Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows in 2019 Reviews

A wheelbarrow is one of the most versatile and important tool that a homeowner can own. A good quality wheelbarrow can make a rather hard task easy. Best wheelbarrows comes handy for landscapers, construction workers, gardeners, business owners and homeowners. I have been a landscaper for more than five years and I can’t imagine how I would have managed to accomplish my tasks without a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows are available in a range of designs and are made from different materials ranging from plastic, metal and even wood. Each kind of wheelbarrow comes with its advantages and drawbacks. Top rated wheelbarrows can handle different kind of work well. Although all wheelbarrow may look similar, a slight change in dimension, size and weight can make it best suited for a particular task.

Having tried different brands of wheelbarrows, I have come to learn the factors that one should consider when buying a wheelbarrow. What are these factors?

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

i)Weight and Nature of Load

Think about the load you are going to use the wheelbarrow to carry. A metal pan wheelbarrow is more suited for carrying heavy loads such as bricks. A plastic wheelbarrow will be lighter than a metal wheelbarrow of the same volume which makes it more suited for carrying things like straw and hay. The nature of the load you are carrying also determines whether you will choose a plastic or metallic pan wheelbarrow. Horse waste corrodes metal barrows and a plastic barrow will be more suited.

ii)Capability of User

Who is going to use the wheelbarrow? Consider what they are capable of moving. If you are the one using it, then don’t buy a large wheelbarrow that you cannot push when fully loaded. A lighter and smaller wheelbarrow would make more sense


Where will you be using the wheelbarrow? Are there space limitations? Always have in mind the dimensions of the space you are going to use the wheelbarrow. Doorways and gateways are always the tightest spaces.

You should also have in mind where you are going to store the wheelbarrow and if there is space available. Metallic wheelbarrows must be stored inside the garage or shed to avoid rusting. Plastic wheelbarrows on the other hand can be stored outside if there is no space.

iv)Material used to make Wheelbarrow Trays

The wheelbarrow tray can either be made of metal or plastic. Metallic trays are stronger but is susceptible to rust. Galvanized metal will last longer but may need to be repainted after some time. Metal trays are also affected by animal waste and toxic substances

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Plastic trays on the other hand are lighter and weather proof but not as strong as metallic trays. Plastic is resistant to animal waste and other toxic substances that degrade metal trays.


Tires of a wheelbarrow can either be pneumatic or solid. Pneumatic tires are more suited for rough terrains as it absorbs undulations but can puncture. Solid tires won’t puncture but are not smooth on rough terrain.

You also have to consider if you prefer the single or dual tire wheelbarrow. Single tire wheelbarrow is easy to maneuver. Dual tire wheelbarrow are more stable and are easier to tip when unloading.

Alternative to Wheelbarrows

Garden carts is an immediate alternative to a wheelbarrow. They have four wheels are designed to be pulled. They are more suited for carrying large loads which would be tiresome to do carry with a wheelbarrow.  They can be attached to a tractor and pulled even off-road surfaces. However, they are not easy to maneuver on uneven surfaces and cannot be used where there is limited space.

Having shared with you the factors that one should consider when buying a wheelbarrow, it is now time to look at this list of Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows in 2019 Reviews that I have thoroughly research to help you in buying the best.

10. United General WH89982 Wheelbarrow

United General wheelbarrow has a good capacity of 20 gallons and can be used for carrying all types of construction and gardening materials. I particular like the fact that this wheelbarrow is made of impact proof steel which is durable. Unlike some models with same capacity, United General Wheelbarrow is lightweight making hauling more enjoyable. The handles feature an ergonomic design and is made of lightweight, non-irritant wood. The pneumatic tire makes pushing and steering even in rough terrain easy


i)It is lightweight thus requires little effort to use.

ii)Large carrying capacity.

iii)Durable as it is made of steel.


i)Some people prefer solid tire instead of pneumatic one.

Best Wheelbarrows

9. Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow BP8

Ames True Temper is a great choice for people who prefer plastic carriages instead of metallic ones. While plastic trays are not as strong as their metallic counterparts, they are rust and corrosion proof. The handles are made of hardwood. This wheelbarrow is lightweight, reliable and constructed to meet high quality requirements. You can use it for gardening and construction activities such as mixing and carrying cement, stones, and other construction materials. It is perfect for families with kids due to its minimalistic design. It is a great way to teach kids responsibilities such as gardening in a fun way.


i)Lightweight and can be used by kids

ii)Pneumatic tires that work with all terrain

iii)It is easy to setup out of the box

iv)Easy to clean


i)Small carrying capacity

Best Wheelbarrows

8. Janod Metal Wheelbarrow

Just like its predecessor, this is another kid’s wheelbarrow but with a metallic tray. The kids can use it to do real gardening chores or use it for simulated construction work during his or her play time. The edges feature a rolled, well finished design which prevents injury during play time. It is a great accessory for family bonding activities and developing kids’ motor skills. Being metallic, you can be sure of its durability. The wheelbarrow comes with a kid’s size rake and trowel.

