Top 10 Best Wallets For Women Reviewed In 2019

Men and women have all owned a type of wallet at some point in their lives. Wallets have been in existence for the longest time as an accessory that is important to compliment handbags and large purses to women.

Women have used this accessory to complement their style and make an addition to their handbags. Over the years a lot of wallets have been made to in different sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a compact, slim wallet, a wallet that can also function as a purse or clutch bag, we all look for that accessory that can accommodate our important receipts, cards, bills and cumbersome coins. To get this feature, you will need to watch out for a quality type of wallet that will give you durability and functionality.

Some standard features that many women should look out for when selecting or buy a wallet include;

  • Durability: One should look for a light weighted wallet that they will use for the longest time without having to replace your wallet after a short time
  • Spacious: Although many look for that elegance that comes along with a compact wallet, one should also look for a wallet that has enough space to fit important business cards, driving license or even credit cards.
  • Safety: You should look out for wallets that have permanent seal features to enable you to keep your things safe while avoiding spillovers or losing your valuables.
  • Genuine material: One should avoid looking for wallets made from synthetic materials that will not last for a long time thus your wallet serves you for a shorter time than desired. Look for wallets that have been manufactured using original material.
  • Functionality: You should also look for a wallet that will serve different functions and purposes that will benefit you.
  • Affordability: Everyone seeks to have the best wallet without having to spend so much money. It is, therefore, prudent to look for wallets that are of excellent quality and at the same time inexpensive and budget friendly.
  • Size: Wallets are meant to be compact and easy to carry. They are supposed to give an alternative to the cumbersome handbags that women carry every day. Look for a wallet that is compact in size but still has enough space to accommodate your valuables.
  • Safety: There are a lot of features to look out for to ensure that a wallet is safe to use. The latest technology has most wallets in the market having the new RFID Blocking System that helps against identity theft. A durable zipper that prevents item spillage is also a vital feature to look out for.
  • Portability:To eliminate the need to carry large handbags, one should look for lightweight wallets that can be fun to carry around to functions without getting tired. This makes it ideal to enjoy yourself without having to worry about looking after your big bag.

If you put these features in mind, you will need to be able to identify the best wallets that meet the above criteria. Through our extensive research and survey, we will take a look at some of the top ten best wallets in the market that will guide you make a sound informed decision on which wallet best suits you and your lifestyle while at the same time taking care of all your needs.

10. Augur Matte Wristlet Clutch Women’s Wallet

Augur Matte Wristlet Clutch Women’s Wallet

This zip closure wallet by Augur is made of 100% genuine and unique material. It is designed to hold your cards in place, cash, and other personal equipment. It has a variety of colors that one can choose from to suit and compliment your everyday preference. It is light weighted and is easily carried around due to its unique wristlet feature.

If you want to step out for an evening out without the hassle of having to carry around a handbag, or you just want to take a short break at work, and you do not want to have to carry around a large bag with you, this is the ideal wallet for you. It is a handy wallet that allows you even to store your phone without squeezing your other documents that are inside the wallet.

If you are searching for a perfect gift, the Augur Wristlet Clutch Wallet is one of the best as it comes with a beautiful gift box on purchase, so it is already packaged for you. This women’s wallet is available in 7 different colors, giving you the freedom to pick your most preferred color.

It is great for shopping , dating, traveling and night outs.


  • Easy to carry around because of its light weight
  • Very spacious to hold most of your important documents, phone, and coins
  • The wallet has a soft and quality leather feel and looks great
  • It has a quality design making it perfect to be used as a clutch as well for your nights out


  • Has an initial odor once purchased that fades away over time
  • The zipper takes a bit of effort to clasp when trying to take it round.


2. Travelambo RFID Women’s Faux Leather Wallet

Travelambo RFID Women’s Faux Leather Wallet

This wallet is made of two types of leather. The interior is made of highly synthetic leather while the exterior is made of faux leather. The Travelambo wallet has a RFID Blocking system that makes it secure for your credit and debit cards.

This wallet boasts multiple card slots ideal for you cash, coins, and credit cards. The faux leather is of very high quality making the wallet quite durable. It is very compact making it an ideal fit for your handbag without taking up so much space.

No one wants an ugly wallet and this wallet passes the test. It is good looking and will go well with numerous dress codes. So, whenever, you’re carrying it, it will pass a fashion statement. On top of that, this leather wallet is available in a wide range of colors so you can pick a color that you love.


  • It is very affordable for women on a tight budget
  • It can also act as a clutch bag due to its compatibility
  • It is a safe wallet because of its RFID blockage feature
  • Has a soft leather feel making it elegant and luxurious
  • As much as its compact this wallet has a lot of space for storage making it convenient to carry your important valuables


  • The zipper gets stuck sometimes but can be adjusted.

