Top 10 Best Water Coolers In 2019

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Water coolers are innovative household accessories that have also popular in schools and other commercial environments such as hospitals and offices for several reasons.

Unlike refrigerators, for instance, that are bulky and require a lot of electricity to keep running, water cools are not only space efficient, but also benefit individuals that want to keep power consumption low.

They are also easier to use, have innovative system that deliver cold and or hot water on demand, and do not cost users a lot of money to purchase and maintain over the years.

If you are on the market for a new model and having a challenging time choosing from among the tens of models currently available in the market, here are our picks of the top 10 best:

10. Avanti WDP75

Avanti WDP75

Popular in home, schools, and even hospitals, Avanti WDP75 is a novel water dispenser with a built in Energy Saver technology that keep power consumption low whenever it is in use.

The heavy-duty plastic used to make it is aesthetic, durable, and lacks BPA and other contaminants that might affect your health over time.

The stainless steel water storage tank offers is also naturally food-grade, while its separate hot and cold water dispensers have easy to use touch system that owners consider novel.

If cash is a challenge, this water dispenser is affordable. It has an LED night light with a dedicated on an off switch for use in the dark, LED indicators that tell you whether it is dispensing hot or cold water, and a large dry storage compartment that you can use to store plastic cups and other accessories as needed.

Avanti WDP75 Water Dispenser is free standing, works well with several standard electrical outlets, and has a super quiet system and a novel safety lock that limits access to its hot water faucet.

9. Avanti WD31EC

Avanti WD31EC

As the Avanti WDP75 listed herein, Avanti WD31EC is a dependable hot and cold water cooler with a space efficient countertop design that works well in homes.

It is compact, professional-grade, and has a high capacity reservoir that holds between 3 and 5 gallons of water. Its thermostat-controlled heating element is efficient.

The built in on and off power switches that buyers receive eases usage, while its white themed plastic casing is not only durable, but also has a BPA-free construction that does not stain nor lose its aesthetic value over time.

For those shopping for water coolers for commercial use, this machine offers built in cup storage.

It also has selectable operation modes (normal and Energy Efficient) and has an ultra-quiet and dependable thermoelectric cooling technology.

8. Rubbermaid Victory Jug

Rubbermaid Victory Jug

The victory jug by Rubbermaid is a modern-red-themed plastic water cooler with a compact and shutter proof design that benefits individuals who host outdoors parties and or travel often and want to keep water or beverages chilled.

It is affordable, accommodates up to two gallons of water, and has an aesthetic polyethylene jacket that resists fading, denting, and or scratching when in use outdoors.

All components are BPA-free, while its urethane-based foam insulation is not only extra thick, but also offers superior thermal insulation to keep water cool as possible for as long as possible.

The leak resistant lid and spout offered are very easy to clean, while its stain resistant inside liner has a smooth and easy to clean finish that does not lower the quality of stored water in any way.

7. Ragalta RWC-195

Ragalta RWC-195

This Purelife Series of the acclaimed Ragalta RWC-195 line of water coolers is a high-efficiency household and commercial accessory with a power efficient thermo electric cooling technology that keeps electrical bills low.

It dispenses both cold and hot water, has a child lock safety lock that prevents your child from accidentally opening its hot water spout, and has a plethora of added safety features including anti electric and shock protection.

If you have children and or pets at home, therefore, you no longer have to worry about their safety when left unmonitored in your kitchen environment.

Ragalta RWC-195 is ETL-certified, houses three to five gallons of water, and has an LED indicators and non-spill water guard that contains overflows excellently to keep your kitchen dry.

6. Primo Water Hot/Cold Cooler

Primo Water Hot & Cold Cooler

Primo Water is a 14.2-inch by 40.9-inch by 12.2-inch hot and cold water cooler with a black themed stainless steel casing, a bottom loading build that eliminates spilling, flipping, and lifting, and ad advanced compressor bases (2.0) cooling technology that works quietly and efficiently in all environments.

It is durable, has independent dispensation spouts (hot and cold), and a durable and food-grade stainless steel tank that does not leech minerals and or lower the quality of water during storage.

Even though the one-gallon storage capacity offered is miniscule by today’s standards, the value of product that individuals get has made it a sought-after accessory, particularly by those with small families.

Primo Water Hot/Cold Cooler also has an on indicator light that tells you when it ready to use, a stable free-standing design that works well in kitchens and living areas, and an Energy Star compliant design that saves power over time.

5. Oasis BTSA1SK STN


To enjoy chilled and tasty water on demand without spending a hefty amount of money on a refrigerator, Oasis BTSA1SK STN is a valuable alternative.

It is stainless steel, has a low maintenance black casing, and comes with an integrated WaterGuard system that prevents spills when changing water jugs. Its unique artisan theme is eye-catching.

Its ability to serve chilled and room temperature water is innovative, while its sturdy handle comes in handy during installation, relocation, and transportation.

With an original Oasis BTSA1SK STN, you also get a 300-series one-piece stainless steel water tank that does not rust, corrode, nor lower the value of water, a removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray that is easy to clean when dirty, self-enclosing two-step-action hot water faucet that protects small children from burns, and a universal 115-volt electrical system.

4. Honeywell HWB2052W

Honeywell HWB2052W

Talking about the top 10 best water coolers in 2019, Honeywell HWB2052W is a tabletop water cooler and dispenser with a sturdy 21-inch design that satisfies the needs of people of all cadres.

Its durability and suitability for use in high-traffic areas, for instance, has made it a south after model in homes, hospitals, and schools.

Its striking white body is easy to clean, while its cold and hot water dispensers accommodate several types of cups and bottles and have easy to use mechanical push-in levers, a child safety lock (for hot water), and a drip tray that contains spills excellently.

As most high end products listed here-in, Honeywell HWB2052W has a power efficient 85-watt electrical system that keeps power consumption low, a stainless steel water tank with a universal 3-5 gallon top loading system, and has a durable UL-certified design that comes backed by a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Clover B7A-Black

Clover B7A-Black

Available in black, Clover B7A-Black is an affordable cold and hot water cooler and dispenser with a durable ABS construction that resists both stains and UV degradation.

The one-piece drip tray offered contains spills well. It is also removable, very easy to clean, and adds charm to an already elegant design that blends well in both traditional and contemporary homes and offices.

The stainless steel water tank that comes built in is rust and corrosion resistant, while its adjustable thermostat grants you better control of the temperature of water that you get.

Clover B7A-Black is freestanding, easy to install, and has an advanced double float valve and a secondary safety float mechanism that maximized its efficiency.

2. NewAir WCD-200W

NewAir WCD-200W

Recommended for use with 2, 3, and 5-gallon water bottles, NewAir WCD-200W is a multi-functional white-themed hot and cold water cooler with an ultra-quiet and power efficient cooling technology that boosts its suitability for use in home environments.

The stainless steel water storage offered eliminates the plastic water taste most individuals find obnoxious.

Its small nozzles improve directional flow, while its Energy Star qualified design is space-efficient and lasts longer than most comparable models.

1. Honeywell HWB1033W

Honeywell HWB1033W

Topping our list, Honeywell HWB1033W is an efficient cabinet-styled hot, room, and cold water dispenser with an aesthetic white body that blends well in homes.

It is durable, has a rust-proof stainless steel tank, and has easy-to-use mechanical push-in taps with a child friendly safety lock (on hot) and a convenient drip tray.

It is also ETL-certified, has a power efficient 85-watt system, and a universal top loading design that fits both three and five gallon bottles. Honeywell offers a 1-year warranty for it.

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