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i)Has metallic tray for durability

ii)Safety features makes it safe for kids


i)Has a small carrying capacity which OK considering it is a kid’s wheelbarrow.

Best Wheelbarrows

7. Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

If you are looking for a heavy duty construction wheelbarrow then this Jackson M6T22 Contractor is worth considering. It has a sturdy design to withstand all kinds of abuses that are characteristic of every construction site. They tray is made of a rust-resistant steel and has a capacity of 6 cubic feet. It has reinforced frame and H-braces in front. The tray features a low profile design which makes it to load and unload heavy material. Notwithstanding its solid construction, Jackson M6T22 Wheelbarrow still manages to be lightweight. The 16-inch tube tire is durable and rolls smoothly on all kinds of terrains.


i)It is a heavy-duty wheelbarrow

ii)Made of durable materials.

iii)Easy to steer around due to its large tire


i)It is a little heavy and wide hence more difficult to use in narrow passages

Best Wheelbarrows

6. Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray Lightweight Children’s Size Wheelbarrow

Seynour WB-JR Wheelbarrow is another kid’s wheelbarrow that all the qualities to make every child enjoy playtime. The tray is lightweight, high-density poly tray that is kid-safe. The fact that the tray is made of poly makes it corrosion free and perfect for outdoor use. The tire is made of solid rubber and the presence of smooth-rolling bearings makes it easy to push even when loaded. The handles are made of ergonomic hardwood that is strong and rot resistant.


i)It is lightweight hence suitable for kids

ii)The tray is made of high density poly that is corrosion free


i)Not suitable for heavy duty activities

Best Wheelbarrows

5. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Gorilla Poly Dump Cart comes in at position five as it is a hybrid wheelbarrow that dumps just like the conventional wheelbarrow. It can comfortably carry a weight of 1200 pounds making suitable for landscaping and gardening. It can be hooked to a lawn tractor for an effortless movement of load. The hybrid wheelbarrow is made of rust resistant steel with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. It is a great asset if you are always moving heavy stuff around the house.


i)Carries extra heavy load

ii)Can be attached to a lawn tractor

iii)Easy to maintain


i)Can be challenging to maneuver

Best Wheelbarrows

4. Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

If you are an environmentally conscious person, you will appreciate this Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow which the tub is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. The wheelbarrow has a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet and can handle weights of up to 550 pounds. I particularly like the wheelbarrow’s extra wide wheel base and low center gravity which makes it more stable. The steel frame is powder coated and can handle any kind of weather. This is a wheelbarrow that handles all kinds of loads and is durable.

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i)Has a wide wheel base which increases stability

ii)It has a big capacity of 6.5 cubic foot

iii)It is durable


Best Wheelbarrows

3. WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart wheelbarrow is a versatile wheelbarrow that can be used all homestead activities. The two oversized wheels makes it stable and sturdy to hold up to 300 pounds. The flat free tires means they are maintenance free.  The wheelbarrow has a steel construction making it durable. The wheelbarrow can easily go through gates and doorways thanks to its narrow design. The handles are removable which makes it easy to load into the trunk. It has a fold out extension that you can use to carry mulch, flower pots, and straw bales.  It can be converted to “dolly” mode for easy transportation of round objects. It can carry up to 300 pounds.



ii)Versatile and can be converted into different modes

iii)Easy to transport


i)It is a bit costly

Best Wheelbarrows

2. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

This Yard Rover Wheelbarrow features a dual-wheel design which makes it extra stable to load and push. The cushion grip handle has a loop design which makes it effortless to push, pull and dump loads. The wheelbarrow’s capacity is 5 cubic foot which is great for a residential wheelbarrow. The two air tires makes are big enough to push even in rough terrain. The poly tray is lightweight, corrosion-free and easy to clean. The frame is made of steel for durability.


i)You can either push it or pull it due to its loop handle

ii)It is lightweight

iii)It is easy to clean


i)The tires needs maintenance in case of punctures

Best Wheelbarrows

1. PAW Electric Power Assis Wheelbarrow

At first position is the PAW Electric Power Assis Wheelbarrow. It is a shift from the tradition wheelbarrows. Buying this wheelbarrow is having a taste of the future. It is powered by a 24-volt battery that lasts up to 12 hours per single charge. It has a simple button forward and reverse controls and a variable speed to help with steep terrains. The two pneumatic ties are independent of each other for easy maneuvering in sharp corners. It has strong steel frame which can support 200 pounds comfortably.


i)User does not to exert any force as it is self-propelled

ii)The battery last for long

iii)Can be used in steep terrains


i)The tub (Truper Poly Tray) is sold separately

ii)Takes time to learn how it operates

Best Wheelbarrows

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