8. Jastore Women Genuine PU Leather Wallets

Jastore Women Genuine PU Leather Wallets

This durable, fashionable wallet by Jastore is made of unique PU leather that makes it durable and lightweight. It comes with a total of 12 card slots, four full-length compartments and a coin bag that has a zipper. The wallet is quite fashionable and elegant making it ideal to use as an alternative to the everyday handbag. It compliments many dress codes well

It comes in different colors for one to choose from. It has a snap that locks easily keeping your valuables safe from spilling from the wallet. Its compact design enables it to fit perfectly inside your bag without making it look overcrowded.

It is perfect to use in the summer where you do not need to carry cumbersome handbags around, as its storage capacity is very sufficient.

It is available in 8 colors, so you’ll get your favorite color.


  • Lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • It is very affordable and is of high quality
  • Is durable and has a leather-like texture that makes it have an elegant and classy look
  • The new snap closure ensures that all your valuables are safe


  • Getting some cards out of the slots can be a bit tricky, but they eventually come out
  • You cannot carry larger valuables like your phone in this wallet.

7. Dante RFID Leather Credit Card Wallet

Dante RFID Leather Credit Card Wallet

This wallet is made from soft pebbled leather and is considered to be very safe to carry in public. The wallet is popular for its unique feature that safeguards your privacy through the use of advanced blocking proprietary materials that help to block RFID signals that may use to access your private information from valuables stored in the wallet.

The wallet has ten credit card slots, a zippered coin, a cash slot and can easily slip in and out of your bag without causing any inconvenience. The good thing about this product is that if you are not satisfied, you can get back your money or replacement.

It is ideal to use this wallet when using public means of transport or when you are amongst strangers because of its security feature. You will have the confidence that your valuables are safe and no one can use unauthorized scans on your valuables.


  • This wallet is very functional and easy to use because and can hold a lot of valuables
  • Its durable interior makes it ideal for storage of valuables without fear of losing them due to spillage
  • Has a soft feel leather texture that makes it hard to slip when holding it
  • Its safety features protect your privacy and make it functional for your busy schedule
  • Has a hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product where you get a replacement of the product or a complete refund of your money


  • Though small in size it may not fit in a regular fitting attire like a pair of jeans especially if the card slots are full
  • Has an odor when it is still new that needs airing before use.

6. Yaluxe Women’s Multi Organizer Leather Wallet

Yaluxe Women's Multi Organizer Leather Wallet

This genuine leather women’s wallet has a bi-fold design that is made to ensure efficient organization of your valuables and makes it easy to use. It is made from genuine cowhide leather skin making it easy to clean and very durable.

This compact wallet is very convenient as it has multiple card slots, an open compartment for storing coins and if you have a small phone, it can fit in the zippered pocket. The wallet has an all-round heavy duty zipper closure that ensures safety for the contents of your wallet. It has a shiny gold hardware that gives the wallet a shiny and bright look making a more desired elegant wallet.

If you want a compact wallet that is easy to carry and less cumbersome, this is the best wallet for you.


  • Despite its quality and elegance, this wallet is quite affordable for budget conscious women
  • It has genuine firm leather that makes it durable and scratch free
  • Unlike some harmful chemical materials that are used to make other wallets like vinyl, the genuine cowhide leather used to make this wallet is relatively safe for humans
  • Convenient storage space due to its multiple card slots and compartments ideal for your credit and debit cards


  • Initial odor from the leather when the wallet is new and unused is irritating for most users. However, after correct ventilation, the smell disappears after a day or two.

5. Bricraft RFID Trifold Leather Wallets

Bricraft RFID Trifold Leather Wallets

This 100% genuine leather wallet from the Bricraft brand is also a secure wallet that has the RFID Blocking feature that protects your credit card, driving license and other valuable cards from being scanned by unscrupulous people. You are assured that all your personal information is not compromised and it is secure from scam artists.

This wallet is also very convenient as it has multiple slots that can hold your credit cards and it is quite elegant and fashionable due to its rich, unique grain textured leather. Its interior is embossed with smooth leather which has the RFID blocking feature which protects the credit card slots.

A great gift idea for your loved one as this wallet comes readily packaged in a cute gift box from Bricraft.

The good news is, if you buy this wallet and are not satisfied with its features and functionality, you can get a hassle free refund of your money or a replacement of your wallet from the manufacturer.


  • Its tri-fold feature makes it very convenient for storage due to its numerous slots and compartments. Also, the long length pockets can be used to store large bills that cannot fit in the smaller compartments
  • This wallet can serve as a great alternative to big cumbersome handbags and can be used as a purse
  • Highly secure because of its RFID blocking system making it an ideal wallet for traveling without fear of identity theft
  • This wallet comes with guaranteed refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with the product


  • The leather has a strong pungent smell that is intolerable to many, but it disappears after it is aired out.

