saver mode- For optimum energy efficiency
  • Sleep Mode- Saves on power when out of use


  • Does not save the preferred user settings- It assumes the default settings once turned off

In general, the Frigidaire FFRA1222R1 air conditioner is a reliable machine. It works well and is ultra-durable. Installing it is ultra-easy thanks to the featured window installation kit. It’s an appliance whose value surpasses its cost.

1. GE AEM05LX 19″ Window Air Conditioner with 5200 Cooling BTU


The light cool grey coloured GE AEM05LX window air conditioners from the National Refrigerants Inc has a sleek design and attractive features that could literally blow minds. Literally speaking, blowing cool air in an efficient manner. The model is Energy Star qualified, which means it is highly energy efficient. The UL certified air conditioner has a cooling rate of 5200 BTU and has dimensions of 20.94 inches x 12.75 inches x 15.72 inches.

There are 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan-only speeds. The energy saver mode switches off temporarily for a while when the room is adequately cooled according to the settings. An electronic digital thermostat is available which keeps the temperature in check. The chassis is fixed and cannot be adjusted. A 24-hour timer is also installed in order to set operating times conveniently. The AC weighs 46 pounds and has a voltage of 115 volts.


  • Has UL certification and energy efficiency star
  • 5200 BTU cooling rate and 3 cooling and 3 fan only speeds
  • Electronic digital thermostat


  • Lower cooling range than most in the market

But the good news is, there has been none or fewer negative comments till now about the air conditioner. If the part about the low cooling rate is left out, which is still adequate for common uses, this AC is quite promising and is very easy on the money with its energy efficient features.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Window Air Conditioner

The Size of Your Room

The Rooms’ sizes determine the power specification to consider in the A/C units. How much power is needed to cool my home/office adequately? This is the question that should come to your mind first.

Buy the right size A/C unit. Avoid buying a colossal unit than you don’t need or a tiny one that will not cool your room effectively.

For bedrooms, go for an A/C unit rates 80 watts / square M. For living areas, go for the units rated 125 watts/square M.

Noise Level

Avoid buying extremely noisy A/C units. Noisy A/C units are very annoying. They disturb sleeping children, lead you to shouting to be heard and at times disturb the neighbors. You may have to part with a little more bucks to buy a low noise A/C unit.

Energy Efficiency

With the gradually improving technology, finding energy efficient A/C units is now easy as pie. Ensure that you check the SEER rating of a given unit before purchase. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient is the unit. An energy star logo and certification in a given conditioner is a guarantee of its energy efficiency.


Ensure that your preferred A/C unit is backed by a long manufacturer’s warranty. This way, you will always be safe in the case of quality or performance issues. Also, ensure that the warranty does not dictate the installation by specific contractors before doing it yourself.

Installation and Care

Ensure that your A/C unit is installed by experts or as per the warranty’s dictation. This way, you will be guaranteed of disappointment-free services. Also, maintain your A/C system regularly.

Conclusion: The above list of top 10 best window air conditioners reviewed in 2021 will help land the best air conditioner for your needs. Getting the best air conditioner means that you cut on energy costs, stay in a fresh room, and generally be happy about your choice.Also check our guide on the best air conditioner cover.