Top 10 Best Waterproof Camping Bivy Sacks Reviews In 2019

What is the bivy sack? a bivy sack is an excellent way to camp outdoors and carries little weight. It is a perfect replacement for a camping tent and can easily be carried on your back. While tents are much more comfortable and versatile, they are heavy to carry. This where a bivy sack comes into play to help you get through the night. Bivy sacks tend to work well in short overnight hikes where temperatures are extremely cold. However, when choosing the best bivy sacks on the market, users have to look at a wide range of features.

You need a sack which is durable, waterproof and comfortable. In this post, we narrow down your search for the best bivy sacks on the market to ten. Read on and choose one that best suits your needs and desires.

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Table of the Best Waterproof Bivy Sacks Reviews

10. S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Lightweight Sleeping Bivy Sack

Bivy Sacks

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This is a highly water-resistant bivy sack to keep you warm in moist and soggy conditions. It is a durable sack made if durable fabrics that reflect over 70 percent of the radiated body heat. The heavy-fabric construction helps resists tears and wears. You’re guaranteed of warmth throughout the night. This is a low-visibility sack that will easily blend to outdoor environments and keep you well-hidden. It also features a full sized zipper and draw-cord closure for easy carrying.


  • Draw-cord hood for easy closure and carrying
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable fabric construction
  • Featured side zipper

3. RAB Alpine Camping Waterproof Bivy

RAB Alpine Camping Waterproof Bivy

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This is a beautiful yellow bivy sack with a durable 70d nylon coating. The nylon coating is waterproof and of the same quality as the bathtub floor. It ensures no water leaks in even when camping in soggy conditions.  The construction of the sack is sturdy yet lightweight weighing 492 grams. It comes in a differential sleeping pattern design for maximum comfort. It features a zipped end entrance for easy entry.


  • End zip entrance
  • Lightweight design
  • Sleeping pattern design for comfort
  • 70d nylon coating

2. World Famous Sports 1-Person Bivy Tent with Rain Fly

World Famous Sports 1-Person Bivy Tent with Rain Fly

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This is another pretty simple design one-person bivy tent with a rain fly to protect you from the rain. It is a 7.7-inch long bivy sack that will fit all persons. The sack features a mesh roof panel for good ventilation. Overall, this is a compact design bivy that will be easy to carry. It features 1500mm coated body and further 1000mm denier plastic flooring for easy setup on moist areas.


  • Taped Seams
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rainfly
  • Mesh roof panel

1. Tennier Industries U.S Military MSS 3 PC Gortex Bivy Bag

Tennier Industries U.S. Military MSS 3 PC: Gortex Bivy Cover

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The Tennier bivy sack is our final choice of the best bivy sacks and one of the best choices on the market used by the USA Army. It is a quality bivy sack that comes with a patrol bag, a bivy cover and a stuff sack.  The sack is made in the camouflage colours to keep you hidden and safe. It also features a draw-cord string for easy closure and carrying. Overall, the bivy sack is an excellent addition to the list and one you need to consider buying.


  • Camouflage colour pattern
  • Draw-cord string for easy closure and carrying
  • Includes a patrol bag and stuff sack
  • Zipper opening


These are the best bivy sacks on the market currently to give you a warm, comfortable night in the woods or mountains. The sacks are highly rated and feature quality material construction. They are also lightweight and quite easy to carry. You can never go wrong buying a bivy sack from the list above.

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