4. ItsLife Women Large Capacity Leather Wallet

ItsLife Women Large Capacity Leather Wallet

This wallet from the Chinese brand ItsLife is made from prime grained leather that makes it durable and presentable. A unique feature of this wallet is its military grade shielding technological RFID blocking system that is used for protecting your valuables from unauthorized scammers that are out to steal your identity.

In addition to this, the wallet Is multifunctional and boasts 21 card slots, multiple full-length slots for large bills, a compartment that you can keep your phone and a zippered compartment that is used to keep your coins. Its tri-fold design makes this wallet convenient when it comes to storage and organizing your valuables.

A big plus for this wallet is that it is scratch resistant because of its quality material making it worth your money and time. So be assured you’ll use this wallet for years, without losing shape or it original look.


  • It has a heavy duty snap closure that makes it sturdy for opening and closing your wallet
  • Its large size makes it convenient for storage and you can run your everyday activities as it fits all your essentials with no stress
  • With its unique RFID blockage system, this wallet is very affordable compared to other wallets that have the same feature
  • It is very safe against identity theft because it has an RFID blocking system
  • Has a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the wallet


  • Cannot fit more than one cards in the slots because the snap closure will not lock if this is done
  • Since it is new and unused, the wallet may have some strong smell when unpackaged.

3. Yaluxe Large Capacity Leather Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Yaluxe Large Capacity Leather Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Women that carry a lot of stuff in their bags and need a less cumbersome wallet that is durable and convenient should get the Yaluxe Large Capacity wallet as it will be ideal for their lifestyle and day to day activities.

This wallet is lightweight and easy to carry around making it the best for the busy working woman that seeks to look fashionable and elegant and at the same time being able to enjoy the multi-storey features that come with this wallet.

Its top grain leather that is waxed and oiled to give it a shiny and beautiful finish gives this wallet the much-needed durability. It has a zippered closure that gives it the best sealing thus ensuring safety for your valuables.

This bag, which is available in 11 colors, stands out for its large capacity and the multi-storey design.


  • Luxurious look
  • Convenient as It is not bulky and can be easily carried around from one place to another
  • Has a one-year money back guarantee if not satisfied with the wallet
  • It has adequate space making it ideal regarding storage capacity
  • It is durable as it is made of genuine leather


  • The zipper is a bit cumbersome to operate as it gets stuck most of the time.

2. Borgasets RFID Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet

Borgasets RFID Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet

The Borgasets Leather wallet is an imported 100% genuine leather wallet that can be used by both men and women. This zip closured wallet is not bulky making it an easy to carry wallet perfect for use in your day to day activities.

It comes with various card slots that make it convenient to store your valuable credit and debit cards as well as large bills and coins. In addition to this, the RFID blocking feature provides security for your valuables against scrupulous unauthorized scans.

For the best gift, one can consider this wallet as it comes readily packaged in an engraved gift box.


  • It is durable as its made from 100% genuine leather
  • Secure from unauthorized scans because of its RFID Blocking feature
  • It can hold a lot of cards and your phone despite its small size
  • Its of high quality and at the same time very affordable


  • The leather is very smooth making it vulnerable to scratches hence you have to be very cautious when handling items like keys.

1. Buxton RFID Women’s Safe Card Wizard Wallet

Buxton RFID Women’s Safe Card Wizard Wallet

This wallet from Buxton is an elegant and stylish wallet that is ideal for women that are always on the go. It is made from genuine faux leather that is considered to be animal friendly.

It has nine accordion folds that are ideal for your credit cards, driving license and important business cards. It also has compartments that are perfect for your coins and small bills. It is also very safe as it boasts the RFID blocking security system thus making it impossible to be scammed and have identity theft.

The wallet exterior part boasts a gliding transparent ID window and a personalized embossed logo. It comes in 20 different colors and themes that one can choose from depending on their preference. So whichever, your favorite color is, you’ll get it. This wallet is fairly priced, so if you have a tight budget and you’re looking for a wallet that won’t disappoint you, this is definitely a smart choice.


  • Convenient and lightweight.
  • Secure to store your debit and credit cards in
  • Spacious enough to accommodate important valuables
  • Its small size does not inconvenience any space in your day to day bag
  • It’s genuine faux leather has been tested to be animal-friendly


  • The zipper sometimes is difficult to handle as it gets stuck when used for a long time.


Buying the best wallet to suit your needs and taste can be a very daunting task. It is for this reason that we carried out an extensive research that involved searching and checking on various consumer reports so as to come with the best women wallets to buy in 2019. The above reviewed wallets will help and guide you in buying the best wallets while at the same time looking out for the most desired features that we find in a great wallet.

The advantage of the above wallets is that they are readily available online and one can order without having to go through the inconvenience of going from store to store looking for good and quality wallets. Additionally, they’re from reputable brands and all of them enjoy massive positive reviews.

Our unbiased, honest review will also guide you in identifying the not so good wallets flooding the market. The reviewed wallets will definitely give any woman a chance to get that classic quality wallet that will suit their tastes and lifestyle.

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