Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Bags Reviews In 2022

How do you transport your helmet from one place to another? We all agree a helmet is a must wear when riding a motorcycle, welding, working in construction sites or playing in certain sports. However, transporting it around is sometimes difficult due to the large size. This is where helmet bags come into play to help you transport your helmet in a secure, easy and fashionable manner. A great helmet bag takes great care of your helmet and ensures it serves you for long.

In this post, we are cutting through the poor and low-quality helmet bags to give you the best helmet bags on the market. Read our reviews below and choose a helmet bag that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags Reviews

10. Raider Elite Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Bag Storage Fleece

Helmet Bags

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The Raider helmet bag is a quality choice with an inner fleece lining to protect your helmet and other items. It is a quality bag that is quite easy to carry around. The foam grab handles ensure a comfortable and firm grip when holding the bag to prevent falls. There are additional front storage pockets to keep other personal items. Overall, this is a versatile bag that can be used to carry costume helmets, power sports helmets, welding helmets and much more. It features an oval base for the helmet to fit perfectly.


  • Oval bottom with great dimensions to fit all forms of helmets
  • Additional front pockets to store personal items
  • A leather bottom base for added helmet protection
  • Fleece inner lining to offer protection

9. Raider BCS-8B Durable Deluxe Nylon Motorcycle helmet bag

Raider BCS-8B Durable Deluxe Nylon Motorcycle Helmet Bag

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This is another high-quality raider helmet bag with a durable 400D poly construction and an inner fleece. The inner lining offers protection to the helmet and other items ensuring long-lasting use. It is an extra-large bag that will fit all helmet sizes.  The durable outer nylon is tear-resistant to serve you for long. Opening and closing of the bag are quite easy through the top-mounted two-way zippers. Overall, this is a quality selection with a built-in slot at the base for D-ring attachment.


  • Top-mounted two-way zippers
  • Durable and tear-resistant nylon material
  • Inner fleece lining
  • Built slot in the base for D-rings attachments

8. Ogio Head Case Helmet Moto Bag

Ogio Head Case Helmet Moto Bag

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Measuring 36 centimetres wide and 5 centimetres high, the Ogio helmet bag is another great size that will fit a wide range of helmets. It features a durable 600D polyester construction and 420D polyester PVC for long-lasting use and protection to your helmet. It is a pretty features bag with additional exterior pockets for other items. The bottom is reinforced for added protection while foam panels and interior fleece protects offers inside protection from scratches. Zippers feature protective teeth to prevent scratches when opening.


  • Protective zipper teeth to prevent scratches
  • Durable 600D polyester
  • Foam panels and inner fleece
  • Durable reinforced bottom

7. Tillman TILLMAN – 520 Welders Welding Gear Bag Helmet

Tillman TILLMAN - 520 Welders Welding Gear and Helmet Bag

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The Tillman helmet bag is a perfect selection for welders to keep and transport their helmets safely. It is a durable 600D polyester bag with large capacity on the main compartment to fit all bag sizes. A drawstring closure helps keep the helmet tightly secured when on transit. It also features two additional mesh pockets to hold water bottle and gloves.  A further loop closure pocket on the front helps store personal items like keys safely.


  • Durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Large capacity main compartment to store all helmet sizes
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Drawstring closure

6. Lila Helmet Duffle Bag

Lila Helmet Duffle Bag

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 The Lila helmet bag is an excellent duffle bag for keeping your helmet when on travel. It is a top-quality bag made of the durable and long-lasting 600D polyester fabric.  The bag features a zippered closure for easy storage and retrieval of the helmet. It is quite easy to carry with a shoulder handle, and two hand handles. Two mesh side pockets offer additional space for items like eyeglasses.


  • Additional mesh side pockets for personal items
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Shoulder handle and two carry handles
  • Zippered closure

5. Helmet Carrying Bag Universal Size

Helmet Carrying Bag Universal size

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This is a universal size helmet carrying bag and a perfect choice to carry all helmet sizes.  The bag features a waterproof nylon exterior to prevent water soaking inside the bag. It is a pretty simple bag with two-way zippers for easy opening and closing. The inside features a soft fleece for added helmet protection. You can easily tie this bag to the gas tank or back seat when not in use. Additional two carry handles make it quite easy to carry around.


  • Two-way zippers
  • Two carry handles
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Universal size to fit a wide range of helmets

4. Harley Davidson Black Half Helmet Bag

Harley Davidson Half Helmet Bag

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Harley Davidson helmet bag is a big brand in the industry and one you need to buy with confidence. It is a quality bag with a durable outer nylon shell which is water resistant. The bag prevents water soaking t damage your helmet.  A further 100 percent soft inner fleece lining protects the helmet from scratches. This is a safe and convenient bag with a safe lock port at the top. The helmet fits half of the bag leaving you more space for other items.


  • Fits half helmet
  • 100 percent nylon shell exterior
  • 100 percent soft polyester fleece interior lining
  • Convenient lock port

3. Horze Helmet Bag

Horze Helmet Bag

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The Horze is the simplest helmet bag featuring an easy carry handle and zip opening. It is a quality bag with a nylon exterior shell to keep the helmet safe from water. This bag is waterproof and breathable and an ideal choice for carrying your helmet. It looks sturdy and will serve you for long. It is also easy to maintain by washing using a machine.


  • Simple nylon protection
  • Zip opening and easy carry handle
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Durable

2. Shoei Drawstring Helmet Bag – Gray

Shoei Drawstring Helmet Bag

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The Shoei helmet bag is another leading brand in the industry with excellent features for safe helmet carrying. The bag features a large main compartment to keep the helmet and a drawstring to keep it safe and secure. It is a pretty simple grey bag with the drawstring doubling up as the handle to conveniently carry your helmet with ease.


  • Large main compartment
  • Drawstring closure
  • Durable construction

1. Scorpion Valise Deluxe Travel Helmet Bag

 Scorpion Valise Deluxe Travel Helmet Bag

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Measuring 17 x 11 x 11 inches, the Scorpion helmet bag is the perfect size to fit all helmet sizes. It is a quality helmet bag with a sleek modern construction to look fashionable. The bag features a reinforced bottom for added protection and inner fleece lining. There are two zipper openings for easy access of the helmet. It also features an excellent side pocket to store personal items. The Scorpion logo on the sides looks great and makes this bag a worth buy.


  • Additional side pockets
  • Excellent scorpion logo
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Two-way zipper opening


Next time you want to carry your helmet with you, make sure you have one of these top-quality bags. These are the best helmet bags to buy this year and get excellent value for your money. Your helmet is of great importance and should be given the best care possible.

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